At the Pentagon, General Chaos is in Charge

By Ray Starmann
Two weeks ago, the US military was humiliated by the Iranians before a worldwide audience.

The surrender of two US Navy vessels of war and their crews to the Iranians without firing so much as a shot and the subsequent and sickening apology by the commanding officer, speaks volumes about the current fighting spirit, training and state of readiness of the US military in 2016.

The conduct of the US Navy officer in charge, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was nothing less than a complete and utter disgrace.
No doubt the order to surrender came from the Pentagon; and at the Pentagon, General Chaos is in charge.

At the Pentagon, General Chaos is a destroyer; a social engineering Visigoth intent on wreaking utter havoc and destruction on the Armed Forces of the United States. General Chaos will not rest until the fighting spirit and the combat readiness of the US military is reduced to a Third World status.

Left-wing loonies have been trying to change the US military for forty years. The relatively all male, macho culture, with its unique camaraderie and worship of a hard drinking, skirt-chasing, rough and tumble lifestyle was anathema to the liberal mindset.

After all, if every other bedrock of America could be feminized and paralyzed by political correctness, why couldn’t the military be next? With its zero profit incentives and personnel whose careers ride on rigidly pleasing the boss, the military was a ripe target of opportunity and perhaps the last great classical institution of America to be hen pecked and destroyed by the radical left wing nuts.

Since the 1970’s, the Gloria Steinem’s, the Patricia Schroeder’s, the Geraldine Ferraro’s, the Hillary’s all had some hand in minutely altering the way the US military did business. By the dawn of the 1990’s and the advent of the Great Draft Dodger, Bill Clinton, the foundation was laid for the beginnings of the demolition project. Women would be allowed to fly jets, combat helicopters and to serve in support units that would put them in Harm’s Way. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was implemented across the services. Coed basic training became the norm for Army support personnel, the Navy and the Air Force.

The Clinton Administration wanted to do even more damage to the military, but there was enough push back from the military that their efforts were stymied, albeit temporarily.

But, the cracks in the dam were already beginning to appear.
Flash forward to 2016, and the Obama Administration, where the systematic, calculated Armageddon of the US military is continuing like some kind of cultural Marxist blitzkrieg.

Since 2008, the US military has been subjected to edicts that have authorized open homosexuality and transgenders to join the military. On April 1st, women will be able to serve in the Crown Jewels of the military; the combat arms branches and special operations.

An inordinate amount of training days, weeks and months are now wasted on sensitivity training, physical fitness while wearing pregnancy simulators, marching in red high heels and putting out breastfeeding and lactation memos to worldwide commands.

Recently, Ray Mabus ordered the Marines and Navy to replace every male job title with a gender neutral nomenclature. Henceforth, infantryman will now be infantry person or perhaps infantry thing or infantry it. The insanity knows no bounds.

Hundreds of generals, admirals and other high-ranking officers have been fired or forced to resign in a purge not seen since Nazi Germany’s Night of the Long Knives.

Only last week, Ash Carter announced that he is considering demoting American hero, General David Petraeus.

To do the dirty work of the White House and the radical feminist lobbyists, the Obama Administration needed henchmen, bureaucratic sycophants, modern day Fouquets who would rubber stamp every bit of insanity coming forth from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Enter, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, former Secretary of the Army John McHugh, the current Secretary of the Army Eric K. Fanning and retired General Martin Dempsey.

Obama and Carter and Dempsey and Mabus and the rest of the wrecking crew have been able to get away with it all because the military as an institution is not as strong internally, morally, psychologically and spiritually as it once was. While the enlisted personnel and lower-ranking company grade and field grade officers are solid, the senior leaders of the US military have failed to stand up for what they know is inherently right.

The generals and the admirals who remain at their jobs in 2016 are there for one reason, they know how to keep quiet and say nothing as the political correctness angel of death passes by them each night.

But, their reticence to speak up, to put their feet down, to defend the greatness of an institution that is 240 years old has severely weakened the US military as a whole.
We are weak and our enemies know it. This is not to say individuals in the military are weak or don’t know their jobs. But, as a whole, the US military, under Obama has lost its edge.

Where is all of this going to end? It’s going to end in disaster; in wars lost, in lives plundered, in our nation put in mortal danger because a perfect storm of left wing radicals and cowardly senior leaders came together to create a US military that won’t be able to fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

Want to see the future of the US military in war? You already have two weeks ago. What happened in the Persian Gulf is a harbinger of defeat that is coming to the Armed Forces of this great nation unless changes are made, changes that can only be made by a President Trump or Cruz or Rubio.

The Shining City on the Hill is in danger, because we are losing the one force that has always defended it, the United States Military.


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