Fight to win or don’t fight at all. Seven steps we need to take right now

By Oliver North


For Christendom, Easter is the holiest of holidays. Yet, graphic images of a mass murder perpetrated by suicidal ISIS terrorists in Brussels, Belgium are flashing around the world. More than 30 are dead and hundreds more are wounded. Consider the response from the Obama administration:

In Cuba, the president of the United States shows his concern by doing “The Wave” at a baseball game beside one of the last two Communist dictators on the planet. Then, to ensure we get the point about America leading from behind, he jets off to Argentina for tango lessons. It’s not just surreal. It’s dangerous.

POTUS tells us ISIS isn’t an “existential threat.” In the next breath the O-Team informs us “defeating ISIS” is the president’s “number one priority.” That’s a relief. Until now we thought it was the dreaded enemy, Climate Change.


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