The Infantry and the Police are not similar

By Ray Starmann

Spc. Karen Arvizu, left, puts on her hydration pack in preparation for her role as a volunteer in a physical demands study, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, in Ft. Stewart, Ga. The Army is conducting a study that will determine how all soldiers, including women, for the first time, will be deemed fit to join its fighting units from infantry platoons to tank crews. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

Here we go…

The US Army now has its first female infantry recruit, a police officer in Louisiana.

According to Fox News:

Tammy Barnett said she figures her new job will be a lot like her old one. With one notable exception: She’ll be the first female to do it. The 25-year-old Louisiana police officer is set to report to basic training as the Army’s first female infantry recruit, The Army Times reported. Barnett will serve in one of the military occupational specialties opened to women on April 1. She made her initial visit to recruiters in November, took her oath on Thursday and will report to Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training in June 2017.

“I have served the front lines in my hometown,” Barnett said in a statement, “and now I am going to serve the front lines for my country.”

First of all, thank you Officer Barnett for serving as a police officer. In this country, the police have been bombarded by leftist news agencies and activists who blame them for every possible conundrum in society. Take pride in knowing that you are one of the bravest of the brave.

Secondly, thank you for wanting to serve in the US Army. Unfortunately, by choosing the infantry, you are just a pawn, and most likely a future casualty of wacko policies implemented by leftists, which are being allowed to become law because our nation’s military leaders are gutless cowards.

“I hope that I give them the courage, because I’m a small female,” she told KSLA. “If I can do it, they can to.”

It takes more than courage to survive as an infantryman in combat, excuse me, infantry person. Am I being gender neutral enough, Mr. Secretary of Defense?

She initially planned to enter the military police, “but infantry is similar,” she told The Army Times. “And they are more on the front lines, like law enforcement here, and I said, ‘that’s what I want to do.’”

Officer Barnett is vastly mistaken. The infantry and the police have very few similarities.

First the few similarities:

Being a police officer can be a very dangerous job depending on the locale and the situation.

Being in the infantry, in combat, with the Army or the Marines is a very dangerous job, that’s why grunts in the Army refer to the MOS as 11 Bullet, instead of 11 Bravo. You are a pop up target for Uncle Sam.

Both the police and the military enjoy the esprit de corps that stems from working together in challenging and fluid situations.

And, that’s where the similarities end and where the differences begin, which are vast.

To begin with, a combat infantryman’s pack weighs about 80 pounds and that’s not counting IBA (interceptor body armor), a rifle, water, food and extra ammo that must be humped. Soldiers in the infantry must carry these heavy packs into combat for unknown distances that may be vast and on ground which can range from steep jungle trails to desert. Most women simply do not have the upper body strength and the physical stamina to conduct these missions, regardless of what Valerie Jarrett, Ash Carter and Ray Mabus believe.

I have never seen a police officer carrying a 100 pound pack anywhere, ever. I have never seen a police officer carrying a pack of any type, ever.

According to the NYPD, the average police gun fight lasts 15 seconds or less.  As an infantry soldier you may be assaulting an objective or on an operation that may last hours, days or even weeks. It’s physically and mentally exhausting.

Police officers work in shifts. No matter how violent a day might be for a police officer, the police will return to the station and then go home to a warm house, a shower and a bed.

For the infantry soldier in war there is no returning to a police station, a home, a shower and then a warm bed. Grunts often go out on patrols or operations for days or weeks at a time. Personal hygiene consists of brushing your teeth and shaving. There is no warm house. There is no bed. Your bed is the softest piece of ground you can find.

Women have vastly different hygienic needs then men do. How does the Army expect women to be out on combat patrols for weeks at a time without showering? How does the Army expect to deploy women to combat zones where they may not shower for a month or months at a time?

A police officer can always relieve himself or herself in privacy, in a bathroom, in a restaurant or at the station or wherever they can stop. Grunts dig a hole and often find themselves in situations where they must relieve themselves in close proximity to other grunts.

How is the Army planning for this situation in the field? Okay, on the count of three the men turn their heads to the right. But, sarge, we have to watch the trail in front of us. Don’t worry about the enemy private.

Questions for Officer Barnett:

Have you wondered how you will fair in a hand to hand combat fight to the death with a 6 foot, 200 pound ISIS Jihadi pumped up on Red Bull and beheading videos?

Officer Barnett, how far do you think you can throw a grenade? I know it’s not politically correct to say, “Throws like a girl,” but the term does have some meaning that applies to success in sports and survival in combat.

How fast can you sprint across an area over-watched by a machine gun? How fast can you do a four second rush carrying your 100 pound pack?

Can you carry a 100 pound plus pack during continual combat operations for days or weeks?

How is your upper body strength Officer Barnett? Can you vault obstacles under fire?

Officer Barnett, like many women in America is a victim of societal and media brainwashing which now portrays men as complete weaklings who can’t count to five and women as Xena Warrior Princesses who kick butt and take names on a daily basis.

The concept of women in the infantry is a pure fantasy and the role of the infantry is nothing like being a police officer. The whole “You Go Girl”, Girl Power Movement is an illusion, a Potemkin Village of warped, false ideas in a make believe, cloud cuckoo land.

Don’t worry America, the military is on this. Don’t worry America the military’s senior leaders have your back. Don’t worry America the military’s senior leaders are concerned about the troops.

Sure they are…

In the coming months and years, Officer Barnett and thousands of other American women will graduate from Infantry training, Ranger School, The Special Forces Q Course, Delta Force selection and Navy SEAL BUD/S and the standards will have remained the same as they are for men.

I also have some swampland in Florida to sell you.

This gigantic lie, this gargantuan delusion will propagate to the day it is obliterated in one fell swoop on a distant battlefield and female US Army infantry soldiers are massacred in droves.

Maybe the military and the nation will realize this was a really bad idea when the flag draped coffins start arriving and we all start speaking Chinese or Russian.

To quote that masterful, immortal sage, Detective Harry Callahan; “It’s a hell of a price to pay for being stylish.”

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