Sec Army to Worldwide Army Commands: “Balance Lactation Support and Readiness”

By Ray Starmann


Adolf Hitler once said, “Give me five years and you won’t recognize Germany anymore.”

Well, we’ve given Barack Hussein Obama seven years and you can’t recognize the US Army anymore.

The Obama Administration is literally carpet bombing the military on a daily basis with directives, memos, policies and doctrine that if they weren’t actually happening would be considered to be something out of a Kafkaesque, Gloria Steinem nightmare.

Today, I examined a Memorandum for Record, dated September 20, 2015 and signed by the former Secretary of the Army, John McHugh.

You remember Secretary McHugh, he’s the guy who dodged and delayed Congressman Steve Russell after Russell requested the Ranger School records of the first two female “graduates”, Captain Griest and First Lieutenant Haver. I believe McHugh led the cover up of what actually happened down at Fort Benning, a conspiracy that continues to this day.

Stay tuned USDW readers…

McHugh’s Memorandum for Record is titled, Army Directive 2015-37(Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Policy)

Here are some highlights from the memo:

“Commanders and soldiers will balance lactation support and readiness.”

Readiness implies ready to fight and win wars. How are lactating, breastfeeding women contributing to the readiness of the US Army? Is a lactating woman going to deploy to a combat zone? Is she going to deploy with her child?

“Commanders will designate a private space with locking capabilities, an electrical outlet, and access to a safe water source for “soldiers” to express milk.”

The choices here are many: the arms room can store weapons for half the day then serve as a lactation station the other half. How about the battalion command sergeant major’s office? I can think of a particular command sergeant major who served five tours in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and who would have loved his office to be used a lactating station. Not…

“Soldiers must supply the equipment needed to pump and store their breast milk.”

Shouldn’t lactating equipment be issued to all soldiers now? After all this is Obama’s Army.

Here comes the part where you have to sit down and read this:

“Soldiers who are breastfeeding or expressing milk remain eligible for field training and mobility exercises.”

So, a breastfeeding mother will deploy to the field and participate in field exercises while lactating? How is this going to happen? Is the mother going to bring her child to the field? Should the Army now bring tactical day care centers to field exercises with them?

If the mother doesn’t bring the child with them, how are they going to express and store milk in the field? I’m not an expert on the subject, but doesn’t breast milk spoil in 24 hours if not refrigerated? And, if it is refrigerated, it will last for seven days. So, is the Army going to provide mobile refrigeration facilities for breast milk in the field?

Apparently, the secondary duty of the mess sergeant will now be to secure, mark and refrigerate breast milk.

“Commanders will provide private space for soldiers to express milk during field and mobility exercises.”

Where are women going to express milk in the field? Are they going to have armored vehicles or special tents for them to do this while the field exercise is going on?

“The provisions of this directive are effective immediately and apply to the Active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve.”

I’m sure I can speak for millions of vets who never thought they would see the day when the US Army, breast milk expressing and lactation were used in the same sentence.

This memo was distributed to worldwide US Army commands, including my personal favorite, to the US Army Special Operations Command.

You have to believe that the Boys at Bragg and in Tampa loved that memo.

There may certainly be a new memo signed by the current Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning, but I doubt anything has changed in the last few months, except probably for the worst.

This whole memorandum for record is absurd and shows the current fugue state the Army and the US military is operating in as a whole.

There have always been women in the Army, either working as civilians or as soldiers in some capacity. But, the Army never sent out memorandums for record establishing breastfeeding and lactation policies in garrison and in the field and on mobility exercises.

What does this memo say about the feminist cancer in the Army and the effect this is having on the Army’s ability to conduct operations in peacetime and in war?

The US Army is dying by a death from a thousand cuts as each lunatic directive from red high heels to pregnancy simulators, to women in the Green Berets catastrophically kills the Army.

We’re rapidly coming to the point when the Army ceases to be the Army and the Marines cease to be the Marines and the US military is nothing more than a hipster company that offers day care and a boatload of benefits, Swedish style.

Is this the Army or some kind of high tech Silicon Valley Millennial workplace with juice breaks and nap time?

The warrior ethos is fading and with it the US Army. The worst part is the Army is letting it all happen.

The military used to be seen as something macho, tough, a rite of passage. Those days are fading fast. Goodbye Vic Morrow, Goodbye Sergeant Saunders…

Why would any red blooded American male want to be in the Army now? Who wants to be a puppet on a string for feminists?

The Army’s ancient culture and traditions are being thrown out the window and exchanged with values from Berkeley. If you want day care, health care, lactation stations, maternity leave and a passive aggressive environment, why not head to corporate America instead? Why join the Army when you know the combat arms unit you are going to be serving with, is going to be coed, deliberately weakened, a pop up target and easy prey for enemy forces?

Why indeed.

Goodbye Merrill’s Marauders, Hello Uncle Sam’s Day Care.

I can hear the naysayers now and the feminists already before they even comment. The small, but loud and powerful feminist lobby in the military thinks they can do it all. They can be combat soldiers, have kids, nurse in a tank and take the fight to the Russians before they head out to a Sanders rally.

People say the world has changed; the Army has to change with it. The Army keeps changing and it won’t be around much longer. It will either implode from within or be annihilated in war. I’m betting on annihilation; so are Putin, Jong Un, ISIS and Mr. Xi from the People’s Republic of China.

There is an epidemic of moral relativism wafting through the Pentagon like a deadly nerve gas. The Army’s leaders keep rationalizing this lunacy and are trying to pretend everything is okay, it’s all normal. There is seemingly an explanation for everything now that’s off target in the military. Moral relativism is the Army’s new battle cry. Cognitive Dissonance is the Army’s new tenet of war.

The nation’s politicians and military leaders are so politically correct, and so adept at walking on eggshells, they won’t touch anything that deals with women in the military with a ten mile pole.

The problem with the Army is that it’s allowed a small minority of wackos to dictate policy and unrealistic and dangerous policies have now become the standard way of doing business. A special interest group is being allowed to rebuild the US Army in its own warped image, a re-designation that will ultimately lead to its destruction.

Can the US Army be saved? Only if its leaders have the moral courage to make tough decisions when they know policies and directives are harmful to the institution and the nation that they have sworn to defend.

Until then, we’re on the Eve of Destruction…

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10 comments on “Sec Army to Worldwide Army Commands: “Balance Lactation Support and Readiness”
    • Years ago, pregnant women were discharged on a medical. Women with babies need to be discharged unless they put the child up for adoption. Women in the military should use birth control implants or get the H out. This agenda is crazy be being allowed. We haven’t won a war in 71 years either.

  1. I believe that women can certainly be useful in the military–behind a desk! I do not feel that any woman should be in a combat unit. I agree with you. What this administration has done to the military is disgusting and frightening for the safety of this country.

    I am a woman who feels that the feminists have destroyed more than just the military in America.

  2. I never thought I would live long enough to where I would advise young people NOT to go into the military but that day has arrived.

  3. Either men and women are equal or else they are not. But if you try to have it both ways then you are going to raise one really confused generation of perverts.

    • Women are not equal physically especially upper body strength. This is fact. Yes, equal pay for same work. If women want to breed offspring, they need to find other work besides the military where people are moved around; not a good environment to raise kids in.

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  5. Sad! Our military is a laughing stock! Meanwhile other countries are preparing to fight with men and we’ll be on the receiving end of a butt kicking.

  6. Today’s US Army is a far cry from the one I served in. What bothers me the most about all of these insane actions, is the lack of courage displayed by our high ranking leaders in all branches of our military. Are they people we would willingly follow into combat?

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