The Trouble with Hillary

By Ray Starmann

The Trouble with Hillary is that…

She’s a lying, criminally incompetent, arrogant, delusional, left-wing national security nightmare.

Here’s a laundry list of some of the more well-known lies and crimes Madame Secretary has been involved in since the 1990’s and up to the current email scandal.

Oh what a web we weave, when we practice to deceive…

TravelgateThe first Clinton scandal after Bill became president started in May 1993, when Chief of Staff Mack McLarty fired the seven employees in the White House office that arranges travel for the press corps. The White House cited gross financial mismanagement. To feather the nest of her friends, Harry and Susan Thomases, both Hollywood “beautiful people,” Hillary had the head of the White House Travel Office, Billy Dale, fired on trumped-up claims of tax irregularities and then put the Thomases in charge to personally reap the profits of this government travel business.

Cattle futuresThe New York Times revealed in March 1994 that in 1978, just before her husband became governor, Hillary had made a $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment in highly speculative cattle-futures contracts in only nine months. Hillary’s first explanation (through aides) of this extraordinary windfall was that she had made the investment after “reading The Wall Street Journal” and placed all the trades herself after seeking advice from “numerous people.” Eventually, she had to admit that longtime Clinton friend James Blair had executed 30 of her 32 trades directly with an Arkansas broker.

Removal of Vince Foster documents – During the same press conference, Hillary was asked why her then-chief of staff, Maggie Williams, had been involved in removing documents from the office of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster after his suicide. “I don’t know that she did remove any documents,” Hillary said. But it was reported three months later that Hillary had instructed Williams to remove the Foster documents to the White House residence.


Castle Grande – In the summer of 1995, the Resolution Trust Corp. reported that Hillary had been one of 11 Rose Law Firm lawyers who had done work in the mid-1980s on an Arkansas real estate development, widely known as Castle Grande, promoted by James McDougal and Seth Ward. McDougal headed a troubled thrift, Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, and had given Hillary legal business as a favor to Bill. McDougal and his wife, Susan, were the Clintons’ partners in their Whitewater real estate investment. Hillary told federal investigators that she knew nothing about Castle Grande. When it turned out that more than 30 of her 60 hours of legal work for Madison Guaranty involved Castle Grande, she said she had known the project under a different name. A 1996 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. report said that she had drafted documents that Castle Grande used to “deceive federal bank examiners.” Later, Hubbell went to prison for fraud, as did James McDougal.

Billing records – Hillary’s billing records for Castle Grande were in a 116-page, 5-inch-thick computer printout that came to light under mysterious circumstances on January 4, 1996 — 19 months after Starr’s investigators had subpoenaed it and amid prosecutorial pressure on Clinton aides who had been strikingly forgetful. For most of that time, Hillary claimed that the billing records had vanished. This implausible tale, on top of other deceptions, prompted New York Times columnist William Safire to write on January 8, 1996, that “our first lady … is a congenital liar.”

Whitewater scandal – This was the fraudulent land scheme, masterminded by Hillary and key witness Jim McDougal (who also mysteriously died in prison), while Hillary was a partner of the Rose Law Firm – also the firm of Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell, who later moved to D.C. with the Clintons to infest the White House Counsel’s office with their “legal expertise.” Hubbell was later indicted, tried and convicted for tax fraud. Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park, as he was a material witness for then independent counsel Ken Starr’s Whitewater criminal investigation.

Filegate – This patented Hillary scandal was first detected by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which had been investigating the Clintons’ Travelgate caper. What was learned is that more than 900 FBI files had been ordered up by a former bar bouncer, Craig Livingstone, whom Hillary had hired to work in the White House Counsel’s Office, on the first lady’s orders and without proper legal justification. The case went on for almost a decade and resulted in the uncovering of yet another Clinton scandal, E-mailgate – where the Clintons had covered up and suppressed more than a million potentially incriminating emails that should have been produced to Ken Starr and Congress over a variety of the duo’s crimes. It was also during this Filegate case that it was learned that President Clinton, on the advice of his top political adviser, James Carville, had illegally released Privacy Act protected information from White House files to smear Kathleen Willey, a woman who was a material witness in the impeachment proceedings, as she was also sexually harassed by the “philanderer in chief” while working for him in the White House. This was the basis of Judge Lamberth’s ruling that President Clinton had committed a crime.

Chinagate – Not to be outdone by her prior scandals, Hillary then masterminded a scheme whereby the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 took bribes from communist Chinese banks and their government to bankroll the president’s and the Democratic Party’s re-election efforts when it appeared, due to their low standing in the polls, that all the stops needed to be pulled out. It was the lawsuit against Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, where at Hillary’s instruction, he literally sold seats on Department trade missions to China and elsewhere, which principally uncovered this. In late 1996 and early 1997, the scandal had burgeoned to such a level that joint congressional hearings were empaneled, ultimately to be shut down when Democrats uncovered illegal fundraising by some Republicans.

Benghazi – Hillary’s absolute incompetence as Secretary of State led to the circumstances that contributed to the deaths of the Americans in Benghazi, including the Ambassador Chris Stevens. From over-throwing Colonel Gaddafi, which opened a Pandora’s Box of terror, to failing to provide accurate security to protect the US Embassy to lying to the world and the families of the dead about the true cause of the deaths of the brave Americans, Hillary’s lies are the only things that overshadow her inabilities on the job.

Email ScandalThen there’s the current email scandal involving Hillary’s utilization of a non-secure server to conduct classified business for three years as Secretary of State and her illegal concealment and storage of classified information.

To understand the gravity of these issues, it is important to recognize that this is not just an “email scandal.” It is an “email + server + foundation” scandal.” Secretary Clinton didn’t just send sensitive (and now-classified) emails over open lines, she stored them on private servers that didn’t meet the government’s cyber-security standards for sensitive documents. On its face, retaining classified materials in such vulnerable settings is a criminal violation. Senior intelligence officials have been charged for less – far less. Storing some 1,300 classified documents on a personal server, and doing it for years, poses a special problem because it shows the mishandling was not inadvertent. It was Clinton’s standard operating procedure. In short, it was nothing more than funneling money to Hillary and Bill and Chelsea, and using the server as a mechanism so no one would know where the money trail originated.

Besides these national-security matters, the emails reveal obvious conflict-of-interest issues pertaining to the significant overlap between Clinton’s official duties and her family foundation’s operations.

Major donors to the foundation often had business before the State Department, and they sometimes received help. After the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, for instance, Bill Clinton was named co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, “the State Department began directing parties interested in competing for Haiti contracts to the Clinton Foundation.” Not surprisingly, many contractors became foundation donors, or were already. The FBI now has to decide if any of this was a “pay to play” arrangement.

The FBI reportedly has assigned some 100 agents full time to the investigation and another 50 temporarily. The bureau would not commit such massive resources unless the initial investigation raised troubling questions of potential criminality.

Even with all of this evidence against her, she still has a very good chance of being the Democrat nominee, for no other reason that she will be carried to the podium of the Democrat Convention by a group of fanatical freeze-dried feminists from the 1960’s, who see one more great women’s crusade to be fought in the War on Women, which no longer exists.

Hillary is already pulling out all the stops by putting the Elmer Gantry of the White House on the campaign trail, aka Bill Clinton, a man who makes Pinocchio look like Honest Abe Lincoln.

She doesn’t care about the national security of this country. She doesn’t care about safeguarding this great nation. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything except the Greater Good of Hillary.

Even the most die-hard Democrat voters sense that Hillary is a fraud wrapped inside a lie, inside a crime.

Sanders is closing in on Hillary like a Red Storm Rising. Will Comrade Bernie do the impossible?

Hillary isn’t running to save the country. Hillary isn’t running to help the poor, or feed the hungry, or to help minorities rise to better lives. Hillary is running for Hillary; yes, Hillary that megalomaniacal narcissist in a pants suit, who would do anything to achieve the Presidency.

I can’t think of a more dangerous candidate for the White House in decades, perhaps in our nation’s history. While Sanders is dangerous because he’s a socialist, Hillary is dangerous for no other reason than because she’s Hillary.

And, that… is The Trouble with Hillary…


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