The US military’s silence is dooming it

By Ray Starmann

Soldiers salute the U.S. flag during a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at a welcome home ceremony for soldiers returning from a deployment in Afghanistan, at Fort. Carson, Colo., Wednesday Dec. 5, 2012. Nearly 300 soldiers of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, returned home after a tour of duty that began in February. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

When did Omerta become the motto of the US military?

Omerta is the Italian word for code of silence, an oath that all members of the Mafia take.

Is the US military the Mafia? When did Tony Soprano become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? When did Tony Soprano become the capo de capo of the US military?

For the last seven years while Obama’s Great Leap Backwards has been grinding up the US military with the speed of a Fargo wood chipper, the amount of comments and OPED’S and media appearances by military people denouncing the social engineering has been almost non-existent.

The military’s code of silence is dooming the military and the nation itself.

When did not speaking out become the hallmark of a good soldier, sailor, airman or Marine?

When did not following your conscience be the key to a successful career?

When did ignoring and looking the other way serve as the trademarks of heroes?

When did discretion become the better part of valor?

When did moral cowardice become the harbinger of future military defeats?

US military personnel have all sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and to obey lawful orders. While the military is subordinate to civilian authority, this subordination does not mean 13th Century serfdom subservience. Subordination to civilian authority does not give military personnel carte blanche to implement, follow and remain silent about policies that are destroying the military itself.

Military personnel have a higher duty than pure obedience to the commander in chief. They have a duty to the nation they serve. By remaining mute about doctrine and social changes they know are detrimental to the national defense, they become Obama’s willing executioners of the military.

Where are the OPED’S in newspapers by anonymous military personnel or military personnel using pen names, denouncing the myriad of obscene orders and authorizations coming from the White House and dribbling down to the Pentagon?

Here’s one example:

Not one single US Army officer or non-commissioned officer spoke out after male US Army ROTC cadets were ordered to parade around the nation’s college campuses in high heels to reportedly indicate their empathy for rape victims.

From all reports, the fear factor in the military is gigantic and something out of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. I’ve had active duty friends who are high ranking officers tell me that if I ever wrote a negative piece about the military and mentioned them, they would sue me. People are purged from active duty for the slightest comment or non PC whim. Anyone who is seen as not playing ball with the New Order is OUT, out.

The media has reported for years about the number of senior officers in the military who have been forced to resign because they were at odds with the cultural Marxists. A perfect example is US Air Force Major General Michael Keltz, a decorated combat pilot who’s crime was telling a junior officer at an Article 15 hearing that he was “Drunker than 10,000 Indians.” Obviously, this capital offense had to be dealt with swiftly and harshly in a style Himmler would praise. Keltz was ordered to report to his commander the next day, a three or four star lackey. Keltz was told to pack his bags and retire. His days of flying off into the wild blue yonder were gone.

How many actually agree with the social changes and the politically correct communism that has invaded the military like a virus? Maybe 25%, at the most and those are young, naïve troopers or the ardent feminists screaming “You go girl!” as they suffer another stress fracture on a ruck march.

Where are the rest of the personnel? They’re hunkering down and waiting for Valerie Jarrett’s angel of death to pass over them. They’re in a hasty defense, hoping to survive for whatever amount of years, months, days and a wake up they have left until they can escape from the nightmare called the US Armed Forces of 2016.

US Defense Watch is looking for comments and OPEDs from active duty personnel who are fed up with the current policies destroying the military. US Defense Watch would gladly interview personnel who are willing to be questioned concerning the Obama Administration’s incompetence and social engineering fiascos. Your name will never be disclosed to the public. You don’t even have to give US Defense Watch your name.

It’s time for patriots to come forth and tell the world about the rotten state of the US military under this current administration. It’s obvious that no senior leaders have the intestinal fortitude to tell the President, the Secretary of Defense and the American people the real situation.

In the post-Vietnam era, the US military was rebuilt from the bottom up. This time, it needs to be rebuilt from the top down.

The military’s silence may serve an immediate purpose, aka career survival, but in the end, those who are reticent are sowing the seeds of the nation’s destruction.

Veritas liberabit vos.

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9 comments on “The US military’s silence is dooming it
  1. Politicians, and Democrats in particular, have always looked at the US Military as a vehicle for ‘social experiments’. Having retired after 20 years, I can atest that members have been taught to follow all orders. If they have a concern about a particular order to obey it first and question/report it later.

  2. This is what happens when leftist Democrats take over. For the gutless general, field grade and company grade officers I suggest you read some history of the military during the Vietnam war under McNamara and the hollow military under Carter. That is your sad future.

  3. P.S. The Communist’s have worked through the feminazi’s to DE-NUT and Feminize the male population!

    Now you know why the courts work for them and all laws are stacked against the Male….

    And now there’s no one left to protect the feminazi’s.

    They’ll all be wearing Burqa’s and Speaking Russian, Chinese and Farsi before long….. and North Korean!!!

    But shhhh!!! Eeweee body be quiet! They’re not done yet. America must be brought to it’s knee’s first!!!

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Our military senior leaders have let the nation and the military down. But, on the one hand, who can blame them? This administration is so vindictive who knows the cost to them and their families.

  5. The military hate this alleged president. He hates the military. So he is slowly neutralizing it by retiring officers and advancing less qualified colored, female, queer officers who might be able to agree on their dresses to the annual ball but don’t know a damn thing about fighting a war.

  6. It’s like this. Senoir officers know darn well if they don’t get with the program,they’re career is over. Along with benefits,pensions and PX priviliges. Sorry,that’s the way it is. Besides,I understand that some fired officers needed to go. Cheating on one’s wife,harassing lower ranks, CHEATING,for gosh sakes,at card games,and last but not least,counterfeiting casino chips,and let’s not forget cheating on nuclear readiness reports,and falling asleep in the missile silos. No,sometimes they bring grief on themselves

  7. If only the leaders would be the frontrunners aka -oliticians & -resident & -abinet would lead the military with red high heels first that would be better

  8. Ray,

    We had all kinds of BULLSHIT Social engineering under Clinton and it’s only gotten worse under the feckless and traitorous POTUS now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His SECNAV is a disgrace as is Obama’s flagrant punch in the face to the Army by nominating an openly gay SECARMY. I am so glad I retired on 9 Jan 09 -11 days before this MARXIST traitor took his oath of office. But letus also not forget that the MORONIC and IDIOTIC voters of the USA elected this POS not once but twice. These are the same idiots who will elect the unindicted felon HILLAY CLINTON or the COMMUNIST BERNIE SANDERS if given the chance.

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