I am Hillary! So What?

By Ray Starmann


When you listen to Hillary on the political stump you can’t help feeling the Helen Reddy, 1970’s, Birkenstock wearing, tambourine slapping, hair in the armpits, Maude, Femi-Nazi influence in her life.

Hillary likes to think of herself as a modern day Helen Reddy singing, “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

On the other hand, listening to Hillary shrill is like hearing someone scrape their fingernails across a blackboard. (Millennials, Google pre-1990 school blackboard)

In actuality, Hillary’s campaign motto should be…”Vote for Hillary because she deserves it!”

The heir to the Clinton Crime Family, Chelsea Clinton, stated a couple weeks ago that her mother has worked very hard and deserves the Presidency.

Most of the country works hard every day and doesn’t expect the Presidency and the key to the Oval Office john. Most of the country just wants to put food on the table and avoid debt collectors.

Most of the country doesn’t make 275,000 grand from each speech they make for Goldman Sachs.

Most of the country doesn’t set up their own private server to hide foreign bribes and payoffs funneling into the Clinton Foundation.

To quote that age old philosopher, Harry Callahan in Magnum Force, “Hillary is a legend in her own mind.” What has she actually accomplished as a public figure?

To begin with, she always seems to be where the crimes are taking place and the Greenbacks are being laundered. And, she conveniently is absent when people are convicted or carried out feet first by the coroner.

For the last 20 years as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State she’s been involved in: the Email Scandal, the Clinton Foundation Scandal which is connected and the primary motivation behind the Email Scandal, Benghazi, Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, Vince Foster’s “Suicide”, The Cattle Futures Miracle, aka the Tyson Foods Payoff and Lootergate.

Hillary’s biggest accomplishments as Secretary of State were:

Convincing President Obama to pull out of Iraq, leaving a power vacuum ISIS readily stepped into and throwing the Middle East into a state of pure anarchy.

Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and then backing the overthrow of President Mubarak, a rock of Gibraltaran stabilizer in the Middle East if there was one.

Buddying up to Colonel Khaddafi in Libya, then fomenting a revolution to oust and murder him, inviting people like ISIS to crawl out of the Pandora’s Box and start beheading and car bombing their way to power.

And, of course, openly emailing classified information, including Top Secret SCI and SAP intelligence, which jeopardized the lives of hundreds of agents working for US Military Intelligence and the CIA across the world. Her negligence also allowed hostile nations to access intelligence information that can cause grave damage to our national security.

Welcome to Club Fed, Madam Secretary…

Fingers crossed!

Hillary Clinton served as a Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, yet Senator Diane Feinstein couldn’t name one single thing Mrs. Clinton had accomplished while serving in Congress.

The problem with Hillary is…Hillary. She truly believes that she’s the Walking Wikipedia of government and national security knowledge, when in truth she’s an incompetent and corrupt boob.

In Hillary’s warped mind, she deserves to be President because she tolerated her husband’s sexual peccadilloes for decades, wandered the White House as a frustrated and snippy First Lady, was handed a Senate seat and then given the job of Secretary of State, all for one reason…Her last name was CLINTON.

Hillary has nothing to show on her record and what she has done has ended in total disaster.

Perhaps her new campaign motto should be, I am Hillary! So what?


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