The Death of the US Marine Corps

By Ray Starmann


The US Marines are the latest casualty in the Maoist Cultural Revolution being shoved down the throat of the military and incinerating the fighting spirit and readiness of the armed forces like a five alarm fire.

As reported this week by Military.Com, Marines across the Corps will be challenged on their unconscious prejudices and presuppositions as women get the opportunity to become grunts for the first time.

Unconscious prejudices and presuppositions defined as simple facts such as women lack the upper body strength, the aerobic lung capacity, testosterone for aggressiveness, are more prone to injuries, while possessing a myriad of hygiene issues in the field that men do not encounter.

The Marine Corps is rolling out mandatory training for all Marines before the first future female rifleman hits boot camp, aiming to set conditions for a smooth transition and head off cultural resistance.

Mobile training teams will be dispatched to installations across the Corps throughout May and June to offer a two-day seminar to majors and lieutenant colonels, Col. Anne Weinberg, deputy director of the Marine Corps Force Innovation Office, told reporters Thursday. Those officers will then train the Marines under them.

Mobile training teams defined as modern day Soviet Zampolits, or political officers, who will travel the world in order to brainwash Marines that this catastrophe is doable and un-negotiable.

Topics include unconscious bias, which focuses on how people prejudge others based on factors such as race and gender, and principles of institutional change. The seminar will also walk officers through the elements of the Corps’ plan for opening ground combat jobs to women and include vignettes featuring challenges units might encounter.

Challenges may vary and include losing wars, getting a lot of young Marines killed and being the laughing stock of our enemies worldwide.

“You’re in the field, you only have this certain amount of space for billeting and you’ve got three women and six guys. How are you going to billet?” Weinberg said, describing a potential vignette. “Just some of these common sense things that these units probably haven’t had to deal with so that ground combat units haven’t had to deal with, but we’ve been dealing with in the rest of the Marine Corps for generations.”

Newsflash to Colonel Weinberg from the USMC Innovation Office, aka Berkeley Pentagon Detachment: there are no billets in the field REMF! Your billet is a piece of ground.

The Marine Corps rolled out a “commander’s tool kit” of optional online classes on similar topics in late 2014 as the service prepared for the possibility of an integration mandate.

USMC Commander’s Tool Kit in 2016 includes: pregnancy simulators, breast pumps, tactical lactation station overlays, red high heels and the proper procedure to set up a unisex latrine.

A Center for Naval Analyses survey of 54,000 Marines recently obtained by The Washington Post gives context to the need for training on cultural and institutional resistance as female Marines go infantry. The report found that a significant majority of male Marines at every rank opposed the decision to have women serve in ground combat jobs. The resistance was strongest among male junior officers in the ranks of captain and below, who opposed women in ground combat jobs at a rate of more than 72 percent. At least a third of female Marines at every rank were also opposed to the idea.

The troops have spoken. They know an impending cluster when they see one.

“There’s no doubt we’re leading cultural change. It’s not the first time for the Marine Corps, but we like a challenge,” said Brig. Gen. James Glynn, director of the Marine Corps’ office of communication. “The purpose of the mobile training team is to begin to facilitate the cultural change … you’ve got to have the conversation.”

This isn’t going to be a challenge, General Glynn, it’s going to be a genuine, Grade A debacle that will lead to disaster, destruction and defeat on the field of battle.

What’s in it for you General Glynn? What’s it worth now to sell out the greatest fighting force on the earth to a bunch of Marxist social engineers?

It’s more than obvious that the Marine Corps brass and the Pentagon could care less what ordinary Marines think. The average Marine, like the average soldier, airman and sailor is being abandoned by their senior officers who have the backbone of jellyfish.

Women are being shoved into the combat branches of the Marines, even though most of them want nothing to do with the infantry, armor, artillery, the Marine Raiders and Marine Recon.

Women are being shoved into the combat branches of the Marines, even though women went 0 for 26 last year at the Marine Infantry Officers’ Basic Course.

Women are being shoved into the combat branches of the Marines, even though all female units and coed units performed far worse during various combat simulations conducted by the Corps during a several month long, 36 million dollar study that was completely ignored and tossed out the window by Secretary of the Navy and all-around lackey, Ray Mabus.

Nothing matters to the social engineers: readiness doesn’t matter, combat power doesn’t matter, unit fighting spirit doesn’t matter; plummeting morale doesn’t matter.

Nothing matters except the implementation of this insanity, the Marine Corps be damned.

The Pentagon perfumed princes and princesses are very clever. They have put the burden of brainwashing a whole generation of Marines on the shoulders of Majors and Lieutenant-Colonels, the middle managers of the Marines, who usually have families and responsibilities and the fear of being tossed out of the Corps and out into the big, bad world of unemployed ObamaLand.

The middle management of the Marine Corps is malleable, unlike junior officers, many of whom have no desire to make the Marines a career and who would gladly tell Ray Mabus where he can stick his gender neutral nightmare Marine Corps.

A majority of the civilian social engineers and the military minions have never served a day near any shot and shell. They have no clue what it takes to storm the ash laden hills of Iwo Jima, to hit the beach at Tarawa, to cringe under machine gun fire at Hue, to race to the gates of Kuwait City, to fight shoulder to shoulder in Fallujah. They have no clue what it’s like to be dirty and tired and terrified and to know that the only thing keeping you going is the knowledge that the Marines around you are the toughest, roughest sons of bitches on the planet.

Well, no more…

Requiescat in Pace United States Marine Corps…

As for Weinberg, Glynn, Mabus and the rest of the moral cowards and Quislings, you are going down in history as modern day Benedict Arnolds who will be responsible not only for the death of the US Marine Corps, but for the deaths of future Marines in battle.

As for the Chairman of the JCS, General Joe Dunford, we’re about to send out a search party for you sir.

General Joe, this is US Defense Watch. Radio Check, over…

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