Murder and Mayhem, Courtesy of the Left

By Ray Starmann


As the world lights candles, ISIS deals Europe another Dead Man’s Hand…

As the Eifel Tower is illuminated in Belgian colors, ISIS plots another attack…

As the wreckage of glass and body parts are swept up, Obama sings “Take Me out to the Ballgame” with Raul Castro…

As Brussels smolders, Angela Merkel still believes the Muslims invasion of Germany is just a wunderbar idea.

At 8:00 AM, Belgian local time today, terrorists detonated two suicide bombs in Zaventem Airport and one at the Maalbeek metro station. As of tonight, there are 34 dead and 200 wounded, including nine Americans.

ISIS is on the move and there is not one leader in the West with the intestinal fortitude to stop them.

Today’s terrorist attacks are the result of failed immigration policies for over thirty years in leftist Europe that have created a perfect storm of unassimilated, unemployed and violent Muslims who hide out in Sharia Law No Go Zones, as they plan their next attack against their benevolent hosts.

As the bombs explode and the machine guns riddle innocent people, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Jacques Hollande wring their hands and apologize and claim that everything is okay, it will all work out in the end.

No, it won’t.

Nothing ever works out when your enemy consists of psychotic murderers who make Charles Manson look like Mr. Rogers.

Nothing ever works out when the good guys and girls are left-wing politicians.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the level of denial and hand wringing and failure to face reality is equal to that in Europe.

President Obama took 51 seconds today out of his busy schedule to discuss the attacks and hurriedly denounced the act of terrorism, but not Islamic terrorism. Then he went back to his main focus, posing for pictures in front of a Che Guevara mural.

Obama has no desire to wage war against ISIS, to the dismay and death of hundreds of thousands of people across the world who suffer at the hands of the ISIS butchers.

Following Obama’s spineless lead was Hillary, who stated today that the terrorist attacks in Brussels should have no effect on our current open borders.

Of course not, why would we ever want to secure our nation’s borders? That would be racist.

What is it going to take for the left in Europe and the US to pull their proverbial head out of their proverbial backside and face and deal with reality?

Obama’s plan is to run out the clock and retire to Rancho Mirage or Hawaii where he can have afternoon tea with Bill Ayers and Daniel Ortega. What ISIS does in the meantime is of no concern to Barack Obama. He is what the Army used to call ROAD, Retired on Active Duty.

Europe is waiting for the US to take the lead. They won’t get leadership from Obama, but God willing and the river don’t rise, a President Trump or Cruz would lead and would vanquish ISIS from the face of the earth.

The US needs a leader who will take off the gloves and give ISIS a good Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson beating. We are at war and the war can only end with the complete and utter destruction of ISIS.

It’s either us or them.

Right now, it’s game, set and match, ISIS.

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