Dr. Zhivago vs. Dr. No – Democrat Debate Number Six

By Ray Starmann

Dr No Hillary

Comrade Bernie Sanders took the stage last night in the sixth Democrat debate, pitting him against Hillary Rotten Clinton.

Sanders was pumped up like Rocky on a raw egg shake binge after destroying Hillary in New Hampshire. New polls indicate he’s tied with Madame Secretary in Nevada. New polls indicate that she’s losing African-American support. New polls indicate she’s going to be on a Federal chain gang in a year.

Hillary looked like the James Bond villain, Dr. No, dressed in her yellow Maoist style pants suit. Maybe Bernie should have worn a Maoist outfit as well, so they would have looked like two participants in a debate at a North Korean labor camp.

The debate began with two opening statements as bland as microwaved broccoli.

Sanders went first: “The American people have responded to a series of truths,” including a “corrupt” campaign finance system that allows Wall Street and billionaires to pour huge sums of money into the election, he said. He then hit the second pillar of his platform: a “rigged economy” funneling most of the income to the wealthiest 1%.  “What our campaign is indicating is that the American people are tired of establishment politics,” he said.

“We need a government that represents all of us, not just a handful of wealthy contributors,” he said.

Clinton said she wanted to knock “down all the barriers” holding people back. “I know a lot of Americans are angry about the economy and for good cause,” she said. Wages are stagnant and young people can’t find jobs. “We both agree we have to get unaccountable money out of politics,” she said, and make sure Wall Street can’t hurt Main Street. “I want to go further,” she said, to address discrimination in the job market and housing system, as well as hurdles that women face, she said.

The difference in the statements is that Sanders actually believes in what he says, whereas Hillary believes in nothing except the greater glory of herself. She no more cares about young people with college degrees working as baristas then she does about the annual rainfall in Burundi.

Sanders hammered Hillary on her support of the Iraq War and what Sanders deemed perpetual war. Of course Hillary supports war ad infinitum. The military industrial complex is paying her millions a year.

Sanders also hit Hillary on her friendship with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whom Hillary has praised in the past for his strong foreign policy leadership. Of course Hillary admires Kissinger, a man many consider to be one of the most evil men on the planet.

Birds of a feather…

Sanders also reiterated his rallying cries of free stuff for everyone including free tuition for millions of his texting, Snap-chatting, whining, Millennial followers.

With his outrageous promises, Sanders is increasingly looking like the Wiz, the obnoxious electronics TV sales guy on Seinfeld.

The issues switched to the Syrian refugee crisis. Sander parroted the classic liberal mantra of saving the children. Clinton stated that “American Muslims need to feel not just invited but welcomed” in American society. She mentioned Trump’s “demagoguery” about Muslims. “It’s not only offensive, it’s dangerous,” she said.

No, what’s offensive Hillary, what’s really offensive are people like Mr. and Mrs. Jihad in San Bernardino.

Sanders pounded Hillary on Libya and actually attacked her complete incompetence that resulted in the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.

Both Sanders and Clinton went at each other over Wall Street donations to political campaigns. Sanders accurately stated that the average donation to his campaign was a mere $27.00, or actually 27 Russian rubles. He also attacked Hillary on her vast connections with Wall Street. She took offensive to this, acting like some kind of vestal virgin whose chastity was being threatened, when in fact Madame Secretary is in the pockets of everyone on Wall Street from the CEO of Goldman Sachs to the hot dog salesman in front of the NYSE.

Hillary Clinton, where corruption is job one.

When asked if there are any areas where government can be reduced, Sanders replied. “I believe in efficient government, not in wasteful government.”

Efficient government, Tovarich Sanders? Tyrannical government, yes. Meddling government, certainly, Over-bearing, intrusive government, no doubt, but efficient?

Hi, I’m from the gov-mint and I’m here to help.

Sanders must be smoking some of Ben Carson’s Acapulco Gold.

Clinton said it was unrealistic for Americans to expect a single payer health care system and that Sanders was making promises he couldn’t keep. Sanders stated that the U.S. is the only major country that doesn’t guarantee health care and spends far more than those countries. “It’s a matter of having the courage to take on the pharmaceutical industry and medical lobbies.”

Of course there were no questions about the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Mrs. Clinton and the latest revelations concerning donations or bribes to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary acts as if there is no investigation. She is either the greatest actress in the world, or she is so delusional that she thinks she has nothing to worry about from the FBI.

I’m betting on delusion.

There is a very real possibility that Hillary could be indicted and that Sanders could be the Democrat nominee up against El Trumpo, in a classic replay of the 1972 election when Nixon destroyed McGovern in a landslide.

Now, that would be interesting to see.


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