The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Must Resign

By Ray Starmann


God told Abraham that he would spare Sodom if he could find ten righteous men.

Is their one righteous man in the Pentagon who can save the US military from its impending doom?

Last September, General Martin Dempsey retired as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dempsey’s reign at the Pentagon was a green light to use the US armed forces as some kind of laboratory for the testing and implementation of every lunatic, left wing fantasy of what the military should be like, but in reality, isn’t. Any senior officers not supporting Obama’s Maoist Revolution in the US military were purged under Dempsey, with a speed and efficiency Stalin would admire.

Dempsey did more damage to the US military than all the enemies of America in the last 240 years combined.

Since taking the helm as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff last October, General Joe Dunford, a Marine and a combat veteran has said nothing as Ash Carter authorized women to serve in the combat arms branches of the military and in special operations units.

General Joe said nothing as Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus ordered the military to rewrite its manuals and acronym dictionaries with gender neutral terms.

General Joe has done nothing as Marines have been ordered to undergo unconscious bias training, the Corps wide brainwashing that will attempt to convince Marines that a 5 foot, 95 pound woman can go up against a 6 foot, two inch, 200 pound Jihadi in hand to hand combat and live to fight another day.

General Joe said nothing as the US Navy surrendered two of its heavily armed Riverine craft to Iranian thugs in bass boats. General Joe has said and done nothing as the commanding officer, Lieutenant David Nartker, violated Articles II and V of the US Military Code of Conduct, while a prisoner of the Iranians.

General Joe has done nothing as the US continues its feckless air campaign against ISIS.

General Joe has done nothing as the Secretary of Defense pushed for the authorization to force American women, ages 18 – 26, to register for a military draft, should one be needed in time of war.

General Joe, the scuttlebutt says that you don’t approve of what is happening and have voiced your opinion to Ash Carter, which is like voicing your opinion to a wall. To your country, you remain silent. Why? How is hunkering down in your E Ring office and allowing the complete destruction of the US military by social engineers helpful? As a former US Army officer, I understand how the military works. I know that you must play ball and not rock the boat to be promoted. But, the boat, sir, is sinking. I know that you have spent many years of your life doing your best for the Corps and doing your best to please the boss.

I get it. But…

The boss, aka President Barack Obama is overseeing the obliteration of not only the Marine Corps, but the entire US military.

The boss, aka President Barack Obama is putting the nation in mortal danger by allowing cultural Marxist lunatics to implement policies which are not going just weaken the US military, but annihilate it.

Perhaps you’re worried about your career or your retirement benefits. Flash message traffic sir, you’ve reached the glass ceiling. What’s left; command of the Pentagon Library or perhaps a tour of duty in the Pentagon Laundry with Ensign Pulver?

You know damned well that what is happening is an abomination and a dishonor to every American soldier, sailor, Marine and airman who has ever worn the uniform.

The time for senior officers allowing the military to go down the drain is done. The time for senior officers rationalizing that what is happening is somehow okay, is done. The time for senior officers looking the other way, while an organization they love is being destroyed is done.

Do it sir. Resign for the good of the Corps and the US military. Do it for every Grunt, Jarhead, Swabbie, Zoomie, Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, Buffalo Soldier, Rough Rider, Doughboy and GI who gave their lives for this country. Do it for them because they expected better from a nation they died for.

Do it for vets, because all of us are you.

Once you resign, call a press conference and tell the world why you resigned; because the President of the United States and his lackeys; Ash Carter, Ray Mabus, Eric Fanning and Deborah Lee James are systematically destroying the US Armed Forces piece by piece and replacing it with a politically correct, gender neutral, breastfeeding force so weak that the smallest nations on earth will be able to vanquish us on the field of battle.

Resign General Joe and show the nation that there is still one senior officer in the ranks of the US military with enough moral rectitude to tell the truth.

Resign General Joe and tell the truth to an American people who do not understand the military and its missions because a majority of the American people has never served a day in uniform.

You, General Joe, are the last righteous man standing at the helm. Will you have the moral courage to do what is right and save the US military?

Time will tell.

Until then, the enemies of this republic have their eyes upon the Pentagon, and they like what they see…moral cowardice.

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12 comments on “The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Must Resign
  1. As a retired U.S. Marine I am sickened about what is going on in the U.S. Military. I am particularly sickened by General “Fighting” Joe Dunford, who is a fraud and disgrace to the Corps and the American Military Traditions.

    • Amen brother Cargill. With a family of servicemen in my past and present…it is a disgrace…to serve under this commander and fake.

    • The men in this country have to stop enlisting in the armed services. There is grass roots power. The only way to stop the social engineering is to boycott it.

  2. We do not know what The chairman is doing behind that is not being told. I hope that he tells us what he is gong through soon. With out a doubt he is a good m Marine and leader. I only hope he can soon show that leadership in the open.
    Look what they did to Patreaus, (sp) This bunch of anti military Obama scum will do anything to control the military. They want to make sure we are too weak, as a county, to stop their liberal crap.

  3. The very security and future of this nation is at stake. Those in senior positions who took an oath to protect and defend are protecting and defending their own retirement futures, instead. All across this nation are men and women who shed blood to protect what we have, and would willingly do so again, but we are being sold out from the inside through moral cowardice in the face of evil. Either stand and defend, or get off that wall and make room for those who will. America stands in danger.

  4. When the next conflict happens and it will as weakness is provocative. There will be massive casualties on our side. The enemy will not allow us to pause and hold up a stress card or wait until the transvestites finish with their mascara or the Sikhs quickly shave as the CHEM rounds fall. There are Surface Warfare “commanders” who never paddled a canoe, Air Combat leaders who never flew a kite and in the name of Cultural Marxism. Resign sir, to do other wise is aiding and abetting the enemy within.

  5. What this idiot in the wh sickens me. I was in the army. I just hope we can hold out until January. Plus god helpnus if it HRC. That will tell me America is over sry to say. And we get what we deserve because we didn’t get out and support the Republican nominee . I pray we do even if it was not the one we wanted. Any would be better than HRC. Thank you and God bless America

  6. The sad truth is that if General Joe speaks his mind and is fired, which is fact, his replacement will be another lackey of the administration and if that next one has the backbone to stand against the establishment another lackey will take his place and so it goes until we get what they really want i.e. a female Chairman.

  7. As a former Marine, I am embarrassed that a Marine General has risen to this lofty position and abdicated what the Marine Corps has stood for since 1775. I wonder if there is anything designated as “Combat Ready” today. In 1962 Marine Squadron VMA 225 was designated the most Combat Ready in the military. Combat readiness was what we strived for. It may have been why General Shoup, Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time, order us to join the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in the deployment to the embargo to Cuba. The closest we have ever come to a nuclear confrontation. It seems today we have no Generals that have the “cajones” required to support the military in their mission to protect America and not the politicians. Semper Fi

  8. Absolutely well written and honest truth. You sir have failed just as much if not more than Barry has. For you sir are supposed to be the voice or backbone of every Veteran active or not. Instead you have been a Pin Cushion, a check collector and nothing more. Resign for your disgrace for you can collect your check at home, walk away from your Post and hopefully someone with more “BALLS” than you could ever wish for will take the helm and Lead as Joint Chief of Staff should.

  9. In the 4th paragraph of sentences didn’t you mean ‘Obama’ instead of Dempsey doing the most damage in 240 years?

  10. This is beyond BS. General Dunford, as Commandant of the Marine Corps, was the only service head to not only resist the rush to make women grunts but to invest the resources to prove they would make poor grunts.

    While he fought this, the CJCS, army and air force COS, the CNO of the navy and the service secretaries all embraced it. General Dunford was the only man to request an exemption to the policy… why should he resign? On his watch not one woman finished the infantry officers course. His mock rifle platoon served its purpose in proving what he al all of us already knew… women make lousy grunts. Yet when he asked for an exemption, citing the results of that research and the failure rate at IOC… who lent their voice in support?

    Did an army or air force general, or a navy admiral, say “Wait a minute, the Marines have already done the work and this is a bad idea.” No, they disputed the results and now we want to blame the one man who fought this insane BS? Shit, Dempsey, an army general, not made by Obama but by the army, went so far as to say the Marines should have first reevaluated the standards at IOC (code for lowered them).

    Further, the Marines are still fighting. Proposed changes to the PFT, and the CFT will cut the number of women in the Marine Corps and make it far more difficult for them to get promoted. For example, women cannot do pull-ups… one proposal now is that they be required to do them.

    If men like Dunford resign who will follow? Members of the military like to blame Obama for what is happening in DoD. Obama did not make Gates SecDef. Gates learned his culture in the air force. Obama did not make Admiral Mullins an Admiral or CJCS. Mullins learned his culture in the navy. Obama did not make Dempsey a general… the army did. These men supported lifting DADT (only the Marines opposed) and many of them also support this.

    If DOD wants to know why it is weak look no further than the two defining social issues of the past 8 years. Look at the people who supported those changes and those who said hell no and did what they could to stop the insanity.


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