Greetings American Women from the President – You are Now Subject to a Draft

By Ray Starmann

The President of the United States of America

To: the women of America, ages 18 – 26, you are being notified that you have been selected for training and service with the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, courtesy of leftist social engineers who have no clue what military service or combat is all about.

The military draft ended in 1973, but since 1980, all young men in American must register for the draft on their 18th birthday and our eligible to be called up, should the nation need their services. Now, women will soon be eligible to be drafted as well; something the average American, who knows nothing about the military, hasn’t even contemplated.

This week, General Mark Milley, US Army Chief of Staff and Marine Commandant Robert Neller told Congress that they had no problem with women registering and being subject to a military draft, should the need arise.

Of course they had no problem with that. For active duty personnel to have a problem with the gender neutral self-immolation of the US military is tantamount to swallowing fifty Ambien and cannon-balling it with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“It’s my personal view in light of integration that every American physically qualified should register for the draft,” Neller said. Milley echoed those remarks, saying “all eligible men and women” should be required to register.

Absolutely gentlemen, your $220,000 retirement checks, six figure defense contractor jobs and occasional appearances on cable news are a shoe in. Just sign your honor away here gentlemen. Make your mark.

Where has General Joe Dunford been during all this?

General Joe, radio check over…


The Pentagon is literally becoming a geometric sequel to One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The social engineers are marching forward, swallowing anyone in their wake who opposes the complete gender neutral takedown of the US armed forces.

The White House is pushing hard for the great debacle to be pushed at a frenetic pace. Ash Carter and Ray Mabus are working overtime to demolish the male, macho military culture of the past and implement a US military that is going to look like The Birdcage meets the Golden Girls with guns.

Senator John McCain has repeatedly asked why the push is so intense to put women in combat arms, the special operations and to subject women to a possible draft.

Why indeed?

Of course you can’t get an honest answer from the generals and admirals. They’re the willing executioners of the US Military. As Don Corleone said, you always get betrayed from those closest to you and the leaders of the US military would follow any order to keep their retirement benefits intact.

And, what do most women want in the military? Do they really want to serve in the combat arms and special operations? Over 90% of women serving in the US military want nothing to do with the combat arms and Special Forces and for good reason.

If over 90% of women serving in the military want nothing to do with being shot at in a war, what percentage of American civilian women will support being drafted and sent into the US Army Infantry to close with and kill the enemy?

I would think less than a quarter of one percent.

But, don’t worry about it ladies because the people who want you to experience the horrors of war have never and will never be within 5,000 miles of any shot and shell. That’s the way it always works.

The social engineers: people like Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Ash Carter and Ray Mabus have never seen war and never will.

Do we as a nation want to subject women to the horrific experience of serving in the combat arms in a war?

From my own experience of having served with the 7th Cavalry in the Gulf War, this is the kind of combat environment the women of America have to look forward to, thanks to a minority of left-wing feminist wackos who think sending them into hell is trendy:

Not showering for two months or more and having no access to any hygienic facilities because they don’t exist. What exists is a toothbrush and a bottle of water.

Having the final drive in your armored personnel carrier malfunction and subsequently being sprayed from head to toe with motor oil.

Being covered in dirt or sand, with once again, no opportunity to bathe for weeks or months at a time. It was common in WWII for combat soldiers to not shower for 60-90 days. Showers are not a concern in combat. Closing with and killing the enemy is.

Exposure to burning oil fires, nerve gas bunker detonations and depleted uranium round explosions.

Noises so loud that they make Saving Private Ryan in surround sound seem like a visit to the local library.

Having no privacy to urinate or defecate. Relieving yourself within eyesight of other soldiers. Vomiting out the back door of an armored personnel carrier because the anti-nerve agent pills you were ordered to take caused a severe reaction. Thankfully, you might only be vomiting out the back door. There are others who have severe diarrhea and that can be complicated in an armored vehicle travelling across the desert at 35 mph.

Witnessing and experiencing and participating in death all around you: dead soldiers, pieces of dead soldiers; burning soldiers, rotting bodies, wounded animals, rotting animals and smoldering animals. The smoldering ruins of life itself.

Are the women of America really ready for this?

The White House is dragging the US military into a nightmare and the US military is now going to involve the women of America in something men from time immemorial have tried to shelter women from…



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