The Little Nazis of America

By Ray Starmann


Tonight, a motley assortment of violent, radical left wing protesters supported by MoveOn.Org, forced the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus in downtown Chicago.

Over 25,000 Trump supporters were to attend the rally, which Mr. Trump cancelled based on security concerns from the Chicago Police and the Secret Service. Both the Chicago Police and the Secret Service feared a riot breaking out had Mr. Trump attended.

In a continuation of a fearful trend among America’s youth, the protesters who were mainly University of Illinois college students demanded that Trump be prohibited from speaking.

The Little Nazis of America weren’t there to protest a war like Chicago protesters in 1968.

The Little Nazis of America weren’t there to protest a President or a hopeful presidential nominee.

The Little Nazis of America weren’t there to promote the First Amendment. They were there to end the First Amendment.

The left is angry and feels that life in America is nearly a hopeless endeavor of unemployment, debt and stagnant wages. But, so does the right! The enemy is not Mr. Trump or Mr. Sanders. The enemy is the Establishment which has overseen the fleecing of the American people by producing horrific trade deals that destroy good jobs and out-source 50,000 factories and companies to other countries.

The left is so brainwashed and brain dead that they actually believe that a man who wants to secure the border, create jobs and stimulate the economy is the bad guy. The left is in dire need of a serious reality check. The left is dire need of a class on the Bill of Rights.

The mainstream media, minus Fox News is blaming the incidents tonight on Mr. Trump. Really? If MoveOn.Org is so concerned about hate and violence why don’t they protest against the reign of incompetence and murder brought to the citizens of Chicago by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel?

The people who were waiting to see Mr. Trump tonight believe in Free Markets for Free Men. The protesters on the streets tonight believe in Free Stuff from Mr. Sanders. They haven’t figured out yet that nothing is free; not tuition, not lunch, not the freedom that so many died for, so that left wing radicals have the freedom of speech they’re so eager to destroy.

The anti-Trump protesters tonight held signs that read Trump is a Racist, Keep the Border Open, Liberation, not Deportation, aka Liberation Theology, aka Marxist-Leninism, aka Communism.

Most distressing were the Mexican and Cuban flags being waved among the crowd of protesters. A word of advice to MoveOn.Org; take your foreign flags and get the hell out of the United States of America. There are no hyphenated Americans. There are no Mexican-Americans, no Irish-Americans, no German-Americans, no Cuban-Americans; you’re either an American or you’re not.

The radical left apparently desires a fight with the right. If they continue, they are going to discover that blue collar Trump supporters are not the cowardly collegiate administrators that students intimidate on America’s campuses.