The Second American Revolution

By Ray Starmann


Whoever thought that the Second American Revolution would be ignited by a populist, billionaire real estate developer and reality show entertainer from Manhattan?

Just as Manhattan Island played a vital role in the First American Revolution it is once again at the forefront of the second one, producing a native son who has awakened the nation from its dizzying slumber.

Thankfully, this Second American Revolution is relatively peaceful and one at the ballot box, not one of the ammo box.

The Second American Revolution was bound to happen. For fifty years the nation has gone from stall speed to a downward spiral, culminating in 93 million Americans out of the work force, 50 million on Food Stamps, low wages, stagnant wages, vanishing, outsourced jobs, endless, unwinnable wars and a completely un-vetted invasion of 12 million illegal immigrants across the Southern Border.

For years, the far right had speculated on when and how and why a Second American Revolution could happen. Would it be ignited by leftists demolishing the Second Amendment? Would it be some kind of modern day Waco Incident on steroids that caused modern day Minutemen to go into action? What would be the spark that lit the fuse of liberty once again?

History has a way of repeating itself, but not completely. The Second American Revolution didn’t begin when the federal government came for anyone’s guns or crushed some patriot movement. It began when Donald J. Trump, the Ten Billion Dollar Man hit the campaign trail.

Mr. Trump says things no other modern day politician has had the guts to say before. He speaks candidly about our immigration problems, the loss of millions of American jobs due to bad trade deals, the feckless war on ISIS, the cowardice in the face of Iranian aggression.

His solutions are simple; build a wall, reign in illegal immigration through deportation, which is really self-deportation, rip up the horrific free trade deals that siphon jobs out of the USA, start trade wars, if necessary, blow ISIS off the planet in a Patton style operation and tell the Iranians where they can shove their nuclear deal.

In short, Make America Great Again…

Mr. Trump’s brusque, honest, anti-politically correct and nationalistic rhetoric has awakened Americans from their hibernation. Americans have finally begun to realize that there are dark forces at work that are destroying their God given natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These modern day Redcoats are the pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex, the corporate cronies, the K Street lobbyists and their servile sycophants in Congress who do their bidding by destroying the American Dream.

Like all tyrants, the Establishment believed that they could go on fleecing a distracted America forever. If people had no savings and worked three jobs just to make ends meet, that’s too bad. If Americans can’t have a savings account because the interest rates are at zero, oh well. If Americans must keep working well into their 70’s at menial jobs, it’s the individual’s fault, not the company that ripped up their pension after 40 years of dedicated hard work.

Enter Mr. Trump…

Trump says what we’ve been thinking for years, but didn’t know where to turn or who to call. We’ve had enough! We want to wrest our country and economy back from the corporate cronies that robbed the American people. We want a strong military again, not a military fighting half the Middle East forever, but a military so powerful that if we must fight, we fight to win and then we go home. We are tired of getting kicked around by Third World garbage dump countries like Iran. If Iran wants to pick a fight with the greatest nation on earth, be warned, it won’t go well for you.

Like all revolutions in history, the power brokers, whether they be from the British Empire or the GOP Establishment are determined to stop the revolution at all costs, for they know that to lose is tantamount to their money train derailing and their power dethroned.

The Establishment’s Tories at the National Review, on The Kelly File, at Red State, on K Street, in Congress, in the RNC, are at work trying to destroy Trump and his legion of patriots; honorable citizens who seek not a fight, but only a decent living wage and security for their family.

While the Tories are intent on stealing the nomination from Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland this summer, their allies, the radical left, are busy trying to shut down free speech at Trump rallies nationwide.

The crazies on the left are the useful, dutiful idiots for the Establishment, which could care less if Hillary or Romney or Ryan was President. They are all one and the same, corrupt and malleable, unlike Mr. Trump.

No doubt the Establishment will continue to try and steal primary votes from Mr. Trump all the way to the convention, while the commie windbags on the left cause havoc on the streets.

No doubt the Establishment will try and hijack the nomination from Trump at the convention. When that happens and a Romney or a Ryan or another puppet is marched up to the podium, what remains of the Republican Party will be dumped into Lake Erie, like those boxes of tea in Boston Harbor so many years before.

The Second American Revolution has begun. Let us hope that it ends with a President Trump in the White House.


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