Army continues to stall Congressman on release of records for female Ranger School grads

By Ray Starmann


Sources inside Congressman Steve Russell’s (R., OK) office informed US Defense Watch this week that the Congressman had received no new information from the US Army concerning his request for the records of the three female Ranger School graduates, Captain Griest, First Lieutenant Haver and Major Jaster, the so-called Mommy Ranger.

Seven months later and the US Army and the Pentagon are still refusing to turn over the Ranger School records of the three female graduates.

For those who haven’t followed the story, here’s a summary of the events leading up to the present time.

Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver were the first two women to graduate from Ranger School in August of 2015. Their graduation was the subject of much speculation by some members of the media and Congressman Steve Russell who contacted the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh on September 15, 2015, and requested their records from Ranger School.

The Secretary of the Army stalled Russell for nine days and then asked for an extension to obtain documents readily available.

The Army waited another two weeks to tell Russell the documents had been shredded, even though Army schools usually keep records a year or two after graduation. Then, Russell requested the Green Cards, the transcript of someone’s performance at Ranger School that everyone who has attended the school since 1952 has in a file cabinet there.

The Army balked at the Green Card request stating “privacy concerns.” What’s private about a land navigation score? Nothing, unless one of the female graduates had a history of failing land navigation repeatedly and the Army passed her anyway.

In the Fall of 2014, at Fort Carson, Colorado, a group of female soldiers were given three months of training to specifically prepare them for Ranger School. The female soldiers were pulled away from their regular duties in the Army to eat, breathe and sleep Ranger School for ninety days. One of the female soldiers who attended the training was First Lieutenant Shaye Haver.

In addition, First Lieutenant Haver consistently failed land navigation during various assessments conducted at Fort Carson. Yet, Haver was sent to Fort Benning to attend Ranger School. Sources also informed US Defense Watch that First Lieutenant Haver failed land navigation at the Ranger Training Assessment Course, a 16 day evaluation soldiers must pass before being allowed to start the school itself.

Haver graduated from Ranger School in August of 2015 after having been recycled twice and having to restart the whole course on one occasion. Did Haver also fail land navigation repeatedly at Ranger School? Undoubtedly, this would appear in her records, which were apparently shredded by the Army. But, her Green Card, a Ranger School transcript of her progress wasn’t. Surely, Haver’s land navigation scores are noted on her Green Card.

Yet, the Army refuses to send Congressman Steve Russell the Green Cards for Haver, Griest and Major Lisa Jaster, the 37 year old woman who graduated from the school as well. As of now, the only thing Congressman Russell has received from the Army is some concocted mini white paper showing that men and women are performing the same at Fort Benning and that women are meeting the standards.

The Army also refuses to tell anyone what the school’s policy is for the storage and destruction of Ranger School records. The Army refuses to tell the media why they shredded Griest’s and Haver’s records. The Army refuses to tell the media what they are doing with the third female graduate, Major Lisa Jaster’s records.

Congressman Russell was interviewed by The Oklahoman several months ago concerning the Ranger School story.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The Oklahoman: “Have you gotten the records that you sought?”

Russell: “Not from the Army. I’ve gotten nothing from them. In the second letter I got (last week) the Army said they can’t provide the records just yet and they reasserted the fact that the bulk of what I requested had been shredded and they were disappointed that I would suggest that they were up to nefarious activities.”

“Then they provided me an information paper that would try to get at some of what I requested. And this information paper provided a sampling of records. And then they provided an analysis of this sampling.”

“But they didn’t provide me the records to verify that sampling or verify their conclusions or even examine it.”

“So it’s like: Look, if there’s nothing to hide, show me what you have. And if these allegations are not substantiated, then we can drop this and move on.

The Oklahoman: “Is this (women in combat) issue something the House Armed Services Committee needs to hold hearings about?”

Russell: “Well of course it is. I think the question that we all would ask is: If warriors can be trained to the highest capacity, then why wouldn’t we take efforts to do that? But, we have to do it with integrity, and we have to do it where we maintain the capacity.”

“So, I’m asking questions. And, so as a member of Congress and on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, we have a constitutional requirement to oversee government and its functions. These courses don’t belong to any general. They don’t belong to any service secretary. They don’t belong to anyone. They belong to We the People.”

There can only be one logical conclusion why the Army won’t release the records and the Green Cards; because they show information that would inform the Congressman and the world that the women were given special treatment and or allowed to continue when they indeed failed the course.

The Pentagon got what they wanted; three female “graduates” from Ranger School. Like everything else surrounding women in the combat arms and special ops, this is predicated on pure, unadulterated lies.

The White House wanted women in the combat arms and special operations. The Army green lighted the three women through the school by holding their hands from day one with pre-pre Ranger School training, nutritional and fitness consultants as reported by People Magazine and showers every few days for the “anointed three.” Former Rangers have indicated how well fed the three women looked upon graduation, compared to the Dachau-like appearance of Ranger school grads for 60 sixty years. The three female grads were plump and glowing while the average guy crawls out of Ranger School on his hands and knees, thankful to be alive.

The chances of a 37 year old woman who’s not a Russian androgynous swimmer passing Ranger School is about the same as a T-Rex walking into your backyard right now. Ranger School spits out 20 year old men with the speed of a hotel power flush. Sending a 30 something man to the school is considered to be haphazard decision at best. How a 37 year old woman made it is beyond anyone’s reasoning. It is indeed a brazen bridge too far among the social engineers.

The three women were presented to the world as graduates of one of the toughest military schools in the world. The graduation was used to influence Ash Carter’s decision to allow women into the combat arms and special operations.

Since the graduation of the three females about ten women have attended Ranger School and not one woman has graduated.

The Pentagon continues to push women into the combat arms and special operations when they know their reasons are based on false pretenses and fantasies.

If the Army has nothing to hide, then it should turn over the records to Congressman Russell and the House Armed Services Committee. The Army’s continued intransigence is a further admission of guilt as participants in a conspiracy to convince the American people that women can function and survive in the combat arms and special operations.

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  1. Well,I don’t understand why Lt Haver failed land navigation repeatedly…it’s not that hard to read a compass and a topographical map….hell,I aced that as a 4/c Cadet at the USAF Academy…even night nav….but I had the advantage of having a good sense of Tennessee dead reckoning…that saved my bacon more than once on night nav exercises

  2. Do you know if any other woman
    has passed since these three? Or how many more (if any) have tried?

  3. Form a Company of Infantry comprised of Women,led by the recent Ranger graduates, and put them on the ground in Afghanistan. Put them at an outpost and let them conduct operations. The proof would be in the pudding.

  4. I was in the Military for 20years 11months an 7days! I was not a SF, or a ranger, I was an Engr, in the ARMY. In VIETNAM, I had the unfortunate, honer to work with the RANGERS, they took good care of me, I am verry thankful for that! I don’t belive that the Rangers,or the Special Forces, should have women in eather without the same qualifications as a man!!!! Special treatment is out of the question! !! When they are going into the same operations. I have met a verry few that should, or think they should, go through the program, just to show them a HUMBLING experience! They NEED it!!!!!!

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