Red Storm Rising – The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon

By Ray Starmann

Senator Bernie Sanders is on the move. The socialist US Senator from Vermont is taking the Democrat Party and the left in this country like a Red Storm.

Sanders, has a huge lead in New Hampshire, where he is up by 27 points. He’s going to win Iowa as well. He has energized a grass roots movement that the country hasn’t seen since the Ron Paul Revolution on the libertarian right.

Sanders’ only true competition is self-destructing like a reel to reel tape deck with billowing smoke in a Mission Impossible episode.

The Democrats are beginning to realize that Hillary is no Bill. She’s just as shady, just as criminal, just as narcissistic, but without Slick Willie’s Used Car dealer personality.

Madam Secretary is everything Bernie Sanders isn’t. She’s wealthy, arrogant, corrupt, disingenuous and an all-around rotten person, according to the Secret Service agents who were unlucky enough to have served on her detail.

Hillary has managed to escape indictment and convictions on a myriad of scandals dating back to the early 1990’s. She might finally be meeting her Waterloo if the Justice Department indicts her for failing to secure classified information and altering the classification levels on classified documents, during her tenure as Secretary of State.

The latest revelations indicate that Hillary was sending and receiving Top Secret, Special Access Program information on her non-secure server. This was the infamous server being stored in the closet of a Rocky Mountain commode, inside a company run by two Boulder hipsters whose only clearance was to the medical marijuana pharmacy in town.

People love Bernie Sanders because he’s not Hillary Clinton. In fact, Sanders is everything Hillary isn’t. Bernie Sanders is a genuine person. His empathy for the American people is apparent in every speech he makes. Sanders, is a what you see, is what you get person; a refreshing change in a party with a leading candidate who is a lying criminal.

Sanders, is a cold can of Tab for the left.

While no one except the devil can identify with Hillary, many left-wingers can certainly identify with Bernie. He’s a middle class guy in a Brooklyn bungalow running for the nation’s highest office. He’s Meathead from All in the Family, all grown up, but with the same 1960’s radical values.

Bernie is loved by two stratas in the populace; the Snowflakes and the Freeze Dried Hippies.

Generation X, my generation of Ferris Bueller cynics doesn’t trust Bernie any farther than we can throw him into Ed Rooney’s office. We grew up with the Cold War and the Reagan Era. Bernie’s a Commie through and through, just ask Abe Frohman, the Sausage King of Chicago.

In the 1980’s, Bernie’s promises of a nanny state and free government stuff would have gotten him booed off the stage and booted off campus. In 2016 America, the Snowflakes love his promises of government security and safe spaces. Need free tuition, you got it. Need free health care, you got it. Need free Play Doh in your safe space at Yale, you got it; courtesy of Bernie Sanders and the Warsaw Pact.

The Freeze Dried hippies adore him. Woodstock ended 47 years ago, but they can relive that groovy feeling at Bernie’s rallies. Where else does a 70 year old hippie go to find Simon and Garfunkel tunes, more sandals than a Doctor Scholl’s factory and enough Volvos to fill ten Walmarts?

Sanders, is a modern day Timothy Leary, telling his fellow Woodstock socialists to turn on, tune in and drop out for the last time. The Sanders campaign is the last great movement for the 60’s Generation. This is their swan song to call for Peace, Women’s Rights, Clean Water and No Nukes.

Sock it to me Bernie!

The shooting star of the Democrat Party is a real world socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, visited Cuba and Nicaragua and praised the Communist governments’ ways of doing business.

In current day America with our plethora of economic and foreign policy debacles, Sanders’ past is of no concern to anyone on the left. He’s promising free stuff to everyone. He wants free tuition for college students, free government health care for the nation, just like in the workers’ paradises he praised during the Cold War.

Sanders wants to implement numerous maternity, family and parental leave policies that would pretty much cripple the economy, along with the rest of his Trotsky-esque ideas. If Sanders gets in office, so many Americans will be on leave that our economy will shut down like a European boutique on a three hour lunch.

He wants to break up the banks and put the control of the economy in the hands of the government, as if that ever worked in places like the USSR.

The Man from Leningrad will further gut the armed forces and never send “our kids” in harm’s way. You have to love the 1960’s pinko parlance, “our kids;” as if the Green Berets love being referred to as kids.

Sanders, has no plan to deal with ISIS, other than continuing Obama’s disastrous policies. Sanders’s national security platform is so scary, he makes Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt on steroids.

Could Sanders actually get the nomination? It’s theoretically possible that he can take the nomination without a Hillary implosion. But, a Hillary implosion, aka a Hillary indictment, would make Sanders’ life so much easier.

If Sanders is the Democrat Party candidate for President, the Republicans will be victorious. If Sanders is the nominee, he will be McGovern the Sequel. The 2016 Election could very well be a replay of the 1972 Election; a blow out.

The Red Storm that Sanders is ushering in, may in fact, wreak havoc on the party and the voters it’s serving.