America’s Imperial Overstretch

David Stockman

U.S. Soldiers from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army Europe and members of Romania's 21st Mountain Division assess an area of land for the site survey for a location for the soon-to-be-founded Forward Operating Base (FOB) Mescall, Afghanistan, March 25, 2009, near FOB Lagman, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Christopher S. Barnhart/Released)

This week, SU-24 fighter-bombers buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The Russian planes carried no missiles or bombs.

Message: What are you Americans doing here?

In the South China Sea, U.S. planes overfly, and U.S. warships sail inside, the territorial limits of islets claimed by Beijing.

In South Korea, U.S. forces conduct annual military exercises as warnings to a North Korea that is testing nuclear warheads and long-range missiles that can reach the United States.

One comment on “America’s Imperial Overstretch
  1. Ray,

    A couple of these comments are disingenuous because they are put out there without a follow-on answer. Specifically, sailing within the international waters of Beijing created islets assumes that the international community has agreed de facto and de jure to Beijing’s claims that the islets are in fact, Chinese sovereign territory.

    Those claims are, as I write this, being adjudicated in The Hague.

    In the Baltic Ocean, the destroyer USS DONALD COOKE was in international waters and by extension and the Law of the Seas had every right to be present. Likewise, this same us flagged warship had a right to expect non-interference in its freedom of navigation exercises.

    To use these as examplesof US imperial over reach is a real stretch given that the USA, as well as most of its NATO and non-NATO allies recognizes our global footprint which includes protection of SLOCs, freedom of navigation on the seas and in the air. Imperial over reach would be the re-establishment of numerous bases on foreign soil; something which the incompetent and perfumed princes in the 5 sided puzzle palace have not advocated during the equally inept foreign policy blunders of the Obama regime.

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