Weekend at BUD/S

By Ray Starmann


It’s been a week since Ash Carter made his earth-shattering announcement authorizing women to serve in the combat arms and special operations units of the armed forces. Obviously, it was Obama’s plan to roll out Carter in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, in order to avoid any scrutiny from conservative media outlets.

Congress has thirty days to review the catastrophic decision before it becomes full blown policy.

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and listen to the conversations that must be going on behind closed doors at the various special operations units in this country and across the world.

Yes sir, the lactation stations are being installed now in the motor pool and in the arms room.

A day care center next to the demo range; WILCO sir, I’ll get the engineers on it ASAP.

Sir, the mobile hair and nail salon will be housed in an old M577, which will be painted pink.

Colonel, the SF Group Run next week will include each trooper double-timing with a pregnancy simulator. Several gung-ho volunteers are doing the run with twin and triplet simulators. De Oppresso Liber!

Sir, all of our hand grenades are being modified to be 90% lighter so women can throw them. We had to take out the explosives though, which makes them basically ineffective…

Roger that. Don’t say anything for now until I retire.

Uh, yes sir.

You think Ranger School is tough? Take the escalator through hell to the mezzanine level, past the food court, over the River Styx and enter BUD/S, the US Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition School, aka Navy SEAL training.

How the Navy is going to drop the standards to graduate a woman from BUD/S is going to be a journey into creativity and downright dishonesty. BUD/S will soon become something between a mirage, a hologram and a Disneyworld ride.

No doubt, there will be a female SEAL graduating from BUD/S, if she has to be touted around the US Navy Special Warfare Center in Coronado, California, like the dead Bernie Lomax in the 1980’s cult comedy film, Weekend at Bernie’s.

Let’s just call it Weekend at BUD/S, because in actuality that’s how long any woman and most men could last there.

BUD/S is a 24-week training challenge that develops the SEAL candidates’ mental and physical stamina and leadership skills. Each BUD/S phase includes timed physical condition tests, with the time requirements becoming more demanding each week. BUD/S consists of a three-week orientation followed by three phases, covering physical conditioning (seven weeks), combat diving (seven weeks), and land warfare (seven weeks) respectively. Officer and enlisted personnel go through the same training program. It is designed to develop and test their stamina, leadership, and ability to work as a team.

BUD/S INDOC is a three-week course that introduces candidates to Coronado, the Naval Special Warfare Center and the BUD/S lifestyle. During INDOC, Navy SEAL instructors introduce candidates to BUD/S physical training, the obstacle course and other unique training aspects. This part of training is designed to prepare candidates for day one of the first phase.

The first phase of BUD/S assesses SEAL candidates in physical conditioning, water competency, teamwork and mental tenacity. Physical conditioning utilizes running, swimming and calisthenics and grows harder and harder as the weeks progress. Candidates will participate in weekly four mile timed runs in boots and timed obstacle courses, swim distances up to two miles wearing fins in the ocean and learn small boat seamanship.

The first two weeks of basic conditioning prepare candidates for the third week, also known as “Hell Week.” During Hell Week, candidates participate in five and a half days of continuous training. Each candidate sleeps at most four hours during the entire week, runs more than 200 miles, and does physical training for more than 20 hours per day. The remaining four weeks involve the acquisition of various methods of conducting hydrographic surveys and creating a hydrographic chart.”

After Hell Week, there are seven weeks of combat diving training, seven weeks of land warfare training, followed by three weeks at jump school. If you’re alive after all this, you still have another 26 weeks of SEAL Qualification Training (SQT).

So, there it is. And, we’re now supposed to swallow that PC laced cyanide pill just like the Ranger School Pinocchios that are being shoved down our throat.

The lies just keep on truckin’!

This country is stuck in a morass of PC self-deception, lies and deceit. We can’t say who we’re fighting. We can’t say Muslims are terrorists. We can’t say this or that. We are supposed to believe 37 year old mommies are now part Airborne Rangers. Now, somehow, someway, women are going to be Green Berets, Delta Force troopers, Marine Raiders and Navy SEALS.

If women can’t get through the Marine Infantry Officers’ Course, how in the name of God are they passing Marine Raiders or Marine Recon training?

Have no doubt, you will be hearing cries of utter joy from the Hillaryites of how Debbie or Jenny made it through the toughest training the US Navy has to offer, BUD/S school.

Meanwhile, the other candidates, the instructors, the chain of command, the fish and the seagulls and the seaweed know what a giant farce it really is.

Everyone seems to know except for Ash and Trash Carter and President Bozo the Clown.

Putin knows. Xi knows. The Mullahs know. ISIS knows. The North Korean freak show in charge knows.

Our enemies know. They know they are going to kick our proverbial butts.

Meanwhile, if you’re down at beautiful Coronado on the azure Pacific, you might just see four SEALs carrying one female around the base.

Grab a beer and watch the insanity unfold at Weekend at BUD/S.

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