Chaos On Macedonian Border As Migrants Storm Fence



Heavily armed Macedonian police deployed tear-gas launchers, rubber bullets and stun grenades at the border with Greece this morning as an organised migrant invasion attempted to force the fence.

Thousands of anonymous leaflets written in Arabic had been in circulation at the 11,000-man Idomeni migrant camp, calling on the inhabitants to rise up together this afternoon and to charge down the fence stopping them from moving north into continental Europe. A rumour had also been circulating that the border was to be opened by Macedonian authorities at 9am this morning.

Declaring “Today we either break the border fence or die”, large groups of up to 500 migrants moved to the fence, with reports by journalists on the ground showing tear gas grenades being dropped on the Greek side of the border by Macedonian forces, and patrolling armoured cars. Migrants hurled stones at police.

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