The Day After

By Ray Starmann

Marco Rubio

Only 12 hours after last night’s Republican debate concluded the main candidates or should I say, contestants blasted, hammered, singed and eviscerated each other with an intensity bordering on sheer lunacy.

Rubio was the first out the door, hyper-ventilating like a rabies stricken Chihuahua, on some kind of madcap high from last night’s debate where he followed his consultants’ script and attacked Trump like a possessed zombie.

Rubio hit Trump hard again today, calling him a con artist and a con man, as if Trump is some kind of amateur politician up against a really seasoned first term senator like Rubio, who’s missed so many key votes in Congress, that he’s practically a ghost payroller.

Where Trump is all swagger, Rubio is just downright annoying. With the sinking of the USS Jeb!, the RNC is pushing Ricky Ricardo’s great grandson, Mr. Rubio, who looks barely old enough to be a cabana boy at the Fountainbleu, handing Auric Goldfinger a new deck of cards, while Trump scopes out Shirley Eaton’s black-laced derriere on the balcony above.

Trump returned fire this morning with a Twitter tirade, referring to Rubio as a lightweight and a choker. In Fort Worth, Trump pulled the rug out under Rubio by presenting to the gung ho crowd none other than Chris Christie, the Garden State Terminator. Not only is a Chris Christie endorsement significant, but psychologically, it was a blow to Rubio, who was beaten to a verbal pulp by Christie a couple weeks ago.

One wonders what kind of deal Trump made with Christie. Perhaps Christie is the future US Attorney General under a President Trump.

Rubio is all energy and no votes. He’s losing by 20 points in Florida, his home state, but to the GOP Establishment, Rubio is now their man! Heck, he’s from the same state as Jeb! A Super PAC is pouring in $20 million to battle Trump into Super Tuesday. Why Marco Rubio for President commercials are running in California now is beyond me, but that should show you how much money is focused on Senator Rubio.

It’s possible that Rubio may gain a little yardage against Trump, but unless some kind of divine miracle occurs, Rubio is going to be buried in the Trump avalanche like everyone else.

Cruz, who actually has experience, maturity, knowledge and the potential to win a few states, including Texas, is slowly being pushed aside by the Trump/Rubio slugfest and the obvious establishment’s favoritism and backing of Rubio.

Every time I turn on the news, some moronic pundit is stating how Ted Cruz can’t win and Marco Rubio can. I find it interesting that the establishment won’t get behind Kasich, who actually knows what he’s doing and could actually beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. According to the Daily Caller yesterday, Kasich is 13 points ahead of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and would clearly be victorious if the election were held tomorrow.

So, why won’t they push Kasich, a highly successful and popular governor? Why are they pouring money into Rubio’s campaign and pumping up a freshman senator with no experience, but with pocketfuls of ego?

Rich Lowry was back on Fox News with a little smirk on his face, as if there is a slight hope that Rubio is actually going to be the nominee. Maybe the National Review will write another 22 OPEDS condemning Trump because the first round went so well for them.

What are all of these people going to do when Trump gets the nomination? They better start facing reality. Trump is going to be the nominee.

Trump is going to be the next President.

Let’s Make America Great Again!