The End of the Beginning – The Road to the White House

By Ray Starmann!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/gop-2016-adelson-primary-cruz.jpg

After the British victory at the Battle of the Second El Alamein in November of 1942, Winston Churchill spoke to the British people. Churchill eloquently stated, “Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Perhaps, the same can be said of the opening salvos of the 2016 Presidential Election. We have watched numerous debates on both sides, filled with candidates grandiose and not very grandiose. Gradually, the field is being thinned and on February 1, 2016, the games truly begin at the Iowa Caucuses.

Let’s take a look at the field:

The Democrats:

James Webb – As USDW has mentioned before, Webb’s continual membership in the Democrat Party is something of a mystery, on par with who built the pyramids and how many classified emails did Hillary send through the server in the Rocky Mountain commode? Webb is a genuine hero with real world national security experience. He’s also a proud gun owner, which really puts him out to pasture in a field of candidates more anti Second Amendment than Stalin. Simply, Webb needs to pop smoke and make a massive retreat from the Democrat Party as soon as possible.

Martin O’Malley – JAYDEM, Just Another Yankee Democrat, O’Malley encompasses every trait of an Eastern Seaboard liberal. He’s big government, the former mayor of Baltimore, and profusely anti-gun. He has no chance, except to perhaps convince Madam Secretary that he would add sugar and spice to her eventual ticket. But, if she wants sugar, I guess she can always call Huma.

Bernie Sanders – The Man from Leningrad, Sanders has drawn a left-wing version of a Ron Paul-esque type following. The only difference is that Ron Paul’s supporters were and are for freedom and limited government, Sanders merry minions call for more Big Brother intrusion, endless free government handouts and the end of capitalism itself. Oh, and why not confiscate some guns in the process. Sanders is actually quite proficient at declaring what the country’s many problems are, the problem is that his solutions are from a page out of the communist manifesto. No, Bernie the government is not going to put a million dollar cap on peoples’ salaries. Dasvidaniya, tovarich.

And, then there’s Hillary…

Hillary is sort of a modern day Maude character, except she’s substituted the free flowing colored outfits of the 70’s, for the Angela Merkel executive pants suit line. Unlike Maude, who actually knew what the heck she was talking about, Hillary doesn’t really know anything. She is a walking Potemkin Village façade of competence and knowledge, when in fact her “expertise” in everything from national security to the economy is nothing more than a front for incompetence, narcissism and criminal actions. The Democrat Party and her loyal following of single women have bought into the idea that somehow she deserves the nomination. Why?

The Republican candidates:

Jeb – Jeb has a lot of money behind him and not much else. His moderate, take no chances, wallflower campaign is not energizing voters. The American public is not looking to elect Grandma Walton, they want Churchill. They want Reagan. They want a Terminator who will kick butt and take names. Jeb looks and acts like the guy who ran the stamp club in high school. Jeb can’t match his intelligence and competence with any amount of bravado. He’ll keep going through primary after primary like a guy on a golf course playing endless holes in the rain, until the club pro tells him to clear off.

Carly – She’s one tough lady. I’d love to see her debate Hillary. It would be a virtual verbal destruction derby with Hillary’s pear-shaped body pushed off the stage like a smoldering wreck. Carly hasn’t really done anything wrong. Unfortunately, she’s in a lineup with too many other talented people. At best, she could surface as a Vice Presidential candidate. We haven’t seen the last of her.

Rand – Rand is sort of like Ron Paul Light. Rand is certainly a conservative, but he doesn’t have that fire and brimstone, Sam Adams liberty fire like his dad. Nor, does he have the Benjamin Franklin wisdom of Ron Paul. Rand is a little bit of libertarianism, with a lot of Bluegrass everyday conservative values. In an era of ISIS marauding across the planet, Paul’s isolationist ideas have caught fire like a pack of wet matches.

Christie – Every time I look at Christie I think a Sopranos movie with Christie as a recently ousted governor who’s now boosting library books with Paulie Walnuts and reselling them on Amazon. I like Christie, but I think he has a hard time stepping out of the Jersey persona. Like Jeb, Christie is smart and competent. But, his candidacy hasn’t caught on. Like Carly, he’s swimming against the Trump rip current and being carried further and further out to sea until he takes his last breath of parmesan and drowns.

Rubio – Rubio is a man before his time. I don’t believe that 2016 is the Year of Marco Rubio. But, 2020 might be. Rubio is smart and certainly has in depth knowledge of every political concept and theory thrown his way. Rubio may be looked at as too young. He conveys youth, perhaps too much youth. He and Cruz are nearly the same age, but Cruz comes off as more mature.

Cruz – Ted Cruz is waiting for just one thing, the self-destruction or the RNC destruction of Donald Trump’s candidacy. Can this happen? Maybe, but only at the end, when the body politic realizes that Trump may not be able to beat Hillary and therefore, quickly switches allegiance to Cruz at the very end, perhaps at the convention. The GOP Convention in August could very well be Count Chocula Cruz’s finest moment. Standby…

Trump – Can the Donald do anything to sabotage himself? I’m starting to doubt it. Trump could run naked through Times Square speaking in tongues and his poll numbers would probably hit the roof. Trump is doing just about everything right and what he says and does wrong doesn’t seem to matter. Whether the public will continue to view him as the man they want in the White House is to be seen. But, all signs point to a nomination.

Carson – Dr. Cool has perhaps peaked. Carson is a brilliant man who would make a great cabinet member. Look for his numbers to continue sliding into oblivion.

Pataki, Santorum, Gilmore, Huckabee – Time to take the consolation prize and go home boys. Lindsey Graham’s driving the bus.

All aboard!

USDW predicts that Hillary will get the Democrat nomination. The only thing that could stop this would be an indictment for committing about 100 national security felonies and misdemeanors. But, it will all be shoved under a very large rug in the Oval Office.
As mentioned, most likely Trump will get the nomination, but it’s not set in stone. A Trump/Hillary contest would be highly entertaining to say the least.

There is the wild card scenario, which would be fascinating to see played out.

What if you went to the polls in November and had these choices?

Democrat – Hillary
Socialist – Bernie Sanders
Independent Freedom Party – Jimmy Webb
Republican – Cruz
Independent Liberty Party – Trump

Of course the chances of something like this are remote at best, but it would be interesting to run the numbers.

Now that we’re past the New Year, cry havoc and let slip, the political dogs of war!


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