The State of the Union under President Obama – A Total Disaster

By Ray Starmann

After listening tonight to President Obama’s fairy tale, called the State of the Union speech, here is the real State of the Union in these United States.

ISIS is on the rampage across the globe. The President’s 10,000 sorties are miniscule when compared to other US military campaigns. For over a year and a half, on average, we have flown about 15 sorties a day against ISIS. Seventy-five percent of those missions have been waived off because of the President’s worries about collateral or environmental damage. Other sorties are turned around because of a lack of forward air controllers on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

In Europe and the US, ISIS waits in the shadows and plans to strike again, as they have in Paris and San Bernardino. Since we refuse to fight ISIS on the ground in the Middle East, they have been able to metastasize like a malignant cancer on every continent.

ISIS knows they can’t be destroyed unless the US takes the lead and commands a coalition ground force in the Middle East. They know that they have at least another year to murder, rape and pillage.

Iran has absolutely no respect for us and the Mullahs smell another Carter in office, or worse than Carter. The Iranians are quite aware that Obama and Kerry are weak sisters and that the Iran Deal does nothing for the US and Israel and everything for Iran.

Last week, the Iranians fired warning shots near a US carrier in the Persian Gulf and today, 10 US sailors and two high speed US Navy boats were captured by the Iranian Navy. The sailors are being detained on Farsi Island by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

How long will the Iranians hold on to these people?

The Russians also know Obama is weak and President Putin has used this gap in US leadership to move and move swiftly in the Middle East. The Russians are in control of Western Syria and have forged new alliances with the Iranians and the Chinese.

The US military is being systematically destroyed by severe budget cuts, readiness issues and a social engineering agenda. The military has become a repository for loony, feminist policies. The US military is in severe danger now. Unless vital changes are made, the US military is setting itself up to lose the next war.

The Obama administration seeks to make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. The White House does not believe in the Second Amendment, but instead praises Australia and Great Britain for its universal gun control policies. President Obama will do his best to further curtail the right to bear arms before he leaves office next January.

The US economy is a disaster, plain and simple. Jobs have been outsourced across the world. Factories have been shipped out. There are too few jobs available for a surplus population. The real unemployment numbers are between 15% and 20%.

Interest rates are practically nothing. The average American can no longer purchase a CD or have a savings account because they yield nothing.

The stock market is a chimera, propped up by the mega banks and nothing more. The market is no longer a representation of the state of the economy, but only a casino for too big to fail investment houses.

The US economy is a house of cards waiting to collapse.

The infrastructure of the nation is falling apart. Our bridges, buildings and roads are in vital need of repair.

American society is breaking down. The nation is off course morally and spiritually. An anything goes and me, me, me attitude permeates the country from coast to coast.

Many Americans who voted for Obama don’t believe in him anymore, or his ability to lead the nation at home and abroad.

Even more frightening, his possible Democrat Party replacements are a socialist and a delusional and arrogant criminal.

The country is at a decision point. If we swing left again, we will experience another four or eight years of feckless foreign policy and big government solutions to repair our floundering economy and social malaises.

If we move to the right, and elect a President Trump or a President Cruz, a light will begin to shimmer on the shining city on the hill.


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