Rodents and rot: Military facilities are ‘failing,’ report finds

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WASHINGTON — A quarter of the U.S. military’s facilities are falling apart, the Senate Appropriations Committee says.“According to recent facility condition assessment data, one in four Defense facilities are rated as being in poor or failing condition,” the committee wrote in the report that accompanies the fiscal 2017 Milcon-VA spending bill that the panel approved Thursday.

Examples of the deteriorating state of U.S. military infrastructure are scattered throughout that report and a similar one, also produced this week, from the House Appropriations Committee. Both documents are rife with references to crumbling and unsafe U.S. military structures, some of which are riddled with mold and rodents.

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  1. Seen this service rot before under Carter and Bush #1. Mid-level & senior NCO’s & Officers held units together as best they could while waiting for the civilians to select a President & their Administration that would see the folly of a dilapidated military. The core of the rot was always found to be found to be weak civilian leadership. When a strong President was elected, the world governments went into a frenzy to change their plans and attitudes even before the elected President took office.

    Now add all these failures and attempts to fix failed Sci-Fi weapons systems, the OP funds are gone. All the money doled out to contractors by DoD looking for a “conceptual” do-all weapon system along with contractor field tech-reps. No funding for the grease and bolts to make what weapons systems and facilities even somewhat viable.

    Good luck America; it’ll take more money to repair the broken military than it would have to fund the OP costs. But, you all have your “safe” zones & weed to keep you safe.

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