The Destruction of David Petraeus

By Ray Starmann

The sharks smell blood, the blood of a retired US Army four star general who’s treading water as the Hammerheads and Great Whites circle around him and close in for the kill.

Last week, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter stated that he’s considering demoting General David Petraeus, after Petraeus was convicted of a misdemeanor, given two years’ probation and fined $100,000 for providing classified material to his mistress, biographer and US Army Reserve Intelligence officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Paula Broadwell.

“The secretary is considering going in a different direction,” from the Army, which said the four-star general should retain his rank, a defense official told The Daily Beast.

The official said Mr. Carter wants to be consistent in his treatment of senior officers who engage in misconduct. If he chooses to punish Gen. Petraeus it would also send a message that high-ranking military officers are not immune to punishment.

Carter would be consistent alright, consistent with the Obama Administration’s policies of purging the military and destroying the careers and aspirations of actual warriors.

If Gen. Petraeus is demoted, he would most likely become a lieutenant general and could have to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars to make up the annual difference in salaries from his former top ranking. His yearly pension would also drop from $220,000 to $170,000.

Petraeus is at the top of the list of hundreds of generals, admirals and other high ranking officers who have had their careers destroyed by Pentagon sycophants and the White House.

Of course Carter had to take time away from his number one task; the systematic demolition of the US military by feminization.

Petraeus is an honest to goodness American hero. And, if there’s one thing the Obama White House hates it’s an All-American, male military hero.

Petraeus was commander of the famous 101st Airborne (Assault Division) in 2003 in Iraq and led the division through fierce fighting in the country. He later became the Multi-National Commander, the CENTCOM Commander and was the key figure behind the success of The Surge. Petraeus went on to serve as Commander of US and ISAF Forces in Afghanistan before his retirement from the Army.

Petraeus became Director of the CIA in October of 2011, a post he held for only one year, after he was forced to resign because of the growing scandal involving himself, his mistress and classified information he leaked to her.

There is no doubt that Petraeus violated the law. But, he disclosed classified information to a US Army Intelligence officer. Clearly, she did not have the need to know the information he showed her. But, the information he gave her was never leaked to anyone.

What David Petraeus did was wrong, but how does that compare to the myriad of national security crimes committed by Hillary Clinton? Madame Secretary was conducting business as the Secretary of State on a non-secure server stored in the can of a Rocky Mountain computer company. The two hipster owner operators didn’t know a Top Secret document from a beer bong. Yet, thousands and thousands of classified emails were sent through this non-secure server. It is now known that the classified information contained above Top Secret SCI (sensitive compartmented information) and SAP (special access program) information.

Mrs. Clinton constantly states that she never sent or received any information that was classified at the time or marked classified when she handled it. This is just an outright lie for several reasons. One, information is either classified or it’s not. It doesn’t hatch one day like an egg and then become classified. Two, Hillary obviously had her State Department minions deleting the classifications from the documents and then sending them to her.

Why go through all that trouble? Obviously, the private server was set up to cover up her money trail and the donations from countries and individuals to the Clinton Foundation, donations that may in fact have been used as bribes to the number one diplomat in the United States.

Hillary now has 100, count ‘em, 100 FBI agents working on her investigation. The list of felonies and misdemeanors she has committed are numerous.

David Petraeus may have been caught lighting matches in the school bathroom, but Hillary Clinton has burnt down the whole school.

The difference is that Petraeus is a conservative and therefore an easy target for the vindictive Marxists in the Obama Administration; whereas Madam Secretary is the future Democrat Party nominee for the Presidency.

Whether she is indicted is determined by one plain fact: does our government have the decency and the moral rectitude to do what is right and put Hillary in an orange jump suit?

Time will tell…

Petraeus has had his day in court, paid his fine and acknowledged his guilt. So, then, what is the motivation behind his further destruction by Ash and Trash Carter and the White House?

The White House is after Petraeus because he represents everything opposite of the Obama Administration; duty, honor, country and above all, a possible serious Republican candidate for the White House one day.

Ash Carter is still mulling his decision, but like everything Carter does, it will be solely for political reasons and simply because he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the social engineers he serves.


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