Professor: Civil War “Most Likely” Outcome of Migrant Crisis

Alex Jones


A prominent Danish professor warns that western civilization is “threatened” by the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and that a “civil war” is the most likely outcome.

Writing in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Professor Helmuth Nyborg, who is an expert in the connection between hormones and intelligence, discussed his previous research on how, “The effect of Europeans having few children and immigrants with low IQ” would lead to “Westerners (being) a minority in Europe, and that the average IQ drops so much that prosperity, democracy and civilization is threatened”.

Nyborg has previously asserted that low IQ migrants arriving from non-western countries leads to a decline in the average intelligence of western societies and therefore a drop in living standards and rising crime rates.

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One comment to “Professor: Civil War “Most Likely” Outcome of Migrant Crisis”
  1. Europeans incl G.B. and Ireland are allowing this invasion by third world scum pushing an agenda to form a caliphate within a decade. The E.U. citizens are decadent, apathetic and too self absorbed to understand the agenda and the hellish downfall it will bring. Neo Marxist E.U. leaders are not opposed by citizens. Europeans believe in nothing and care nothing about their future, heritage, culture or families. They will get what they deserve for being morons. Fools indeed.

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