The Liberal Plague on Humanity

By Ray Starmann


The world is suffering from a plague, the plague of liberal, leftist policies being implemented by fools running US, Canadian and Western European governments.

Under the guise of “saving the children” and leading the charge with cries of “we can handle it” governments in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, France and the UK are opening their nation’s coffers and society to half of the Middle Eastern world. A continent of moronic do-gooders, led by a nation hoping to erase the universal guilt of the Holocaust is allowing millions of un-vetted, largely single males into Western Europe. People from a Stone Age culture are entering the world of modern Europe and its ideas about sex, nudity, alcohol consumption and personal and religious freedom.

What could possibly go wrong there?

What are these new immigrants bringing to Europe? Are they bringing job skills and a respect for parliamentary democracy? They are bringing terrorism, rape, molestation, murder, petty crimes; all the bedrocks of a successful future society. Yet, as the stories of the rapes and the crime and the ties with ISIS leak out in the media, the leftist idiots running European governments deny any problems, order the police to cover them up and threaten anyone complaining about the issues on social media with jail time.

That dog don’t hunt.

If anything, the European migrant crisis has exposed the EU as just another big government fraud of high taxes and corrupt leftist officials who pay zero taxes, but ensure that the average European citizen is burdened with VAT taxes, income taxes and every other tax to pay for the cradle to grave benefits that are going to disappear as quickly as a cold Mistral wind. The Europeans are going to be left with a society on the verge of collapse, civil war and bankruptcy and a continent dotted with mosque minarets.

The hills are alive with the Sound of Allah…

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in the New World, the President of the United States and other members of the Democrat Party are pushing hard for thousands of these Syrian refugees to immigrate to the US. Obama and Kerry have wondered how anyone could ever deny women and children safe refuge from war. They forget that Mrs. Jihad in San Bernardino brought her own little war to the community center and to the people who had thrown her a party several weeks before. The percentage of women and children is nil compared to the amount of single, Muslim, 20-something males, who are largely uneducated and just looking to strap on a suicide bomb and blow themselves into paradise.

The US has suffered greatly since the 1960s’and the gradual implementation of liberal policies and philosophies into the American way of life.

Leftists have destroyed American K-12 schools by pushing a curriculum that denies American Exceptionalism and the ridiculous hyper-coddling of children and teenagers that has created a whole generation of Special Snowflakes.

The leftist takeover of universities in the last hundred years has finally exploded in the faces of the most liberal of professors who now have classrooms of students who strangely find themselves offended by the most trivial comments and thoughts. Under the guise of racism, sexism and crazy-isms, students shriek, cry and temper tantrum their way to safe spaces where they can relax with Play Doh and Bubble Guppy videos until the trauma of reading Tom Sawyer wears off.

The politically correct drivel that was born from the warped brains of liberal professors on the nation’s campuses has invaded every facet of American life like a cancer. We are a nation of constant apologizers and egg shell walkers who are told that everything and anything can be racist, sexist or insulting to someone or something.

The Donald Trump phenomenon is a revolt against the PC cancer.

Liberals tell us that to build a wall on the Mexican border is racist. To enforce the immigration laws of this nation is racist. To have immigration quotas is racist. According to the liberal plague mantra, an infinite number of illegals should be allowed to cross our nation’s borders. To deny this is being cold and heartless. The nation’s security and economy is a secondary matter. As long as we are saving the children that’s all that matters.

Leftists across the globe are in love with the idea of gun control. According to them, guns should only be in the hands of government employees. The amount of people murdered in the Bataclan Theater in Paris would have been minimal had several of the patrons that night carried guns. France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Gun free zones are murder zones.

In the US, no amount of logic can penetrate a liberal’s mind on the issue of gun control. No amount of facts can alter the liberal mindset that banning guns saves lives. No amount of evidence coming from murder zones like Chicago, Baltimore, DC and Mexico can sway their opinion. Guns must be outlawed, not matter what.

Do it…take the guns…for the children…

The leftist plague on humanity is most noticeable in the War on ISIS. President Obama refuses to fight ISIS or radical Islam in general. He refuses to lead the free world in a coalition to destroy ISIS. Obama believes that speaking softly and carrying no stick is the way to battle the most evil entity on earth since the Nazis. The death toll of innocent people who died at the hands of ISIS this year because Obama and liberals won’t fight is staggering.

Most distressingly, the US military is now being savaged by liberal policies that are turning the armed forces into a Gloria Steinem social experiment that is going to lead to absolute disaster.

What kind of military do we have courtesy of Obama and other leftists? Look no further than the US Navy’s disgraceful conduct a month ago in the Persian Gulf.

Leading the charge for a whole new generation of leftists is a 74 year old socialist who has attracted a following of 20 year old Snowflakes and 70 year old freeze dried hippies. Sanders is promising lots of free stuff that will be paid for by endless taxes. Under Sanders, the average American will be paying a Vive La France 75% tax rate and our foreign policy will be something out of the Smothers Brothers playbook.

While Sanders is a genuine human being with distorted ideas, his primary opponent, Mrs. Clinton is as genuine as one of those weighted coins that were tossed in her favor in Iowa.

The world is reeling from the liberal plague on humanity. It is a plague that is born out of seeing the world the way you wish it were, instead of the way it is. It is plague that feeds on delusion and ignorance. The plague will continue until the fools in government are voted out of office and young generations learn how destructive liberal policies really are.

Until then, the fate of the US and Western Europe hangs in the balance.