2016 – The Year of the Jackals

By Ray Starmann


2016 will be the Year of the Jackals…

This is the year in which Obama’s foreign policy completely unravels, and the jackals of the world are unleashed upon the forces of good, forces that are sadly represented by feckless and politically correct leaders. It will be a year that is a decision point for the West and the free world, whether to completely collapse in the wake of Islamic extremism or to fight back and destroy ISIS once and for all.

ISIS has suffered some losses in the Middle East, but their grip on Syria and much of Central and Northern Iraq, remains intact. They know there is no liberation force coming to free the oppressed peoples of Syria and Iraq. They know they have at least another year to murder their way across the Middle East.

There is no V for Victory being flashed over the skies of Syria and Iraq. Instead, the first notes of Del Shannon’s, “Runaway” are being flashed in Morse Code.

But, the gravest ISIS threat is not in the Middle East. Rather, it is in Western Europe and the United States. Both continents offer ISIS a seemingly endless supply of soft targets, what the Air Force likes to a call a target rich environment.

Targets can be hit with anything from high tech weaponry, to rudimentary bombs cooked up in a kitchen in a Brussels walk-up.

The ISIS jackals have money and the power of social media at their hands and the infinite fuel of radical Islamic ideology at their disposal. Sadly, 2016 will see more Paris and San Bernardino attacks. ISIS is determined to fight us to the death. But, apparently, we aren’t.

It is only a matter of time before the ISIS jackals unleash the horror of chemical, biological or nuclear devastation on the world.

And, what is the state of those who have to fight the jackals?

What will Obama do? Let me some it up for you in one word, Zilch. The President’s rallying cry to fight the ISIS jackals is “much ado about nothing.”

The President’s strategy is to run out the clock in a permanent victory formation for the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, there are no victories. There is nothing but defeat and chaos in the world, much of it instigated by the incompetent fools in his administration.

There will be no leadership coming from the US. There will be no US led, coalition ground force in the Middle East. There will be no increase in the five sorties a day air campaign being conducted by the US. In effect, nothingness will be the order of the day.

Last week, the Obama administration was bragging about a whopping 150 air strikes that had been conducted against ISIS in December. Anyone with a third grade knowledge of math knows that equals roughly five a day. And, that’s what the White House deems to be “increased” air strikes.

Putin, is not Andropov or Khrushchev or Hitler. Putin is a modern day czar, with a KGB twist. He certainly believes in power projection and once again increasing the size of Russia to the old USSR’s boundaries. But, Russia and the US have some mutual interests. We need to utilize those mutual interests to find common ground on things we don’t agree upon.

Merkel, once considered a competent shining star from the former East Germany, is nothing more than a fool at best and a willing destroyer of her nation at worst. Why anyone, with the cancer of radical Islam engulfing the world, would call for practically unlimited Muslim immigration to their country is unknown: unless that leader is intent on destroying her country. Merkel’s love affair with the German people is done. If she was the leader in a country with a more vocal and less sheep like population such as in the UK or the US, she would have already been run out of the country by of irate citizens with pitch forks.

Hollande, is doing his best after the Paris attacks. French intelligence and security services are first rate and are not beset with the politically correct paralysis that has stricken the US. But, he is the leader of France and France is not the US. They can only do so much against ISIS in the Middle East. They can only lead so far. At the end of the day, without the US to the rescue, all Hollande can do is attempt to secure his own country.

The supreme force on the planet that could destroy ISIS in a matter of months is the US military. But, the US military is suffering from budgetary, readiness and social engineering maladies. This is not the same US military that led the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan in 2002 and 2003. This is certainly not the goliath US military that destroyed Saddam’s legions in 1991.

This is a US military that is fighting ISIS with one finger, while watching its other arm being cut off by Congress and feminists.

Let us not forget the other jackals in the world as well, who attempt to hide behind the sheer curtain of civilized behavior, but whose actions indicate otherwise.

China is on the move in the South China Sea. Inevitably, the US will have to project more power against the Chinese jackals. I don’t see this coming from the Obama White House. We also need a modern, powerful Navy that can do the job.

Iran will continue to play hide and seek with the Obama administration. They might be able to con John Kerry and Obama, but they aren’t fooling the Israelis. The Israelis know the clock is running out for them.

Will 2016 be the year Israel launches a massive military operation against Iran? It could be a very real possibility.

Who among the Presidential candidates is most qualified to confront the jackals? Certainly not Bernie Sanders, whose foreign policy would be something written in a Wellesley coffee house. Hillary is a legend in her own mind, but in reality, a walking, talking national security and foreign policy nightmare. Jim Webb would be a decent President, but that won’t happen in 2016.

The only answer is a President Trump or Cruz. They are the only candidates with a chance of winning and the acumen and intestinal fortitude to check the Chinese and Iranians and destroy the ISIS jackals.

If Hillary is elected and there is a good chance of that happening, the jackals will rule the world.


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