The Great Social Experiment Takes the Field – In the War of 2020

By Ray Starmann

The United States of America, 2020

President Hillary Clinton has been in office since January of 2017, after defeating Donald J. Trump in the closest and most litigated election in American history.

Disliked as a candidate by the right, as President she is despised by Congress and most Americans, who are now well aware that an incompetent criminal sits in the Oval Office.

The vast social engineering of the US military that rode roughshod over the armed services under Barack Obama is now legal policy. Open homosexuality is common in all branches. Transgenders who have undergone sex change operations, those planning to and those that are confused about their sexual orientation serve in the ranks as well.

Despite a last minute fight by the Marines and the Special Operations Forces in 2016 to stop women from serving in the combat arms and special operations units, women have been fully integrated in those units since April of 2016. It is a done deal.

It is not an integration that has gone smoothly. Females cannot handle the physical demands of the combat arms and special operations. Under pressure from the Pentagon, standards have dropped drastically to accommodate women, but many issues still remain.

Combat units must meet quotas that call for each unit comprising no less than 35% women. Combat units must function with constant pregnancies and females breastfeeding in the field. Lactation stations, diaper changing facilities and nurseries are commonplace in the field and even in combat zones.

Males in units must routinely conduct PT (physical training) wearing pregnancy simulators. The sight of hundreds of men running to cadence while strapped down with pregnancy simulators is a normal event on US military bases worldwide. Several times a year, male soldiers are also required to wear red high heels to show their support for female rape victims.

Sensitivity training and classes on why the US Constitution and Bible are racist and sexist are mandatory for promotion.

Diversity officers are always present to monitor any breach of formality or conduct. Instead of being hated like the old Soviet political officers, the Diversity Officers are embraced as special heroes of the state by the new breed of officers in the ranks.

Weapons have been altered to accommodate females in the combat arms. A .2 caliber pistol is now an issue weapon. The light kick is perfect for female troopers who were terrified of the tremendous kick from the old Colt .45; the weapon troops had called pocket artillery for decades.

Artillery shells now weigh less than five pounds each. The devastation caused by these rounds is minimal at best, but the light weight allows female gun bunnies to be able to handle them with ease.

Old school dinosaurs were purged years ago. The officer corps is completely loyal to the New US Military. Diversity officers are assigned to each unit at battalion and higher levels. Any calls for changes to the New Order; any dissent, any show of traces of the old macho, male US military culture is enough to convene a court martial or a UCMJ hearing.

From 2016 to 2020, thousands of officers have been discharged and forcibly retired from the ranks. All that remain are lackeys, masochists and idealists who somehow think they can reboot the military to the golden days of the 1980’s.

They are wrong.

Yet, the troops know. They always know. They know the darkest secret of all; the US military can’t fight and beat anyone. It is no longer the hollow force of the Obama days, but an invisible force, for it no longer exists as a coherent, capable entity that can wage war. It is nothing more than a group of people in uniforms who pose for pictures next to guideons and flags.

The troops know that if should they be called to ever serve in combat, they are going to die in droves.

The moment that they all feared, because they know there is no one left to lead them is dawning on an early morning in the Middle East.

The Israelis have finally had enough of Iranian lies and obfuscation. The Israelis have had enough of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and Hillary’s further abandonment of one of the US’ greatest allies. The Israelis know that Iran will have a nuclear bomb, perhaps dozens of them, if they don’t act immediately.

In a massive early morning attack, Israel hammers Iran with everything in its arsenal except nukes. The offensive is not designed to merely take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, but to destroy the Iranian military and the government.

The Israelis surprise the Iranians, but soon realize they may have gotten in over their heads. They have failed to destroy all of the nuclear facilities and Israel is under attack from Iranian missiles. Hezbollah forces in Lebanon go on the offensive and Hamas uses the opportunity to launch attacks in Gaza.

President Hillary Clinton stabs Israel in the back and states that the US will remain neutral in the war. The Iranians view this as more US weakness and two days later, the aircraft carrier, USS Truman, is hit by a Noor missile. The vast fires that engulf the Truman could have been extinguished except for one underlying fact. The large percentage of female sailors didn’t have the upper body strength to carry the fire hoses and douse the blazes. The USS Truman and 3500 sailors sink into the Gulf waters as the sun sets for the US Navy.

The US is now at war with Iran. We begin to conduct airstrikes, but the Air Force and Naval Air have been gutted by Congress and the attacks are mere pin pricks.

Central Command launches Operation Pedicure, an operation designed not to demolish, not destroy the enemy, but to snip gently at them and then apply a thin layer of nation building once it’s completed.

The man at the helm of the Pentagon and Operation Pedicure is none other than Admiral John Kirby, the voice of the air campaign and Hillary’s former defender at State. In gratitude for his many lies, Hillary has promoted Kirby to Chairman of the JCS.

Three US Marine brigades will land near Bushehr and drive inland. Even though this is war, no one is authorized to open fire until fired upon. Troops are ordered to be sensitive of environmental and collateral damage as well. In fact a brigade avenue of approach is changed to protect the East Persian Snapping Turtle.

This is not the Marine Corps of Hue and Khafji and Tarawa. Morale is horrible. As is typical in coed units, there is no bonding. This is not the band of brothers, but a high school class filled with every clichéd clique; the jocks, the geeks, the sluts, the cheerleader types, the hipsters. They are a group, not a military unit.

They are about to meet the enemy and be slaughtered.

The First Brigade is led by Colonel Belinda Hardsquabble, a transgender, formerly called Bruce Harris. Colonel Hardsquabble is known as a real hard charger, a high speed, low drag Jarhead; no pun intended. Belinda often appears in a montage of both male and female Marine uniforms and uses the unisex latrine in the field.

She believes that her infantry-things (infantryman is a banned term, use of it is punishable under the UCMJ) are the best in the Marine Corps.

The landing is to be coordinated with the capture of the guns overlooking the Persian Gulf on top of a 225 foot cliff. Elements from the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment, now 75% female and a showcase of the new military are ordered to scale the 225 foot cliff, kill the Iranian troops guarding it and seize the guns. The Rangers will each be carrying 60 pounds worth of equipment.

Several miles away, the famous US Navy SEALs are to land and blow up a radar station on the peninsula. The demolition of the radar site could easily be done by F-15 Wild Weasels, but the Pentagon wants female heroes and two four women SEAL teams have been tasked for the mission.

Operation Pedicure commences at 0300 hours as the two SEAL teams make their way to shore in rubber boats. Strangely, the boats are defective and sink. The women must swim three miles to shore. One drowns on the way in. The others are forced to shed their heavy equipment. The weight is simply too much for them. The seven female SEALs finally land on the beach. Instead of continuing the mission, they stop for ten minutes to catch their breaths. They are spotted by an Iranian sentry who opens fire, killing five more. The two other women move toward their objective. They are only armed with knives, but still carry the explosives. They managed to surprise two sleepy guards, whom they try to fight with hand to hand combat. The Iranian men quickly kill them without even drawing their weapons.

At dawn, the Marines and Rangers land. The primarily female Ranger force simply doesn’t have the upper body strength to scale the cliffs. They also don’t have the aggressive nature of the male Rangers who are making their way up the cliffs. Most of the women give up and descend back down to the beach while the small male force continues toward the objective, but quickly realizes they cannot overpower the large garrison manning the guns. Most of the female Rangers are trying to signal the landing craft to come back and pick them up. They are ripped apart by Iranian fire. The male Rangers are forced to retreat. The ones who made it up are quickly captured or killed by the Iranians.

Several miles away, the Marine Expeditionary Force is running into problems as well. The coed forces don’t function as a team and lack the killer instinct the Marines are known for. Colonel Belinda Hardsquabble’s brigade makes no progress. The Marines seem unmotivated and the men are trying to shield the women from danger. The petty high school behavior in the coed unit has severely damaged the brigade’s ability to wage war.

The Marine landing is barely a foothold. The next day, the Iranians counter-attack, driving the Marines back into the sea. It is a debacle that will be compared to Kasserine Pass and the First Bull Run. The Iranians capture nearly all three brigades and their equipment. Thousands of Americans find themselves prisoners of the Iranians.

On a bluff above the beach, in a mocking tribute to the Marines’ famous moment at Iwo Jima, the Iranians step on the bodies of dead male and female Marines as they plant the Iranian flag.

The picture is broadcast worldwide. It becomes a symbol of America’s demise and the lies surrounding women in combat.

Americans wonder if their military has been built on a house of lies and deception.

Americans wonder if the assurances that women are just as strong as men and capable of meeting the same standards as men were just outright fabrications.

Americans believe that they’ve been had by civilian and military leaders.

Americans now have a military that was thoroughly gutted and allowed to be destroyed by cowardly generals who cared more about their retirement benefits than the national defense.

Americans now know that the idea of gender neutrality is a fantasy tantamount to the Tooth Fairy and Peter Rabbit.

The enemies of America far and wide see the defeat and destruction of the US Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and Marines on the field of battle as a supreme opportunity to launch terrorist attacks on America and US installations worldwide.

ISIS sleeper cells go into action across the nation. The so called gun free zones are ripe terrorist targets.

In the Middle East, Israel ceases military operations against Iran and the US military is forced to the peace table, where they sign an agreement to leave the Persian Gulf and pay the Iranians billions for the release of the US Marine Corps Expeditionary Force.

The Great Social Experiment has just fought its first war.

As Hillary Clinton speaks to the nation the bodies of thousands of dead Americans are flown back to the United States.

As Hillary Clinton speaks to the nation our enemies know that the United States is no longer capable of winning wars.

Our enemies know.


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