The Pincer Attack against Trump

By Ray Starmann


Donald Trump is being attacked by a pincer from the radical left and the Establishment on the right. Mr. Trump is scaring the daylights out of illegals, radical liberals, lobbyists, corporate cronies and pundits; all who profit from the demise of America and the fleecing of the American worker.

The Left Wing of the Pincer:

The radical left waves Mexican flags at rallies (in fact there were Mexican flags being waved tonight in Salt Lake City) and labels Trump a racist because Mr. Trump plans to secure the border and force self-deportation on the 12 million illegals currently residing in the US. Illegal immigration provides illegal immigrants with access to a myriad of blue collar jobs that originally belonged to Americans. Illegals wire money back to Mexico, which gains from US Greenbacks stimulating the Mexican economy. Illegals are given access to food stamps, welfare, emergency medical care, driver’s licenses, and community college enrollment; all under the guise of state and federal government care. Mr. Trump will shut down the illegal immigrant gravy train once and for all. Illegal immigration is a giant scam that is solely about money and not about human emotion, no matter what Jorge Ramos and the Univision Propaganda Network expostulates.

The radical left also attacks Trump for being a racist because he plans on controlling Muslim immigration into this country. Apparently, any President who does his constitutional duty by protecting the nation from Muslim butchers is a racist. The left also hates Trump because Trump believes in everything anathema to the left; the Second Amendment, Pro Life, capitalism, states’ rights and the belief in the American Dream.

The radical left plan is to cause as much chaos as possible at Trump rallies and at the convention in Cleveland, all the while continuing to paint Trump as a combination of George Wallace, Andrew Jackson and Gregory Peck in the Boys from Brazil.

The Right Wing of the Pincer:

The GOP Establishment is going for broke in the heisting of the Republican nomination from Donald Trump. The pundits, the billionaires, the elected officials all hate Trump for a plethora of reasons, but mainly because Trump is going to shut down the gravy train the Establishment has been riding on for years.

The Establishment wants open borders. They could care less if Vincente Fox dumped every last Mexican on US soil. Illegals mean cheap labor that equates to higher profits for corporate cronies like Romney and lobbyist payoffs to TARP sellouts like Paul Ryan.

Of course the American blue collar worker suffers terribly from illegal immigration, but don’t ever think the Establishment cares about the American worker.

But, Mr. Trump does and American workers know it and the Establishment fears him.

There’s nothing more terrifying to the Establishment than the end of the free trade deals that have gutted the US economy by shipping jobs and companies to foreign lands. Cheap foreign labor equals maximum profits for corporations.

Trump’s call to audit the Federal Reserve brings chills down the spines of the Establishment, along with his calls for an investigation into the real events surrounding 9-11, and an end to the endless, unwinnable wars.

No one is hated more by the military-industrial complex and the Establishment than a President who wants peace.

Whoever made a dime from peace?

The Establishment plan is to continue to roll out the know it all hacks and pundits who will savage Trump on every network and of course on the Kelly File, which has become an infomercial for the Establishment. The excuse is always the same; Trump is not a real conservative, which in GOP Speak means Trump is shutting down the gravy train.

Whether Trump has 1237 delegates or not, the convention will be some kind of secret club meeting where the members vote to blackball the nouveau riche guy with the hot wife.

Obviously, Trump knows the Establishment and the radical left are out to get him.

Trump must emulate his hero, General Patton and attack both sides of the pincer simultaneously.

Remember, Mr. Trump, “L’Audace, L’Audace, Toujours L’Audace.”


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