Hey old lady where you going to?…US Army Ranger School

By Ray Starmann

Saw an old lady walking down the street
She had a ruck on her back and jungle boots on her feet
I said ‘Hey old lady where you going to?’
She said ‘U.S. Army Ranger School…”


Who knew that the famous, age old running cadence used by the US Army Rangers would become prophetic one day? That day is now.

With the “graduation” of three females from Ranger School at Fort Benning and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s subsequent decision to allow women to serve in combat; the Army’s toughest, roughest training seems to have a revolving door for every crackpot concept conceived in a Berkeley coffee house.

In the last three months, Ranger School has graduated three female officers, Captain Griest, First Lieutenant Haver and Major Jaster, the 37 year old mommy of two. Nothing against mothers, where would we be without mothers? It used to be rare for a 37 year old male to come out of Ranger School alive, much less a 37 year old mother of two. But, hey, times have changed…So, have the standards apparently.


Just a thought here: in World War II, Merrill’s Marauders, the parent of the 75th Ranger Regiment, conducted a 1,000 mile forced march behind the Japanese lines in the mountainous jungle of Burma. That’s 1,000 miles, 1600 klicks up and down mountains and through jungle on foot, without Skechers, people. I’m just trying to picture a 37 year old mommy on that mission. Call me a skeptic; might be difficult. Just saying…


After all, anything is possible now in this neuter’s Army. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy all exist at Fort Benedict Arnold, I mean Fort Benning. Benning has become a virtual fantasy land for feminist social engineers with moving parts, rides and wax figures.

The old Army adage, “Everyone will qualify,” has taken on a whole new meaning at Benning.

Congressman Steve Russell has been trying to get the Ranger School records for the female graduates for three months now. Russell has received nothing from Benning except some half-baked white paper showing that all men and women are equal at Ranger School tasks.

Why won’t the Army just give Russell the records? At first they told him they were destroyed. That’s interesting since Army schools usually keep records a year or two after graduation. Then, Russell requested the Green Cards, the transcript of someone’s performance at Ranger School that everyone who has attended the school since 1952 has in a file cabinet there.

The Army balked at the Green Card request stating “privacy concerns.” That’s a good one, considering the people looking at the records are elected officials with top secret clearances. What’s private about a land navigation score? Nothing, unless one of the female graduates had a history of BOLO-ing land nav repeatedly and the Army passed her anyway. Can you think of a bigger cluster than a Ranger who doesn’t know how to use a map and compass?


As I’ve said before, the Army is clearly hiding something down at Benning.

The Army wants the story to disappear, but it won’t. Former Congressman Allen West wrote an article last week that touched on the subject and the issue of women in combat in general.

West called for Senator John McCain and Congressman Mac Thornberry to investigate this issue and to also deny the Army any further funding until they cough up the records for Griest, Haver and Jaster.

I was recently on the Todd Herman Show in Seattle to discuss the ongoing scandal. Yes, I use the term scandal, because until the Army comes clean it is a scandal. These articles could cease in two seconds if the Army provided the school records and showed that the standards were maintained honestly.

So, what’s next?

With Ash and Trash Carter’s decision to allow women to serve in the combat arms and special operations, the social engineering will march on with a new vim and vigor. As with police and firefighters, a new double standard will emerge.

Since Carter has now opened a virtual Pandora’s Box of equal opportunity, I predict no one will be blocked from attending and graduating from Ranger School. We’ll have grandmothers and great-grandmothers leading the way!

We are now heading into very strange waters, where anyone, regardless of age, sex or qualifications could potentially be serving in the toughest jobs the military has to offer. The insane premises of gender-neutrality, political correctness and equal opportunity will soon know no bounds. Any denial of a request to serve will be met with a lawsuit and a visit to Judge Mathis.

Mark my words, there will be a 70 year old woman trying to be a Ranger soon enough. Think I’m nuts. There’s a 37 year old mother running around with a Ranger tab right now. Think about that.

During the last two months of covering this story, USDW has had a plethora of comments from readers, mostly positive, some critical. Here are some of the best negative comments:

“You’re a jerk, Starmann.”

“I wonder how long you would have lasted on Omaha Beach, Starmann.”

“Stop criticizing the Army!”

“Why do you care? You’re not even in anymore.”

“Those senior officers are doing their best.”

And, my personal favorite, “It’s 2015. Get on board!”

All aboard! Next stop, fantasy land!

No doubt USDW is not the most popular website now in some military quarters. To quote FDR in reference to the bankers, “I welcome their hatred.” The articles will continue until we learn the truth.

The Army needs to learn a little Latin such as Veritas Liberabit Vos. The truth will set you free; a thought to chew on down there at Benning with your pogey bait, gentlemen.

Until then…

Saw an old lady walking down the street…

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  1. SO much for the RANGERS,…the RUSSIANS and CHINESE will just walk through america unopposed,and the entire population will be killed or taken into slavery,either way when the WAR ends,the population of america will have been reduced to just the remanant of the LORDS people and all the others will have died or been killed,THERES some major shit storms coming to america and NO ONE has followed their OATH, they all lied to GOD,to bad to,now they’ll learn WHY they were given an OATH…..THE PEOPLE called the MILITARY to arrest the congress and president,they said NO,WE LOVE SATAN,OK,lets see how you love were he lives, cause your going to be there with him a long,long,long time…………………

  2. I’m still wondering where those ladies will put their breast when there are no bullet proof vests designed for women that I know of. Tape them down ladies because manufacturing is not going to make vest for three women. Or did they already trans into men?

    We already had women in the military and have had for decades including during WWII. But in combat positions? I hardly think that would auspicious for the men they are fighting along side. What happens when a person holding a rifle has PMS when a horney idiot wants to ask them for a date. It’s liable to be one dead soldier. As far as I am concerned women have no place in combat, especially in elite units such as the Rangers, Green Berets, or Seals.

  3. Once you can wrap your arms around the concept that this is all about destroying America from within and without, you’ll sleep better. Oh. And by the way; you don’t have enough ammo.

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