Trump is a Racist… Because?

By Ray Starmann


The left can’t stop whining about that racist, Donald Trump. From wearing Trump, Nazi style armbands, to a myriad of signs proclaiming Trump as a racist, to the endless cries on the Clinton News Network and MoscowNBC that Trump is the second coming of Hitler, the lies just keep on truckin’.

The left has all of the individuality of a platoon from the North Korean Army. The left, with their Soros sponsored movements like MoveOn.Org, are nothing more than mindless, feckless zombies who march against Trump for no other reason than someone told them to, because Trump is a racist.

Many of the protesters in Chicago on Friday couldn’t even answer the simple question of why they were there.

Apparently, Trump is a racist because:

He isn’t promising free tuition and safe spaces to Millennials.

He wants to deport people who are in this country ILLEGALLY and set up a system where they can return and lawfully obtain green cards and eventual citizenship.

He wants to deport illegals who commit crimes.

He wants to bring back American blue collar jobs and protect the country from terrorism by building a wall on the Mexican border.

He wants to rip up the horrific free trade deals that have caused massive US unemployment and outsourcing.

He wants to bring back jobs, companies and the American Dream.

He wants to return 93 million Americans to the work force.

He wants to heavily scrutinize any Muslim immigration into this country and perhaps stop it for a period of time. Newsflash left-wing Millennials and freeze dried failed 1960’s revolutionaries. Muslims are committing acts of barbarism all over the world. Christians and Jews and Buddhists and tree huggers are not beheading people, drowning and burning people in cages, detonating bombs, blowing up planes, etc…

Muslims are. FACT.

He’s a racist for wanting to obliterate ISIS.

He’s a racist for wanting to restore American pride and Make America Great Again.

Trump is a racist because his family’s real name in Drumpf, from the Black Forest in Germany. Obviously, any American of German descent must be a racist and a Nazi.

You know, those evil German-American racist Nazis like Eisenhower…

The only Nazis are the fascists on the left who seek to shut down free speech because it offends them or they don’t care for what someone is saying.

Look for more lies from the left and from the GOP Establishment as Trump gains more and more popularity.


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