Trump, the Greatest Threat to the Establishment since JFK

By Ray Starmann

BIRCH RUN, MI - AUGUST 11:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a press conference before delivering the keynote address at the Genesee and Saginaw Republican Party Lincoln Day Event August 11, 2015 in Birch Run, Michigan. This is Trump's first campaign event since his Republican debate last week. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

America once had a president who sought peace, but with a firm hand; a president who vowed to crush the Federal Reserve, who warned the nation about secret societies, who wanted to shut down the military-industrial complex and the CIA itself; a young president who wanted nothing to do with the killing fields of Southeast Asia.

That president made a lot of enemies, people who were much more powerful than his wealthy Boston-Irish family. The enemies included Big Oil, the Joint Chiefs, the military-industrial complex and the intelligence community, and one very sick and twisted Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The hopes and dreams of the nation were shattered by ASSASSINS’ bullets on November 22, 1963. Since that sunny day in Texas, the energy of the nation seems to have been sapped, and the country has never really recovered. We have had some high points, but we have never revisited that unbridled optimism we embraced when Jack Kennedy was president.

There are dark forces that have been manipulating this nation for fifty years. The results of their evil efforts can be seen everywhere you look.

The United States of America is on the verge of a complete social and economic collapse. The country is in serious decline and the average American is being screwed over by forces of greed and corrupt government.

The US economy is an unmitigated disaster with no hope of recovering unless serious changes are made. The economy is a giant fraudulent house of cards about ready to come down. Our real unemployment rate is probably 20-25%. The government’s figures of 4.9% are simply ludicrous and dangerous lies. Over 90 million Americans are out of the workforce and 50 million Americans are living on food stamps. People are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet.

Why is the unemployment rate horrific? American jobs and factories and corporations have vanished from the republic and have taken up residence in Mexico and China and everywhere on Earth except here. Who benefits from this? Certainly Americans don’t, but American corporations do; American corporations that have used free trade deals as an excuse to line their pockets and screw the middle class’ ability to earn a living wage.

Contributing to the loss of jobs for American citizens, especially blue collar jobs, is the endless stream of illegal immigrants to the US. The doors of the nation are wide open and the Border Patrol is under orders to look the other way. Most of the 20 million illegals are honest people seeking a better life, albeit by illegally entering the nation. Some illegals are violent criminals and nothing is done to them by local law enforcement, which is under orders from the Feds to leave the illegals alone. Who benefits from the US having no border security and American wages in the basement? Big business does. The American people certainly don’t. The American people are in world of hurt.

A country that doesn’t secure its borders is no longer a country. Securing your borders, building a wall and creating a system where immigrants become legal residents is not being racist, it’s being prudent.

Since 9-11, a day whose events have been twisted into a fairy tale only the Brothers Grimm could have written, the US has been involved in endless wars, wars that we are not winning and which seemingly have no end. Who has gained from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Terror? The military-industrial complex has. Endless wars equal massive profits. Who loses? The American people who have shed their blood and their civil rights to fight wars with no end in sight lose.

Enter Mr. Trump…

Trump’s mantra is simple. He’s going to make America great again. He will do that by securing our borders and deporting illegals. Jobs that illegals once had will be in the hands of Americans. Trump will bring back American companies from overseas by lowering the corporate tax rate for them here.

Trump knows better than any candidate that the War on Terror is an endless moneymaker for the national security complex and an endless drain of lives for the American people. He is going to shut down the endless wars and conduct a foreign policy based on strength. When and if we do have to go to war again, we are going to go in big as in Desert Storm and get the job done.

Donald Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve. No American President has said this since John F. Kennedy. No American Presidential candidate has said this since Ron Paul, who was never considered a serious threat to the Establishment.

Last week Trump vowed to prosecute Hillary Clinton for national security crimes if he is elected. Of course the Clinton campaign shrugged this off with a guffaw. In their minds, Hillary has never done anything wrong. In Hillary’s mind, the motto is whatever it takes; even if it includes stealing, lying and God knows what else.

Days before the demise of Jeb! Bush, Trump vowed to get to the bottom of the events surrounding 9-11. Strangely, Jeb! decided to call it quits after that.

There are no coincidences…

Months ago, Trump was shrugged off by both the DNC and RNC Establishments as a modern day PT Barnum with a big mouth and an equally big bank account. Trump’s campaign was obviously some kind of reality show gimmick that would disappear as quickly as it had arrived.

But, as the months passed and his message began to resonate, a candidate considered to be a joke, is now considered to be the greatest threat to the establishment since JFK.

A Trump presidency would end big business’ manipulation of US wages by ending the stream of millions of illegals who work for low wages, therefore driving down the wages of American citizens.

A Trump presidency would bring back American jobs stolen by foreign countries. A Trump presidency would have at the helm a man with billions who bows to no one except Jesus Christ.

A Trump presidency would put a damper on the endless profits the defense contractors are making from perpetual, unwinnable US wars. By shutting down the wars, there would be less of a need for the massive national security octopus that has been out of control since 9-11.

There are a myriad of lobbyists from big business, the defense industry and foreign representatives who have members of Congress, and federal and state government officials in their pockets.

The US Government has been bought and sold and so have the majority of the presidential candidates minus Dr. Carson, Bernie Sanders and of course, Trump.

The Establishment is currently in a frenzy. Their initial plan called for a Jeb! vs. Hillary election with a continual downward slide for the American people and an upward slide for the powers that be. When Republican voters overwhelmingly declined an invitation to war and economic disaster from another Bush, the GOP Establishment went into a panic mode.

The current strategy is to use Rubio as a mouthpiece to discredit Trump. Rubio couldn’t be elected to dog catcher, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is stopping Trump. When Rubio blasts Trump for not presenting his taxes to the American people, Rubio fails to explain to the country how a US Senator earning 174,000 dollars a year had a gross annual income last year of 1.3 million dollars.

When Rubio goes down with the ship on March 15th, and garners a third or fourth place showing in the Florida Primary, he will fade out into the Miami sunset and back to his job as a ghost payroller in the US Senate.

After Rubio and Cruz are bludgeoned by Trump, the next clown to appear will be Mitt Romney. Romney is about as marketable as a severe case of the Zika Virus, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is stopping Trump.

When Mitt garners about as much enthusiasm as Jebediah did, the RNC will resort to massive shenanigans at the convention this summer. There will be every crooked attempt made to destroy Trump’s nomination.

When that fails, the RNC may drag out a third party candidate. This could result in actually four candidates for President: Hillary, Trump, the RNC Puppet and possibly Michael Bloomberg, running on the Nanny State Party Ticket.

The fate of the republic may very well be decided in the 2016 Election. This country is in a downward spiral. Donald Trump is the only candidate who can save the nation in this grave hour.

Roger Stone said it best, “It’s either President Trump or a Thousand Years of Darkness for the United States of America.”

Which one will it be?