Is it safe?

By Ray Starmann

Is it safe?

Americans seem to be asking that question a lot these days. One is reminded of the famous line from William Goldman’s thriller, Marathon Man, starring Dustin Hoffman, William Devane and Roy Scheider.

Millennials, you might want to Google that.

In Marathon Man, Sir Laurence Olivier, the notorious Weissen Engel, or White Angel, a wanted SS war criminal, tortures Dustin Hoffman with a dentist’s drill, minus Novocain and humanity. While he does this, he repeatedly asks Hoffman “if it’s safe.”

No, it’s definitely not safe.

Under, the Obama administration, the nation is definitely not safe.

Today, Obama made his second madcap appearance, while posing as President of the United States. At a meeting at the National Counter Terrorism Center, the President stated that there is no specific and credible information about any potential attack on the US.


How about lone actors? Or, two people who might not be lighting up social media or the airwaves with intentions of their imminent attack. What if the bad guys know something about radio silence before an attack, a tactic as old as catapult launched vats of flaming oil?

Obama further stated that we’re apparently going after the bad guys harder than ever. Hmm…Perhaps some numbers and evidence to support that claim would be more than helpful.

He even mentioned the word terrorists today instead of identifying the bad guys as gun owners or greenhouse gases.

The President also remarked that Special Forces are hard at work. I’m sure they are. Those 50 SF guys in Syria must be busting their butts and are as omniscient as the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future. How 50 Green Berets are winning the counter-insurgency battle is beyond me, but it sounded good to the audience today.

We’re also beefing up security at our embassies and at other diplomatic posts, and preventing and doing everything in our power to stop terrorists from coming into the US.

We are?

The President talked about an intensive scrutiny of refugees, a virtual two year vetting and biometric screening process to filter out those nasty ISIS thugs from peaceful Muslims.

Good luck with that one, Mr. President. That’s like finding a needle in a burning haystack.

According to the President, we’re also stepping up efforts to prevent attacks at home by building trust and stopping people from succumbing to terrorist ideologies.

I guess the greatest country on God’s green earth wasn’t good enough for Mr. Farook and his wife, the Bride of Frankenstein.

Obama was trying to act presidential today. He did have a nice tie on and he seems to be trying to calm people down. Is this a political move and an obvious attempt at trying to boost the innate Democrat Party national security weakness?

The Dems have never figured out that they could do a lot better if they would leave the gun issue alone and find a candidate with some national security chops who looked and acted tough.

El Presidente also told us that if we “see something, to say something” and contact your local Gestapo office or neighborhood gauleiter. I hate that phrase. Yes, there is some element of truth to it, but like the term “homeland” it gets under my skin for its fascist overtones.

As I mentioned in another article, the term “the homeland” seems foreign to me. Maybe, I have just read too many WWII books, but it sure has a Nazi overtone to it. Maybe Prescott Bush thought up the name with E. Howard Hunt and Howard Hughes at a poker game with Ian Fleming?

But, what do you expect from the DHS, an organization set up under the auspices of a real defender of freedom, Markus Wolf, former Chief of East German Foreign Intelligence.

Is der Homeland safe?

No, it’s definitely not safe, no matter what nonsense Obama tries to spoon feed us.

Obama is Sir Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man, asking us if it’s safe and knowing it’s not, and running down the street as irate citizens search for him and want answers.

The only person who’s safe is William Devane, who’s apparently accumulated enough gold and silver to be crowned the King of Lichtenstein.

In the meantime, the rest of us will be looking over our shoulder, knowing full well that Barry Obama isn’t doing his job.


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