U.S. Marines Say They’re at ‘Breaking Point’ After Obama Administration Budget Cuts — Here’s How the White House Responds

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A majority of Marine Corps aircraft can’t fly, prompting Marine officials to warn that the aviation corps is reaching a “breaking point,” Fox News reported.

Years of airstrikes in Afghanistan, Iraq and battling the Islamic State have taken its toll on the aircraft.

“Quite honestly, it is coming on the backs of our young Marines,” Lt. Col. Matthew “Pablo” Brown, commanding officer of VMFA (AW)-533, a Hornet squadron based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina. “They can do it, and they are doing it, but it is certainly not easy.”

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  1. today there are three articles on Facebook, how the Administration is neglecting, under-funding our regular military so that private defense contractors can profit; how our guys have had pay reduced, and our guys don’t have the right protective gear; and our guys were fed poisoned water by Halleburton. What I want to know is, where the H**L is the Pentagon in all this? Don’t those general offices have one scintilla of honor toward their men, let alone, commitment to the Oath of Service they took, to protect and defend the Constitutioin of the USofA? What are those Generals and Colonels doing, sitting on their hands letting this madman ruin our country? Don’t they know what TREASON IS? DUH! I have no respect for the Joint Chiefs; they’re sell outs and goof-offs now.

  2. This castration of the U.S. Military has been a well planned , subtle disarming of America, add to that the anti- gun efforts, and you have a great nation ready for “the slaughter”.

    The present Admin in D.C. is doing all to entice our enemies to attack, it may just work, as added to the above, over half of the population of the U.S. is communist or immigrant that are still loyal to their native countries and will not fight against invaders.

    The U.S. is in serious trouble, mainly from within.

    I’m not sure if most people in the U.S. are even concerned , Note: a recent poll revealed that many think that living under Soviet or Chinese masters would not be so bad…. I guess these people think that the social programs, sports, drug parties, and porn will be the affairs of the day and not Hard Labor camps…. no cell phones, OH NO !!!!!

    Maybe that thought might get them to fight for liberty.

  3. What can we do?

    I have a kid in the Army, and he never complains; but what I’m reading in Alternative News is horrifying.

    It looks as if the Administration is going to set the regular military plus foreign troops against fired officers running vigilante groups . . . in a martial law situation.

    And to make it worse, the Pentagon General Staff are colluding with this. What can a mother do?

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