Hillary: A Lie Wrapped Inside Deceit, Inside a Crime

By Ray Starmann


Oh, what a web we weave, when we practice to deceive…

Hillary’s really not very good at her main job; that of a professional liar.

Every time Hillary Clinton is asked by the media about her involvement in the Email Scandal, she continually states that she did not receive or send any information marked classified at the time.

When pressed on this, she comments that the information might have become classified at a later date, after it flowed through her non-secure server and into the hands of Putin, ISIS, Xi, Kim Jong-Un and the maniacal Mullahs of Teheran.

Anyone who knows anything about the storage and proper dissemination of classified information knows that this comment is an outright falsehood, or what they call in Texas a crock of s**t. Classified information is not an egg. It doesn’t sit unclassified under glass and an eighty watt bulb and eventually hatch to classified status one day.

Hillary has been trying to con us all since the Golden Age of Slick Willie and midnight cocaine runs in Arkansas. She’s been a little too clever this time though. Her legalese comments about not receiving or sending anything mark classified, bounce right back to her army of minions at the State Department. They were obviously following orders to liquid paper, delete and tape mask anything marked classified before it was scanned and sent to her email address, dragonlady@clinton.com.

Hillary’s answers are so rehearsed that they’d almost be laughable, if the national security crisis she’s caused wasn’t so serious. I’m sure she’ll be trying to put on a glove that’s too small and announcing to the world, that if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

The latest revelations concerning Madam Secretary saturated the media yesterday. In addition to the 1600 classified emails that Hillary mishandled, the State Department revealed that 22 above top secret, special access program emails were sent through Hillary’s non-secure server. That’s the server that was hidden behind a 12 pack of Charmin in the closet of a Boulder, Colorado, john. Of course the two pot-smoking, Whole Foods shopping, Uncle Ho sandal wearing, Taliban bearded hipsters running the computer company had no clearance to handle that information, which is another issue that hasn’t been mentioned by the media.

Hillary’s Heroes were quick to come to her defense. State Department spokesman, Rear Admiral Kirby looked like he had been pumped with embalming fluid, while the press used him as a human dart board. His previous job description at the Pentagon included lying to the world about our Five O’Clock Charlie air campaign against ISIS. He’s probably wondering how he got himself into being the front man for the wilderness of mirrors surrounding Ma Barker Clinton.

The Clinton campaign staff was trying to calm the media by stating that those Top Secret/Special Access Program documents, revealing human intelligence sources and operations all over the globe were all over-classified. According to people like Brian Fallon, her campaign manager, the system is at fault for making what should be just a standard government memorandum, above top secret information.

Uh huh…

White House spokesman and compulsive liar, Josh Earnest stated that the focus of the FBI investigation, you know the one with 100 agents, isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Who then is the focus of the investigation Josh, Yogi the Bear?

No doubt Hillary is the focus, but the FBI is surely targeting Hillary’s staff, aka the Liquid-Paper Team. I have always wondered about Huma Abedin? Born in Michigan, but raised in the Middle East to Indian and Pakistani parents, she is the perfect mole to be filtering information to Damascus and Moscow and Teheran and whoever else.

On the other hand, with the Cannabis Crew running Hillary’s non-secure server was a penetration agent even needed? The Russians probably have a harder time cracking Ashley Madison passwords then they did getting Hillary’s server information.

Obviously, anyone else who did what Hillary has done would already be on the Christmas fruitcake mail list at Leavenworth. But, maybe Hillary’s days of skating by the law have ended.

GOP sources claim that the FBI will recommend that she be indicted. The question is what will Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department do after that? What will Obama do in that case?

Socialist Bernie Sanders knows he has a chance to take New Hampshire and Iowa and to go on a Bolshevik Super Tuesday steamroll. He’s more energized now than Doctor Zhivago on a three day weekend pass in a dacha with Julie Christie. As the bad news builds for Hillary, his campaign money and followers increase.

But, if nothing happens to Hillary and she does win the election, she would be the biggest crook to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since Dick Nixon, John Mitchell and G. Gordon Liddy with his burning candle tricks lit up the White House.

How much more evidence does the nation need? Hillary Clinton is a liar. Hillary Clinton is a fraud. Hillary Clinton is a criminal who has escaped indictment time and time again.

Hillary, in her self-induced cloud of narcissistic delusion has forgotten one supreme fact. The mills of God grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.


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