The Castration of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

By Ray Starmann


Will the Joint Chiefs ever make a stand against the Obama Administration?

Will the Joint Chiefs ever stand up against the insane social engineering policies which are eviscerating the military like a late night Ginsu chef?

Last September, General Martin Dempsey retired as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and escaped in a rowboat down the Potomac as the Pentagon began to sink into the cold depths of the wide, grey river.

Dempsey’s reign of cowardice and political correctness was a genuine disaster for the US military. Under Dempsey and his sidekick, Army Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, transgenders were authorized to serve in the military and we departed Iraq leaving a power vacuum and the keys to a Pandora’s Box.

Under Dempsey, crippling rules of engagement in Afghanistan continued, which make our soldiers and Marines pop up targets of opportunity. Under Dempsey, military personnel were subjected to hours and hours of sensitivity training, doing physical training wearing pregnancy simulators, lactation and breastfeeding memos distributed to combat commands, a war in the ranks against Christianity, a purge of hundreds of general officers and admirals and my personal favorite…the ordering of US Army ROTC male cadets to parade around college campuses in red high heels, in order to feel sympathy for rape victims.

Under Dempsey, the US began Operation Inherent Resolve, the Five O’Clock Charlie air campaign against ISIS that is the laughing stock of the Middle East.

Under Dempsey, the graduation of three women at Ranger School took place, including a 37 year old woman, in what is still a giant cover up. So much obfuscation and Kool Aid drinking is taking place at Benning, it should be renamed Fort Cognitive Dissonance.

Did Dempsey really believe in all of these lunatic radical cultural Marxist policies? Probably not; I’m sure when Dempsey was a Major in the 3rd Armored Division in Desert Storm he probably never thought, “Well, one day I will command men who will wear red high heels in uniform.” “One day, my boys will run PT in pregnancy simulators in order to feel what it’s like to be pregnant.” One day, when I’m Chairman of the JCS, my soldiers will take classes that will instruct them how the Bible and the Declaration of Independence are sexist documents.”

Most military people are conservative and live to defend the tradition of their service branch, their division, their regiment, their MOS. What did Dempsey believe in? What did Dempsey defend? Dempsey believed in the greater good of Dempsey. Dempsey defended Dempsey’s retirement benefits.

While Dempsey was Chairman of the JCS there was not one iota of criticism from him or Odierno or the other Joint Chiefs against any of the looney directives being issued from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

With Dempsey gone, it was hoped that the new Chairman, General Fighting Joe Dunford, a Marine would take the helm and put a stop to the radical left wing policy initiatives that are killing the US military. If anyone could save the US military it was a Marine. Right?


Sadly, we haven’t seen much fighting from General Joe. He appears to be as lost in the Pentagon as Dempsey, wandering the halls in a surreal fugue state like a late night ghost on the Queen Mary.

I saw him on TV today. He looked like a Marine who had been just been taken off the line after two months of continual combat on Guadalcanal.

Yeah, Ole General Joe had the 1,000 Yard Stare. You know he isn’t a happy camper in Ash Carter’s Pentagon right now.

Under General Joe’s reign as Chairman of the JCS, he’s said nothing as Ash Carter authorized women to serve in the combat arms branches of the military and in special operations units.

In your wildest dreams, do you really believe Joe Dunford thinks women can make it through US Navy SEALs training?

General Joe said nothing as Ray Mabus ordered the military to rewrite its manuals and acronym dictionaries with gender neutral terms.

General Joe has done nothing as Marines have been ordered to undergo unconscious bias training, the Corps wide brainwashing that will attempt to convince Marines that a 5 foot two inch, 95 pound woman can go up against a 6 foot two inch, 200 pound Jihadi in hand to hand combat and live to fight another day.

Uh huh…

General Joe said nothing as the US Navy surrendered two of its heavily armed Riverine craft to Iranian thugs in bass boats.

General Joe said nothing as the commanding officer, Lieutenant David Nartker, violated Articles II and V of the US Military Code of Conduct, while a prisoner of the Iranians.

General Joe has done nothing as the US continues its feckless air campaign against ISIS. While Dunford and the other Joint Chiefs surely know that two bombs a day, doesn’t keep ISIS away, they’ve said nothing.

In lockstep with Ash Carter and Obama, the Joint Chiefs support women signing up and being subjected to a military draft. It’s hard to believe that General Mark Milley, a former Special Forces officer really believes this is a great idea. Milley believes becoming the Chairman of the JCS or the NATO Commander is a great idea though.

Silence is golden in the Pentagon.

Readers might well ask, well, what can these men do? They’re in the military. They take orders.

They can advise the President and Ash Carter and Ray Mabus and Eric Fanny that their policies are lunatic. They can resign en masse.

Imagine a press conference where the Chairman of the JCS and the Joint Chiefs all resign over their problems with current military policies.

That would probably end their careers. So what? What else is there for a four star general to do; Command of the Pentagon Library? These guys are so bogged down in fear of the outside that the thought of not following procedures and orders is anathema to them.

Newsflash boys; this isn’t Nazi Germany. The “I’m only following orders” excuse went out the window at Nuremberg in 1946.

The moral cowards of the JCS are endangering the country they have sworn to defend and the troops they claim to love.

Frankly, my best advice to a future President Trump or Cruz is to fire Dunford and the JCS and to keep firing feather merchants and perfumed princes until this country can once again have some senior leaders with backbone.

Until then, turn up the volume on your TV. The Benny Hill theme is playing at the Pentagon.

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