IS-MOSIS – The spread of ISIS across the globe

By Ray Starmann

ISIS seems to be anywhere and everywhere these days. The organization of evil is spreading across the globe like cancer cells, causing death wherever it takes up occupancy.

The maestros of murder are on the move; in Europe, the Middle East and in the US.

Today, the entire Los Angeles Public School system was shut down because of an erroneous bomb threat that strangely emanated from Frankfurt, Germany. The same threat was sent to New York, but was dismissed as a hoax. Was it? Or, was it a test run by ISIS to see what our reactions were?

What can stop them? Who can stop them? They are like an army of marauding ants. Kill some of them and more appear in another location.

Of course a good start would be a President of the United States with the determination to fight this world war, which as I predicted, would take on the air of a Phony War, after the emotion of the Paris attacks had died down.

Obama is like the Singing Frog in the old Looney Tunes cartoons. He sings and dances a good tune about how he’s going to beat ISIS to a pulp. When the curtain goes up, he sits there like a bump on the log and refuses to do anything over absurd concerns of collateral or environmental damage.

No one wants to take innocent lives; certainly not the people dropping the bombs. But, we’re at war and ISIS has to go. Churchill allowed Coventry, England, to be bombed to protect the Ultra Secret.

If Obama was Prime Minister of England in World War II, the Ultra Secret would have been on the front page of the London Sunday Times and the German Blitz on Southern England would be blamed on Brits carrying Webleys and Lee Enfields.

After the horrific San Bernardino attacks, a real commander in chief would have absolutely obliterated ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. What does Obama do, he struts out looking like a deer in the headlights and tells everyone not to over-react and that the problem is guns.

The problem, Mr. President, is not Smith and Wesson. The problem is Mohammad and Allah. The fact is that Danish Lutherans are not committing acts of terrorism. Radical Muslims are. Fact.

If the sandal fits…

Certainly, the US and NATO have the tools to fight this war at home and abroad with a multi-faceted battle plan. Obama isn’t going to budge. He refuses to obliterate soldiers of a religion he sympathizes with. After all the attacks and violence and death and destruction caused by ISIS and Obama still can’t say that radical Islam is the problem.

With Obama’s limp leadership, ISIS has been able to keep metastasizing.

Yesterday, Obama was rattling off several areas in Syria and Iraq that had been lost by ISIS, but the fact is that even with these coalition gains, ISIS has made gains in Syria, while losing access to several roads and some minor territory in Iraq. No doubt, the caliphate is in no danger now.

Unless a major ground force lands in the Middle East with the mission of destroying them, the ISIS caliphate is there to stay.

The bigger ISIS threat is in Europe and in the US. No doubt ISIS has figured out that Europe and the US are literally endless target rich environments, to be infiltrated, attacked and destroyed. The influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into Western Europe is a field day for ISIS operations and recruiting.

European cities and town no-go areas are the perfect place for terrorists to recruit, train and hide among a population at odds with their Christian, European hosts.

As I’ve said before. ISIS doesn’t need jobs. They have a job. Their job is to kill us. Their job is to destroy us.

On the other hand, Obama and Hillary can’t even say radical Islam. It is more than obvious that Obama, Hillary, Ash Carter and Susan Rice don’t know what they’re doing.

The scary thing is that there will be no change in the war to fight ISIS with Obama at the helm and if Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be no change from her. I don’t know who is more dangerous; a feckless, former community organizer or a narcissistic, delusional and incompetent former Secretary of State.

ISIS can and will do a lot of further growing and damage in the next year and a half, courtesy of the Obama administration.

To further protect this country, (I can’t use the term “homeland.” Sorry, but homeland has connotations that sounds a bit like something conceived by Third Reich propagandists. Never in the history of the US has the nation been referred to as the “homeland,” until the last decade.) the government must scrutinize the social media accounts of anyone applying for a visa from a Middle Eastern country.

Only yesterday, it was learned that the DHS deliberately ordered subordinates not to examine the social media accounts of foreign nationals applying for visas. Apparently, this was done to protect the applicants’ civil rights. Newsflash, Obama administration, foreign nationals aren’t protected by the same constitutional rights as American citizens are.

Political correctness will be this nation’s death knell unless we wake up and wake up fast.

The US should seriously considering shutting down all immigration for a period of time, in order for the nation to secure its borders and protect itself against ISIS and other radial Jihadis. We have to start making decisions for our own good, not to make other people who aren’t Americans feel good.

Until the nation abandons political correctness as a tool of war, until the Obama administration wakes up, until we have a President who takes the ISIS threat seriously, the attacks will continue unabated and the caliphate and its supporters will continue to expand.

We are living in very dangerous times and no one in the White House seems to understand this.


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