Angela Merkel – Villain of the Year

By Ray Starmann

“And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”King Richard III (I, iii, 336-338)

Time Magazine recently chose German Chancellor, Angela Merkel as “Person of the Year.” US Defense Watch would like to amend that title to “Villain of the Year.”

How Time could elect a leader who is destroying her own country and indeed Western Europe with her immigration policies is almost unbelievable.

But, what else would you expect from the liberal mainstream media except more delirium and hallucinatory prose.

Angela Merkel is the person responsible for the chaos, the crime, the rapes and the assaults and the terrorism in Germany and Western Europe now. Her decision to bring in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and another million in 2016 has turned her own country upside down.

The Muslims are simply incapable of assimilating into Western culture. They are not grateful to Merkel, but indeed hostile towards Germans and Europeans and already have plans of completely changing the continent that has invited them. They plan to change Europe by destroying it.

Merkel’s true motivations are unknown. There is the theory that she feels some type of universal, German guilt from World War II and wants Germany to be the country with open arms to the world’s downtrodden. Others believe that Merkel knows that Germany needs cheap labor in the future to fill the gaps from an ever aging population. Still, some believe that Merkel, for whatever motivations there may be, is deliberately destroying her own country.

Whatever Merkel’s motivations, in USDW’s opinion, she is a villain for the following reasons: she refuses to listen to the cries of her fellow Germans and stop the flood of refugees; she arrogantly and delusionally tells the Germans that they can handle it, that the country’s infrastructure and culture will not be affected by over 1 million Muslims she plans on allowing into Germany in 2016. Most distressingly, she supports the suppression of free speech among Germans who voice their anger at her policies.

There is no doubt that Merkel is a scoundrel and like Richard III, attempts to hide it by trying to pose as some kind of humanitarian, when in reality, her actions are criminal.

The results of allowing hundreds of thousands of un-vetted, young Muslim men in from Syria and God knows where else are quite predictable. Across Germany and Western Europe, women have become targets of marauding groups of young Muslim men who accost and rape them. Not since 1945 and the days of the invading Red Army have German women lived in fear of being raped.

On New Year’s Eve in Cologne, hundreds of German women reported that they were molested and raped. Muslims also vandalized the city and shot fireworks into the Cologne cathedral.

Young Muslim refugees in Germany are committing crimes on a massive level. When arrested by the German police, the refugees boast arrogantly that the police can’t touch them because they’ve been invited by Merkel.

There is almost no chance that Angela Merkel could ever be elected to any position in Germany anymore. She is done. Put a fork in her. The damage she has done to Germany and Western Europe is not only unprecedented, but historical.

It’s obvious what is going to happen in the future. The Germans are going to have to make a choice. There’s a fight coming. If the Germans want their country back they are going to have to battle Muslims who wish to fight and deport every other Muslim from the continent of Europe.

But, can they? These are not the Germans of the Afrika Korps. These are Germans whose souls were shattered by Allied bombs and universal guilt for the Holocaust. These are Germans who wear Birkenstocks, not jack boots. These are Germans who have been subjected to a nanny state run by leftist, pro-abortion socialist women.

The Desert Fox would not recognize his own country.

The Germans are not Americans. They don’t have the tradition of rebelling against government policies and abuses. But, now they must decide and decide quickly to either fight or abandon their country to barbaric hordes.

Time will tell. As for Frau Merkel, history will judge you as a destroyer and a blackguard. You may hide your naked villainy under a cloak of trying to save the refugees. But, your intentions seem to be something else entirely.


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