What Happened in West Texas? Questions Remain About Judge Scalia’s Death

By Ray Starmann


The questions surrounding the death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia are enough to keep Lieutenant Columbo busy for ten years. Like the famous fictional detective of yesteryear, the alternate media is busy investigating the strange circumstances of Judge Scalia’s death, much to the chagrin of the mainstream media that has chosen to ignore any evidence that points to a crime, rather than a death by “natural causes.”

The mainstream media is doing its best to bash anyone asking questions, when in fact many of the people who find Scalia’s death suspicious are law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

Let’s take a look at some of the lingering questions concerning Judge Scalia’s death:

Why didn’t a US Supreme Court judge have a detail of US Marshals guarding him? The Cibolo Creek Ranch is in a remote part of West Texas near the Mexican border.

What other security measures were in place at the ranch? Were there private security guards? Was there electronic surveillance equipment? Does the US Government have aerial surveillance footage of the ranch from last weekend?

Why was a pillow over the man’s head? This story has reportedly changed. Mr. Poindexter, the owner of the ranch now claims that the pillow was above Judge Scalia’s head. But, when first asked, Poindexter stated the pillow was over his head. Americans say over the head or on the face to indicate just that. Above, means above.

Why were Judge Scalia’s clothes and the bed seemingly untouched, as if he hadn’t been lying there at all?

Besides Mr. Poindexter, who else was a guest at the ranch last weekend?

Does Mr. Poindexter’s company in Houston have any relationship with the US Government?

Why did Judge Scalia’s son cancel his trip to the Cibolo Creek Ranch at the last moment?

Why did Judge Guevara pronounce Scalia dead of natural causes over the phone?

Why did the Sheriff who telephoned Judge Guevara believe there was no foul play involved? Was the Sheriff authorized to deduce the cause of death?

Why would the Scalia family refuse an autopsy?

Why wasn’t an autopsy ordered by the State of Texas? Even though Texas law states that an autopsy isn’t required, a US Supreme Court Justice died under strange circumstances.

What was the cause of the man’s death? We don’t actually know because there was no autopsy. Reports have stated that it was a heart attack or other natural causes. But, no one knows.

Was Scalia, a devout Catholic, who disagreed with Vatican II and its tenets, cremated as some rumors suggest?

Who benefits from the death of Judge Scalia?

If he was murdered, who did it?

Was Scalia’s death an act of terrorism?

Did ISIS kill Antonin Scalia?

It is up to every American to determine for themselves whether they believe this is a natural death or, in fact, murder.

Until proven otherwise, the evidence points to something quite nefarious in West Texas.