They’re here!

By Ray Starmann

The San Bernardino shootings were the worst domestic terror attack since 9-11 on US soil. The Christmas Party massacre committed by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, left 14 people dead and 17 wounded. Before the attacks began, Malik pledged her loyalty to ISIS online and then with her husband, walked into the Inland Regional Center and opened fire.

Their violent death came on a stretch of road in the middle of San Bernardino and marked a recent and frightening trend of women actively participating in Jihad; in Europe and the US.

We have to assume terror cells are still on the loose in the Inland Empire and San Bernardino and God knows where else in the US.

Have no doubt, they’re here…

And yet, the President can barely admit that this was an act of terrorism. What more proof does he need? The Farook residence looked like a cross between a Delta Force demo range and a Baader-Meinhof arms room. Mrs. Terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, was a member of the ISIS Book of the Month Club. Explosives, weapons, ammo, fake ID’s, digital footprints of terror, what other evidence does the left need to call this terrorism?

However, we must remember there are good reasons to use fake ids. One example is a college student just
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This has to be the first time in the long history of this violent planet that a nation’s leader and his political allies refuse to acknowledge that they are at war and refuse to identify the enemy they’re fighting.

What the heck is wrong with these people?

Tomorrow night, Obama will address the nation concerning the shootings. He won’t mention radical Islam, but he’ll tell us how climate change caused Bonnie and Clyde Farook to go on a killing spree. He’ll talk about those evil guns and how he can make us all safe if we would just turn in our arms and defend ourselves with spoons.

The Democrats and the other Whole Foods shoppers truly believe from the bottom of their distorted hearts that the problem isn’t ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Baghdad Bob. It’s those horrible guns. If only guns were banned the US would be a beautiful utopia and violence free like Chicago and Mexico.

One of the many real issues contributing to terrorism in the US is not having secure borders, or for that matter, any borders. We need to take a serious look at suspending all immigration from the Middle East. As for the Syrian refugees, if you’re under 5, you’re probably not a security threat, so that might be okay.

We have to assume that the tangos are watching every move we make and most likely laughing every time Barry O struts up to a podium to speak. Not only are we weak, we’re perceived as weak. We are fighting an enemy that has absolutely no respect for women and what does the President do, the day after the San Bernardino shootings, he rolls out Ash Carter to announce we’re putting women in combat arms and special operations units!

Great timing; great decision: it’s going to go real well.

What do you think ISIS thinks about that one? They think we’re politically correct wimps, plain and simple. They think, they know, that they are going to continue conducting terrorist operations here and abroad and all the White House will say is that the acts are workplace violence or some other absurd PC term. They know that all we’re going to have to send after them are the new bikini-waxed Navy SEALS or our Boobs a Poppin’ Rangers.

It’s going to go real well, Ash Carter.

There’s no strategy to fight our enemy. We have no commander in chief to lead us in this war against ISIS. We are adrift and our enemies know it.

Meanwhile…ISIS is on the move. Have no doubt, there is an active cell in the San Bernardino area. It’s possible Mr. and Mrs. Jihadi may have been part of the cell, but they might have been cut outs. The shootings this week might even have been a live fire exercise to test our responses, both tactically and psychologically to the incident. The police and the FBI get an A. The White House gets its usual F.

Yesterday, the San Bernardino chief of police mentioned that a movie theater security guard in the area had spotted two different cars full of Middle Eastern looking men, who were taking pictures of the theater and scoping out a mall.

The enemy is here. They are within our shores. They are in our cities and our small towns. They mean to kill us and the US government and military has no other option than to destroy them. What can the average citizen do? Go about your business. Arm yourself. Be alert. You might save lives.

The US has once again found itself in a fight that we didn’t start, but one that we must finish once and for all, or what happened in San Bernardino will go on forever.


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