Here We Go Again – Another GOP Debate

By Ray Starmann


Is it over yet?

Meanwhile, when we last tuned in at the Nevada Caucus, Donald Trump was terrifying the inept fools at the RNC who still haven’t figured out that a massive, populist uprising is taking place among the electorate.

The GOP establishment is going to keep up the dirty tricks to ruin Trump all the way to Trump’s arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, after blowing 150 million on the inept candidate, Jebediah Bush, they’re going to pour millions into the Rubio campaign, in what will be another feeble attempt to turn an Honorable Mention candidate into the first place winner.

Rubio couldn’t beat Trump at anything right now, from the Florida primary to a game of Parchesi. Yet, we’re going to have to listen to endless drumbeating by the establishment on how great a candidate Rubio is and how he’s the only one who can beat Ma Barker Clinton.

Only yesterday, Mittens Romney was on the Neil Cavuto Show explaining that there is a potential bombshell in Trump’s tax returns.

Uh huh…The only bombshell in the Trump household is Melania and her body which was designed by Pininfarina.

Mittens and Jeb! must have dreamed up that one over a club sandwich lunch in the grill room.

No doubt the shenanigans are going to only increase as Trump marches on towards the nomination. The GOP establishment better wake up and realize that the enemy is not Trump, but Hillary Rotten Clinton, a Gotham City holographic villain who makes Tricky Dick look like Wally Cleaver; a looter and plunderer not seen since Genghis Khan rode roughshod over the steppes.

Tonight’s Show…

Rubio came out swinging for the fences. Cruz joined in and the two of them looked like lion cubs trying to attack the giant, Trump.

The audience was also stacked with a mass of Rubio lobbyists and a couple shrieking women who cheered every time Rubio did everything from take a sip of water to adjust his hair sprayed black rug.

The focus of the debate quickly shifted to the top three contenders with Dr. Cool and Bobby Kennedy Kasich on the sidelines.

Trump repeated his plan to deport 11 million illegals and told Mexican President Vincente Fox that after dropping the F Bomb today, the wall just got ten feet higher! He also informed Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Arraras that no, uh, we don’t need a wall on the Canadian border because uh, there aren’t millions of illegal Canadians stealing US jobs. Trump blamed Cruz for supporting Chief Justice John Roberts and called Rubio a choke artist and Cruz a basket case and a liar. Trump closed the evening by stating that all politicians were all talk and no action.

Trump was on the defense tonight from the Rubio and Cruz pincer attack, but he still did fairly well and he’s set to sweep Super Tuesday.


Rubio – Powered by all the money meant for Jeb, Rubio was pumped up like the high school class president going to the prom with Marcia Brady. Rubio blasted Trump for allegedly using illegal Polish workers 38 years ago. Polish illegals, really? Yeah, those Poles are taking everyone’s jobs. Dream on Rubio. Rubio was trying his best to emulate his arch nemesis, Chris Christie. He looked like a 15 year old kid trying to join Christie’s mob by whacking Trump. The RNC had the place packed wall to wall with Rubio supporters. Rubio blasted Trump, they cheered. Rubio said he had to use the bathroom, they hollered. Rubio took a sip of water, they clapped.

Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly can barely contain herself that Trump was attacked all night by the dynamic duo.

Cruz – Rubio’s sidekick, Cruz, questioned Trump’s tax returns, and repeated his standard mantras of blowing ISIS away, stringing up members of Planned Parenthood, nuking Iran and dissolving the IRS, but not necessarily in that order.

Carson – Dr. Cool was literally asleep at the wheel with a sleep apnea mask over his face at the podium as the other gladiators battled around him. When Carson finally woke up he asked, “Will somebody attack me please?”

More sleeping gas doctor….

Kasich – RFK Kasich stayed out of the fight, while sounding tough on foreign policy and benevolent about health care. Watch out for Kasich, he has potential. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a Trump/Kasich ticket wouldn’t be too bad at all. The GOP could have their establishment figure with Kasich as VP, instead of Trump going rogue and picking Wayne Newton or Siegfried and Roy. Kasich gives you the feeling he knows what he’s talking about and he’s mature. According to a recent poll, Father John has an 11 point lead over Hillary.

At the end of the night, Wolf Blitzer looked like he needed some oxygen.

Is it over yet?