In Obama’s Navy – It’s Not a Job or an Adventure, It’s a Fiasco

By Ray Starmann


This week the US Navy released some new guidelines concerning the wearing of tattoos. Like everything else in the Navy, like everything else in the US military, the policies are another indicator of the social changes which are turning the US Armed Forces into a three ring circus with weapons.

According to, the new guidelines, which will go in effect on April 30th, set the Navy apart from the other military services in terms of permissiveness. They are an acknowledgement of a changing culture and a youthful population, officials said.

Legalized pot is the sign of a changing culture and youthful population. Does that mean sailors will be puffing the magic dragon on US ships of war?

I better not give that idiot Ray Mabus any new ideas…

“This policy change is about being honest with ourselves, and putting policies in place that reflect tattoo realities in the nation we serve,” said Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a spokesman for Navy Personnel Command. “It is also meant to ensure we don’t miss opportunities to bring in talented young men and women willing to serve.”

The Navy’s new guidelines include the following:

  • Up to one neck tattoo, no larger than an inch wide and an inch high. Tattoos of no larger than one inch by one inch are also acceptable behind the ear, according to the message. Both locations were previously off-limits to tattoos. While tattoos are permissible on the torso, they still cannot be visible through white uniforms, according to the message. Tattoos on the head, face and scalp are still prohibited.
  • Size restrictions on tattoos on the body, arms and legs are lifted entirely. Leg and arm tattoos can be of any size, including sleeve tattoos, giving sailors a much wider range of options for body art.
  • Cosmetic tattoos to correct medical conditions are permitted.
  • While location and size restrictions have eased, the Navy is keeping in place its ban on objectionable content, including tattoos prejudicial to good order and discipline in those that are obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or affiliated with a gang or extremist group. The Navy will not give waivers for tattoos with prohibited content, according to the message.

So, apparently, it’s okay to look like an East LA viaduct mural or a Star Trek villain in the Navy now.

While tattoos have been a part of military service for eons, the regulations concerning their wear were fairly stringent. Sailors commonly displayed tattoos they received while on liberty at some exotic port across the world. Usually a sailor would have one or two tattoos on his arms to serve as a memory when he got intoxicated and tattooed in The P.I., among other things.

But, they were not allowed to have tattoos on their necks, or to have giant tattoos on their bodies. Why not, because it was the Navy, not the civilian world and there were standards.

Standards? We don’t need no stinkin’ standards.

Raymond Spruance is rolling in his grave now.

Should we really keep asking ourselves what’s next in Obama’s Navy, which is sinking faster than an oil freighter hit by a dozen torpedoes from a U Boat?

If sailors can pretty much use their body as Andy Warhol art work while on active duty, why not give them multiple fashion choices? Mix and match uniforms with a colorful blouse or t-shirt. Don’t like your low quarters, wear some red Chuck Taylors.

Why even wear uniforms anymore?

Why have regulations for hair length and styles? According to the Navy, we need to cater to a youthful population. And, that’s where the Navy is out to lunch.

No, US Navy brass, you need to take young people from a very undisciplined environment and make them conform to US Navy standards. You need chiefs to put the fear of God into them that if they don’t conform they will be in a world of hurt.

We wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

The Navy is not around to conform to a 20 year old Millennial’s ideas of social norms. Is the US Navy a military force anymore? I have my doubts. So do a lot of vets.

The Navy’s new tattoo regs are the complete antithesis to the old military acronym, STRAC, meaning, Strategic, Tough, and Ready Around the Clock. To be labeled “STRAC” was considered high praise in the old US military.

The Navy doesn’t want to be STRAC anymore; they want to be hipster care givers.

Bull Halsey is rolling in his grave now.

The Navy’s current problems are the military’s current problems and they are many.

The US Navy hasn’t been in a direct fire engagement since 1988. If anyone has any idea how the Navy will function in combat, look no further than Lieutenant Nartker and his band of merry men who handed over their Riverine craft, their weapons and themselves to the Iranians without firing a shot.

Nartker’s men and boats had superior firepower and yet they surrendered to a half dozen Iranians in a couple of Bill Dance’s bass boats.

When captured, the sailors doubled and tripled down on their disgraceful conduct by crying on worldwide TV and then thanking the Iranian thugs for their fantastic treatment and hospitality.

John Paul Jones is out of his grave and walking into the Pentagon looking for the clown currently in charge of this cluster.

The Navy has the same problems that the other services currently do: soft basic training that caters to overweight and coddled Millennials, insane social engineering that is eroding the warrior culture, pregnancy and readiness issues and the forced implementation of women in the combat arms and special operations that is looming on the horizon like a full force gale.

According to Allen West and the Washington Times, A Navy F-18 fighter pilot and former Top Gun instructor is publicly warning admirals that retention is beginning to suffer from the military’s relentless social conditioning programs. Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass said sailors are becoming fed-up with the constant emphasis on social issues — an apparent reference to gays in the military, women in combat and ending sexual harassment.

It’s not a job or an adventure in the Navy anymore.

Just what the heck is it?

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  1. I am ex Navy and everything Obama has done makes me want to vomit as well as the cowardly congress that has allowed him to do it.

  2. The Democrats and Obama spend years dragging down our culture to become bottom of the barrel, then make policy changes to go along with our new degenerate culture. Problem, reaction, solution.

  3. This is going out to my fellow Navy retirees. Whatever the organization is, it’s not the Navy we served in.

  4. Have you never heard about Admiral Zumwalt who served under Richard Nixon. People were sure he was destroying the Navy. But it didn’t. It actually changed little except sailors felt like they were being treated like men.

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