Operation James Taylor – The West’s War on ISIS

By Ray Starmann


A perfect storm is brewing…

A perfect storm of feckless, idiotic liberal world leaders, disarmed, politically correct populations in Europe, a POTUS who is retired on active duty, a US military on the verge of a Number One crack up and ISIS, which is SEMTEX-ing, AK-47-ing, beheading, raping and marauding its way across the Middle East and Western Europe.

Watching Obama, Kerry, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Hillary is like time traveling back to the Peace in Our Time days of 1930’s Europe. But, even Neville Chamberlain drew the line after the German invasion of Poland and asked Parliament for a declaration of war against Nazi Germany.

Where is such backbone today among Europe’s leaders as ISIS uses the citizens and monuments of France and Belgium for target practice? Why haven’t the leaders of France and Belgium and Germany and the UK asked NATO to declare war on the Islamic State?

The war on ISIS is not a police operation; it’s a war that must be waged by NATO against ISIS in Europe and in the Middle East. The Europeans are looking west towards the United States for leadership and seeing nothing but weakness and delusion emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Last weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that, “We’re winning the war against ISIS.”

John Kerry and the State Department sure have a funny way of defining winning. According to John Kerry, ISIS killing 35 people and wounding over 200 last week in Brussels was a big win for NATO.

According to John Kerry, ISIS murdering people in Paris and San Bernardino, while over-running cities in Syria and Iraq is a clear sign that the US and NATO are winning.

Kerry must be drinking the same Kool Aid as the Joint Chiefs and the Boys at Benning.

Kerry’s surreal mental state is only superseded by Barack Obama’s. Obama is literally lost in Oval Office Space when it comes to dealing with ISIS and radical Islam. Obama can’t even say radical Islam. That’s like FDR refusing to say we’re fighting the Nazis in WWII.

Al-Obama is becoming radical Islam’s greatest defender. Obama is starting to remind me of a delusional Hitler parading around the bunker in 1945, discussing remodeling Berlin with Albert Speer as Russian artillery hits the Tiergarten a mile away.

Today, Al-Obama chastised conservatives who are opposed to his insane plan of importing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US who cannot be completely vetted. Al-Obama accused anyone opposed to this as being racist. No wonder the National Border Patrol Council is endorsing Mr. Trump.

Halting un-vetted Syrian refugee immigration isn’t racist Mr. President. It’s good old American common sense which has been tossed into the White House dumpster.

Obama is just another broken link in the chain of cowardice that stretches from the White House to 10 Downing Street to Paris and Berlin. Today’s feckless fools in power want to fight ISIS with Teddy Bears, candles, prayers, Kumbaya fests, crying, mourning, hand holding, hugging and endless speeches about how evil ISIS is.

Maybe John Kerry can dispatch James Taylor back to Europe where he can serenade ISIS.

ISIS is going to win this war unless the West gets its act together. Victory for ISIS will mean the complete destruction of Western Civilization and rewinding the clock back to the Stone Age.

Unless the West wages war and halts unabated Muslim immigration, it might as well give ISIS the keys to the Eifel Tower, the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.

What will the wake-up call be to galvanize the West into action; a dirty bomb, a suitcase nuke? Will there be a wake-up call or will ISIS just murder the West while its politically correct, weak kneed citizens sleep under their Ikea down quilts?

Is the West simply too weak to fight ISIS and win?

The last great hope may very well be a President Trump or Cruz. But, if Hillary or God forbid, Sanders is elected and ISIS begins to conduct major operations on US soil, they will learn like so many enemies before that America ain’t Europe. We’re independent, free thinking and locked and loaded.

Until then, James Taylor and Teddy Bears will be the selected weapons of war by POTUS and the weaklings of the West.


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