UNREAL: Russia FIRES on Israel…

Allen West


Back in August 2011, I was part of a Congressional delegation weeklong visit to Israel. One of the special parts of this visit, which included our spouses, was to sit with Prime Minister Netanyahu in his cabinet room and discuss Middle East security policy. It was there — and I will never forget — that PM Netanyahu very presciently warned we should not consent to a complete withdrawal of our military footprint from Iraq. He strenuously conveyed to us there would be a vacuum created and who — or what — would fill that void could be very dangerous.

And so that prediction has come to fruition with, as predicted by PM Netanyahu, dangerous consequences for his nation.

As reported by Reuters:

Russian forces in Syria have fired at least twice on Israeli military aircraft, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek improved operational coordination with Moscow, Israel’s top-selling newspaper said on Friday.

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