Rubio – The GOP Establishment’s Next Fall Guy

By Ray Starmann


The Jeb Bush campaign is no more. It is kaput with a capital K and with it the 100 million spent trying to convince the American public that a kind, mellow Bush with a splash of Habanero Sauce was somehow appealing to a voting public suffering from a lousy economy and sick of watching the US be humiliated across the world.

The voters responded and responded harshly. El Jebo wasn’t their guy to repair the economy, resurrect American pride and restore the military to its rightful place at the helm of the greatest nation on God’s green earth. In a country reeling from illegal immigration, Jeb’s “it’s an act of love” statement in relation to the subject was looked at as something close to treason.

Even Don Draper and his creative Mad Men team couldn’t save Jeb from a spontaneous combustion last Saturday in South Carolina.

Jeb tried everything to his credit. Jeb’s campaign rolled out Mummy, W, Laura, Mrs. Jeb and a cast of thousands to try and pump up a candidate that had gone limp on day one.

Jeb even took off his glasses after repeatedly looking like the bespectacled wimp in school getting pummeled by Trump, the schoolyard tough.

Even when Jeb came out of his locker swinging a squash racquet it was too late. The damage had been done, not only by Trump, who saw an easy target of opportunity in Jeb, but by Jeb himself and the state of the union, which is teetering on disaster.

Last Saturday, Trump sat at the controls of his Gulfstream 5, doing a gun run up the 15th Fairway at Augusta, and machine gunning Jeb in his golf cart until his campaign was a smoldering wreck in a bunker that even Phil Mickelson couldn’t have escaped from.

With Jeb flamed out and retreating back to his part time job as polo instructor at Palm Beach Country Day, the Establishment is still in shock. How could this upstart, this Trump fellow be doing so well? The nouveau riche superman with the 4 billion dollar bank account and the wife who talks like Zsa Zsa Gabor is on the road to the nomination from the Grand Old Party.

At a secret meeting last Sunday, the RNC met to brainstorm a solution and to wheel out a new contender who can take the fight to the populist from Manhattan.

What choices does the RNC Establishment still have?

Cruz – Count Chocula is gradually getting a reputation as being slicker than Bill Clinton’s raincoat in a Cat 5 hurricane. Cruz fired his communications director Rick Tyler after a video went out from the Cruz campaign falsely showing Rubio mocking the Bible. As Politico reported:

Rubio ran into Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, and a staffer in South Carolina on Saturday at a Hampton Inn. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, which posted the video, the blog also had staffers present during the encounter.

The website reported that Rubio suggested that the Bible “did not have many answers in it.”

Cruz communications director Rick Tyler posted the story on Facebook but later deleted it and apologized after a Cruz staffer said Rubio didn’t make any such comment.

“I want to apologize to Senator Marco Rubio for posting an inaccurate story about him here earlier today,” Tyler said. “The story showed a video of the Senator walking past a Ted Cruz staffer seated in the lobby of a hotel reading his Bible. The story misquoted a remark the Senator made to the staffer. I assumed wrongly that the story was correct. According to the Cruz staffer, the Senator made a friendly and appropriate remark.”

In the clip, Rubio tells the staffer he has “a good book there.” “All the answers are in there,” he added. “Especially in that one.”

After the story imploded in the Cruz campaign’s face, Cruz immediately fired his communications director, Rick Tyler. No doubt, if the plan had worked Tyler and Cruz would be clinking glasses tonight instead of Tyler posting his resume on Of course there was the whole flap over the fake rumors of Dr. Carson dropping out in Iowa, which also tarnished his reputation.

Cruz’s standing with evangelicals is in question now. Cruz is a staunch defender of the Constitution, but his right wing ideals make him largely unelectable in many areas of the country. He is unable to draw votes except in the South or in remote Great Plains enclaves where Clint Eastwood works as the local preacher and gunfighter. A Cruz nomination would ensure that Ma Barker Clinton was the next president.

Romney – Mittens is still in the bullpen in the mind of the GOP Establishment, some kind of relief pitcher who knows what fork to use and directions to the nearest Brooks Brothers. Unfortunately, Romney couldn’t close the deal in 2012 and he sure as heck couldn’t close it in 2016. Americans are looking for Wyatt Earp, and the guy who was tutoring the two Mormons in France during the Vietnam War isn’t really the guy who’s going to carpet bomb ISIS to the gates of Hades.


Kasich – The Governor of Ohio is starting to look like a Republican Bobby Kennedy, hugging poor and sick people and preaching peace and love like a vagabond Jesuit priest on the campaign trail. There’s really not much wrong with Kasich, except that he’s more of a regional draw than a national candidate. I still think he’s a future VP choice more than anything. If the nomination slips away from Father John, perhaps he can run for Pope.

White smoke…

Carson – Dr. Carson is a great guy and from I’ve read one heck of a doctor. But, he has no chance to win and he’s not going to be the man the Establishment chooses as the successor to the Jeb Bush dynasty, if there ever was one. Carson would probably be a great spaced out Dr. Watson companion to a President Trump.


Rubio – Marco Rubio not only looks young, but he is young. Rubio has the pretty wife and the nice family and from a distance it looks like the beginnings of another Camelot in the making. But, before Rubio starts dreaming back to all “the days that he remembers about Camelot” he needs to realize that he, like Barack Obama is a first term US Senator. We had a young president once. But, Jack Kennedy was a combat veteran of WWII and had served 13 years in Congress. Rubio is a fine speaker and full of energy, but all the energy in the world isn’t going to replace experience.

There’s another big problem with Rubio the Establishment hasn’t figured out yet, Rubio can’t win. He’s not going to win one primary. His goal is to take Florida on March 15th, but he’s currently polling in third place in the Sunshine State.

As Jeb was a man at the wrong time, Rubio is a man before his time.

There is one man who is of this time and his name is Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump is going to get the nomination and the GOP Establishment must finally understand this, if the party is to unite and defeat Hilary Clinton.