On the Run from Everyone

By Ray Starmann


ISIS has us on the run…

They know our air campaign is a joke. They know that their enemy, the great United States of America is afraid to bomb their oil tankers, afraid to bomb their headquarters, afraid to bomb their training camps and target their leaders because of concerns over environmental damage or collateral damage. They know they are fighting an enemy that is more concerned with organic foods, LED batteries, climate change and being gender neutral than destroying the most evil entity the world has seen since Nazi Germany.

The Iranians have us on the run…and crying…

The United States of America is the laughing stock of the world right now. We’ve gone from the US military that nearly blew Iraq off the face of the earth in Gulf War One, to a US military of crying sailors and naval officers who surrender without firing a shot then double down by telling their captors their treatment is fantastic. The Iranians know that they can verbally sodomize the United States, harass our military personnel and all Obama and John Kerry will do is thank them for their kindness. The Iranians know we are weak. What else should they think? We surrender when we outgun them. We praise and thank them when they put guns to our heads and make us kneel in submission. We give them 150 billion in payments as part of a sucker’s deal, so hideous that even Jimmy Carter is outraged.

What do Obama and Kerry think the Iranians are going to do with the money, buy time shares in Aspen?

The Russians have us on the run…

Putin knows he can do whatever he wants in Syria or in the Ukraine or in Timbuktu and all Obama and Kerry will do is make endless speeches condemning the Man from the KGB. Putin is a busy bee, forging deals with our new BFF, Iran, the Syrians, the Iraqis and the Chinese.

The Chinese have us on the run…

The Chinese know they can do whatever they want in the South China Sea and all Obama will do is send the Love Boat through on a pleasure cruise, as we wave to the Chinese and disappear over the horizon. Meanwhile, the Chinese will continue to island build and soon control the Pacific, while Ray Mabus focuses on blotting the words MAN from every naval term in the book.

Houston we have a problem. We definitely have a problem; a big, burgeoning problem.

The North Koreans have us on the run…

The little creep with the Sha Na Na hairdo, Kim Jong Un, threatens the US on almost a daily basis, from telling us that he’s going to hit the West Coast with nuclear missiles, to daily threats of imminent war. Instead of telling the puny punk to shut up or he’ll never see another US grain shipment, Obama and Kerry bow to him as well.

Do we stand up to anyone anymore?

Do we have the will to fight anymore?

Do we have the means to fight anymore?

Across the world, the Stars and Stripes is in full retreat. The US flag hasn’t been on the run this much since it was in the hands of the Union Army and Generals McDowell, McClellan, Burnside, Pope and Hooker. Oh, wait, I forgot Meade.

We are on the run because Obama and Kerry are feckless fools.

We are on the run because Obama and Kerry believe ingratiating themselves to the bad guys will cause them to like us. But, the bad guys, like all bad guys in history; big and small, from the school yard bully to Hitler understand only one thing, being carpet bombed with a punch in the mouth or 1,000 pound bombs coming through their office windows.

Ash Carter will make a brazen comment of frustration every once in a while, but he knuckles under and is in the process of dynamiting what is left of the US military’s fighting spirit and prowess.

Carter seemed genuinely upset when asked about the recent horrendous conduct of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf three weeks ago.

What else do you get Mr. Carter when you eviscerate the rock ‘em, sock ‘em culture out of the US military? You get a military that won’t fight, led by a commander in chief who won’t fight, who dispatches a Secretary of State that won’t fight.

Dot, Dot, Dot, Dash, Dash, Dash, Dot, Dot, Dot

SOS, America