From Iran with Hate

By Ray Starmann


It seems that nearly every week Iran is insulting, mocking, spitting on and embarrassing the United States of America.

The idiots in the Obama Administration and the Commander in Fool himself actually believe that by cowering, groveling and apologizing to the Iranians on a constant basis, the Iranians will have a Come to Allah meeting and miraculously turn into our new best friends forever.

Like all thugs from time immemorial, the only thing the Iranians understand is power and force, two things the US is not exhibiting under the Obama Administration.

We are literally the weakling on the beach, getting sand kicked in our face every week now from the Iranian mullahs. John Kerry has become the international, jet-setting version of every spineless, self-deprecating loser portrayed in a Woody Allen movie.

This week the Iranians grabbed another American hostage. As Breitbart reported, Eighty year old Baquer Namazi was arrested on Monday in Tehran and will be taken to the notorious Evin Prison, where his son Siamak Namazi is already being held without charges. Both Namazis hold dual American and Iranian citizenship.

Of course the Iranians needed some new American hostages after they released Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati, Jason Rezaian and Robert Levinson in January. The Iranians knew that their 150 billion wouldn’t be deposited until the hostages were released.

Being a guest of the Iranians is tantamount to a stay in a Nazi concentration camp. Our hostages in Iran are tortured and thrown into solitary confinement in horrific conditions. And, what does the US do; praise, thank and commiserate with the Iranians as if they were an old ally like the Brits. Kerry buddies up to the Iranians like they were his old chums from Harvard Yard.

This is a game Iran has been playing since 1979 and has the US ever retaliated? The answer is of course no. We did nothing to the Iranians when Jimmy Carter was President. We did nothing to the Iranians when Reagan was President after Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah scumbags detonated a truck bomb at Beirut International Airport, killing 241 US Marines, sailors and soldiers and 55 French troopers. The Gipper, God bless him, made few mistakes while in office. Not blowing Iran off the face of the earth in 1983 was certainly one of his worst decisions.

Today in Arkansas, Donald Trump mentioned that Iran is on a spending spree with the US’ gift of 150 billion dollars. The Iranians are buying Russian military equipment and French Airbuses. Are the Iranians buying any American products? Of course they’re not. Why would the Iranians want to help our economy, they hate us.

In the last two months, the Iranians have completely embarrassed our touchy-feely, gender neutral US Navy led by an equally feckless Barack Obama. The Iranians fired missiles only 1500 yards from the carrier USS Truman and what did the US Navy do? Not a thing.

A week after the Truman debacle an even larger cluster ensued. Two US Navy Riverine craft, sort of modern day PT Boats, apparently got “lost” and drifted into Iranian waters near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. Even though the US Navy boats had superior firepower and size, they surrendered without firing a shot to Iranian Revolutionary Guard thugs riding in what looked like one of Bill Dance’s bass boats. To add insult to injury, the commanding officer, Lieutenant David Nartker allowed himself to be interviewed by the Iranians and subsequently went on to praise the Iranians for their fantastic treatment of the Americans. I’m not sure what Nartker was smoking, but getting down on your knees with your hands on your heads while Iranians train machine guns on you isn’t exactly what someone would describe as the fantastic behavior of hospitable friends.

Lieutenant Nartker should be court-martialed for violating Articles II and V of the US Military Code of Conduct. But, in today’s military, Nartker will probably be promoted.

To top off the US Navy’s two day stay at Club Turban, one of the US Navy sailors couldn’t stop crying in front of the Iranians and on camera for the world to see just how far the esprit de corps and fighting spirit of the US Navy has sunk.

Is there any more doubt that Iran has nothing but intense hatred for the US? Iran is the enemy and should be treated as such until, in good time, the reign of the Mullahs ends in gunfire, blood and revolution like the end of the Shah’s reign in 1979.

Until then this is how the Iranians should be dealt with:

The Iranians should be called to Geneva, where the Nuclear Deal will be ripped up in their faces. A new deal will be negotiated with Iran under terms that will be much harsher.

All American hostages will be immediately released. Any delay in doing this will result in immediate military action. Should Iran take any future US hostages, the Iranians will lose a military installation for each American they take hostage.

If the Iranians launch a military attack on Israel, the United States of America will declare war on Iran.

Apparently, in elections yesterday, the Iranian reformers made gains. I’ve heard that before. Until I see women walking around in bikinis on Iranian beaches and statues of Thomas Jefferson lining Iranian parks, I ain’t getting excited.

Look for more trouble from Iran.