By Ray Starmann


BOLO – In the US military, a term denoting a screw up, a failure; i.e. “He BOLO’d the M-16 range.”

Not to be confused with the police and FBI term, BOLO, BE ON THE LOOKOUT

Now, that that’s cleared up…

At the Pentagon today, Ash Carter met with El Presidente, his national security staff and the mannequins in military uniforms, the JCS.

Carter really is the perfect guy to be Secretary of Defense for Obama, in this critical hour of a world war with ISIS and back-engineering the military like it’s some alien craft at Area S4 in Nevada.

Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said, Area S4.


Carter is a nice guy, with enough physics knowledge to be the OIC (officer in charge) in Scotty’s engine room on the Enterprise. Not sure what his knowledge of military affairs is, but that doesn’t matter in this day and age. Carter is Obama’s Candyman, the leader of Operation BOLO, the US military plan to destroy ISIS.

“Who can take the military…

Destroy it with PC…

The Candyman, can…

Cause he mixes it with love

And, makes ISIS feel good…”

President Obama was talking tough today to ISIS, which is like getting a death threat from Captain Kangaroo.

Obama said the US would squeeze ISIS’ heart. Not sure those thugs have a heart, Mr. President.

Sandwiched between Joltin’ Joe Biden, Ash Carter and Susan Rice, Obama continued his tough talk by stating that the US would shut off ISIS’ finances and train local leaders in Syria and Iraq.

Finally, he looked into the camera and said, “You are next, ISIS.”

Next after whom, the war on melting glaciers?

General Joe Dunford was there taking it all in like he was OD’ing on fluorocarbons. Frowning, hunched over, General Joe looked like he was suffering from a severe case of IBS, undoubtedly caused by the Obama administration.

General Joe is a good man, swimming against the tide of idiocy all around him. I doubt if he’ll last long. He lacks Dempsey’s ability to destroy the military and sleep at night.

General Joe has a conscience and he’s a Marine.

During the meeting, Carter, Obama and the JCS looked at each other like who’s on first, what’s on second? Obama doesn’t know what’s going on, either does Carter, either does Susan Rice. The JCS does, they just don’t know what to say or if it will s-can their careers to the post burger bar while they out-process.

The first thing discussed at the proverbial meeting of the minds was the air campaign.

Obama proudly boasted that we have hit ISIS with 9,000 sorties…

Yes, sir, that’s 9,000 sorties in a year and a half since the campaign started and Admiral Kirby’s career as a snake oil salesman began.

For those without any military training or knowledge, a sortie is one plane on one mission there and back. During the opening days of Operation Desert Storm or Gulf War One, we hit Iraq with roughly 3,000 sorties a day. We eventually brought the number down to about 1,500 sorties a day, except on days when General Schwarzkopf would be in a particularly bad mood in the Riyadh war room.

During Bill Clinton’s air war against Serbia, we hit them with hundreds of sorties a day. In the Iraq War, we averaged 300-500 sorties a day for years.

Obama’s air war against ISIS basically consists of about 16 US sorties a day, 75% are called back because of lack of controllers on the ground, or the Obama administration’s sensitivity against collateral or environmental damage. So, we are hitting ISIS with four planes a day.

I don’t know what kind of horse dung and hay the JCS is shoveling to Obama and Carter, but it has to be special because both of them actually believe ISIS is on the run.

Imagine Ash Carter on Jeopardy…

I’ll take “Things that don’t exist for $500, Alex”…

“What is Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS?”


General Jack Keane criticized Obama’s war on ISIS today, saying that the President’s policy of strategic patience needed to end and that the US needed to step on the gas.

Time to put the hammer down, Mr. President. I know you don’t want to fight ISIS, but ISIS wants to fight you.

We need to continue to build HUMINT (human intelligence) networks in the Middle East and in the US as well. ISIS is here and good old fashioned espionage is what’s needed to root them out. Yes, signals intelligence, imagery intelligence and electronic intelligence works, but the US always focuses too much on technology and rarely on human intelligence. Human intelligence is like ammo, you can never have enough of it.

The US must bolster Special Forces in the area of operations and launch a cunning and vicious psy ops (psychological operations) campaign against ISIS.

As Obama was making idle threats in the Pentagon, Iran was making real threats. They conducted another ballistic missile test today.

Josh Earnest downplayed the Iranian missile test at the daily press briefing. By Earnest’s tone, you would have thought the Mullahs were just lighting sparklers.

When you need a lie and you need it really bad and really quick…call Josh Earnest…

In a nutshell, the President’s speech today and the subsequent meeting yielded no change in the strategy to fight ISIS.

As usual, Obama’s words were full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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