The Trump Train Steams Ahead

By Ray Starmann


Donald Trump took his opponents apart last night, winning in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and probably Missouri. As of tonight Mr. Trump has a delegate count of 673.

Trump’s first victim last night was Marco Rubio, the South Beach Boy Wonder who was destroyed by the Trumpinator by 19 percentage points and sent packing on a jet ski across Biscayne Bay.

Trump then moved north and hammered Ted Cruz. Obviously, George Soros’ plan to bring down Trump in Illinois by causing chaos on the streets imploded. Trump won by 8.5 points over Cruz.

Trump was victorious in North Carolina, consolidating his massive support in Dixie. The votes are still being checked in Missouri, but Trump looks like the eventual official winner.

Only in Ohio was Trump checked. Governor John Kasich beat Trump by a wide margin of 11.2 points. Kasich celebrated the victory like he had won the presidency itself. Father John preached harmony and peace and granola once again and exited in a flourish of confetti and light, his campaign looking like an episode of Love American Style.

Kasich won Ohio, but where else can he win? He might have a chance in Pennsylvania or Utah, but the odds are still against him.

So, why is Kasich still in the race? Could it be ego? Could he be the Establishment’s new inside man to take away enough delegates from Trump to force a brokered convention? By the way, Kasich referred to a brokered convention as something that would be “educational.”

Educational is an interesting euphemism for a total disaster for the Republican Party.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a civil war is brewing in the GOP between the Establishment and Trump.

Trump’s success has put the fear of God into the cabal that has destroyed the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the American people, while lining their pockets from lousy trade deals and cheap, illegal immigrant labor. A President Trump would end the Establishment’s gravy train.

No doubt the Establishment is up to no good, plotting and working with feverish Machiavellian scheming to derail the Trump Train. Every day now, GOP Establishment pundits appear on cable news, making threats to nominate a Mitt Romney or a Paul Ryan or host a third party candidate. Today, North Dakota delegate, Curly Haugland stated that “we pick the nominee, not voters.”

According to Haugland, these primaries are all about picking elite representatives who decide who to nominate. Apparently, the American people now have no say in the voting process.

Another big GOP Establishment meeting will take place on Friday. Like Soviet apparatchiks, they’re going to sit in a smoke filled room around a table and plot the demise of Donald Trump.

If the Establishment is brazen and arrogant enough to destroy a candidate who wins the majority of the delegates, if the Establishment is brazen and arrogant enough to bring in a puppet like Romney or Ryan, if the Establishment is brazen and arrogant enough to try and shove a hack down the throats of the voters, the Republican Party will be finished.

But, the Establishment really doesn’t care about the party they claim to love and defend. They don’t care about the American people one iota. They can about themselves and their power and therefore, they would rather see a President Hillary Rotten Clinton in the White House than Donald J. Trump.

Let’s hope that the Trump Train keeps steaming ahead!


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