Fast-Forwarding Military Decline

Jude Eden

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus speaks to Marines regarding women in combat during a speech at the Camp Pendleton Marine Base, Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at Camp Pendleton, Calif. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

As a Marine veteran and close follower of the developments on women’s integration into the combat arms, I’ve noticed that women saying they want to join the infantry do so for all sorts of reasons: to make history, break barriers, challenge themselves, prove something, carry on family tradition. With the women’s combat exemption now repealed, the media fawns on the first females going for combat roles as history-makers, even before they’ve finished — or even started — boot camp or officer candidate school. Notably missing from the young women’s motivations is anything about killing the enemy, the raison d’être of the combat arms.

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2 comments to “Fast-Forwarding Military Decline”
  1. what I want to know is why the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs, the Security Council, the Department of Defense are looking on with their hands folded.

    Why are they colluding and pandering to treason by the Administration, which has positioned itself to allow Islam to conquer Amerika? 1400 years fear–GFdnFC4 . . . When this is all over, I believe the general Staff ought to be prosecuted along with the War Criminals of the Bush Administration.

  2. The United States Military was by definition and regulation apolitical, none of the services was to allowed any outward signs of any political collaboration or support. The politically and socially integrated para-military components of our society are our local law enforcement officers and enlisted who integrate with society on a daily basis to maintain governance and avoid social chaos. They must bend and bow to the wishes and directions of their local governing bodies, and be politically correct.

    The military service, however, cannot become attached to that social barometer to the same degree as War is and has never been politically correct. War is win, to retain and maintain the integrity of our society and government, or lose and give up the freedom of self governance and the other freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis that are too often taken for granted.

    The recent actions by our President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have brought to the military the restrictive and compromising facets of the social/political world that were never to be a part of the military. No other profession must be prepared to voluntarily give the ultimate sacrifice to defend and maintain our societies way of life, even for those who disdain the very system that allows them to project and promote their dislikes openly and freely. Vietnam should have taught us the lesson of entering a conflict without a clear path to victory, a path that we are now travelling down in the name of social equality.

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